1020 Dangerous Environmen

    The Level 5 experts were stunned for a brief moment. A few seconds later, they began to panic. What did a Godblade that could be used in battle mean?

    It meant it truly was a godly weapon.

    Although the Level 5 experts had originally come for the Rebirth Egg, they realized that the Rebirth Egg would only be able to help their disciples reach the partial Level 5 state. The Rebirth Egg would not be able to boost the Level 5 expert's personal powers at all.

    However, the Zhanlu Sword was different. It was truly capable of enhancing a Level 5 expert's capabilities. If a Level 5 expert possessed the Zhanlu Sword, he would be virtually invincible.

    Jiang Fei passed the Zhanlu Sword to Isabella so that she could protect herself. However, he had forgotten that the others would want to snatch it from her.

    Even the Level 5 experts were affected by greed. Although they usually behaved as if they did not care about wealth and fame, it was only because the common luxuries of the world no longer mattered to them.

    However, the Zhanlu Sword's appearance had clearly invoked a sense of greed in these Level 5 experts. They were no longer targeting the Rebirth Egg. Instead, they focused their attention on the Zhanlu Sword.

    Although they wanted to snatch the Zhanlu Sword, they were hesitant to dive right in as they too feared the might of the sword. After all, the unlucky Level 5 expert had already proved how frightening the Zhanlu Sword was earlier.

    Apart from that, they also feared Zhuge Shanzhen. Although all of them had never seen Zhuge Shanzhen in person, they had heard about his status as a Level 6 expert. Therefore, these Level 5 experts were somewhat afraid of being avenged by Zhuge Shanzhen despite their eagerness to snatch the Zhanlu Sword for themselves.

    While they debated among themselves, time was passing by very quickly. There was only an hour left before Beowulf was hatched. However, nobody was paying any attention to him right now. Everyone had their eyes on the Zhanlu Sword.

    "Nevermind. I can't take the risk. Even if I managed to snatch the Zhanlu Sword, I may not be able to fight against Zhuge Shanzhen. Besides, if he could make a Godblade suited for battles, he could probably make another one. I won't risk it!" One of the Level 5 experts finally decided as he left.

    "The risk is too high. It's not worth it! I'm better off looking for other deals!" Another Level 5 expert agreed. Although he had given up on the Zhanlu Sword, he was not prepared to leave. Instead, he waited around. His target was still the Rebirth Egg in Jiang Fei's hands. While he agreed that snatching the Godblade was too risky, he decided that he would find an opportunity to snatch the Rebirth Egg instead.

    Although he would still be stealing from Zhuge Shanzhen's disciple, it was a different case. Firstly, the Zhanlu Sword's value was far greater than the Rebirth Egg. Secondly, the Zhanlu Sword was a gift from Zhuge Shanzhen to his own disciple. Meanwhile, the Rebirth Egg did not actually belong to Jiang Fei. It was a common rule among metahumans that everyone had the right to fight each other for world's treasures. As long as he did not harm Jiang Fei's life, Zhuge Shanzhen would probably not seek him out for revenge.

    As such, the Level 5 expert decided not to leave the place.

    "Damn! The higher the risks, the greater the rewards! If I can acquire the Godblade, Zhuge Shanzhen won't stand a chance against me!" Apart from the two Level 5 experts who had given up on the Zhanlu Sword, there were others who still had hopes.

    This showed how tempting the Zhanlu Sword was to these Level 5 experts. Even with the threat of Zhuge Shanzhen who was believed to be a Level 6 expert, they still decided to take the risk.

    Zoom! A flash of lightning appeared. One of the Level 5 experts started attacking Isabella.

    "Since you've come, don't bother leaving!" Isabella gritted her teeth. She was still upset that the previous Level 5 expert had managed to escape. Now that someone else came along, she naturally used him as her punching bag.

    Boom! As Isabella raised her hand, an even brighter flash of lightning appeared. Not only did it fully engulf the incoming attack, it even reversed the energy flow and started moving toward the Level 5 expert.

    "Husband, let's leave!" Ariel immediately grabbed at Jiang Fei's arm to initiate a teleportation. In such close proximity to the battle between two Level 5 experts, Jiang Fei would not even survive the impact from the remnant energy waves.

    Jiang Fei was taken by Ariel to somewhere a hundred kilometers away from the battle scene. Even from here, Jiang Fei could feel the frightening energy waves from afar.

    Bang! An energy wave was coming right for them as 0542's emergency alert sounded. Fortunately, Ariel was already prepared to absorb the impact from the energy waves. Therefore, Jiang Fei was left unharmed.

    "That's so powerful..." This was the first time Jiang Fei had personally experienced the energy blasts from a Level 5 expert. He was trembling from the frightful aura.

    Just as Jiang Fei had moved to safety, two other Level 5 experts' aura could be sensed as they joined the battle. It seemed that more Level 5 experts were engaged in battle against Isabella.

    "Bella, please don't get hurt!" Jiang Fei prayed silently in his heart. Although he had learnt a set of ultimate skills from 0542, his battle power was still not great enough against true Level 5 experts. Jiang Fei felt as powerless as the time Isabella and Ariel had died in front of him.

    "Damn it! How can I comprehend the Power of Conqueror?" Jiang Fei exclaimed. Although Isabella had the Zhanlu Sword, she was still in grave danger as she was fighting against multiple Level 5 experts. Moreover, there was nothing Jiang Fei could do to help. He even had to trouble Ariel to protect him. At that moment, he was very annoyed with himself.

    Just as Jiang Fei prayed silently in his heart, Ariel suddenly shouted. "Oh no!"

    Ariel immediately leapt in front of Jiang Fei and pushed him away.

    Bang! Just as Jiang Fei was pushed away, Ariel was struck.

    However, the attack was clearly not lethal as the attacker had held back some of his energy. There were no remnant energy waves from the collision between himself and Ariel. Therefore, Jiang Fei was not affected after Ariel had pushed him away.

    "Darn! You really do bring bad luck!" Jiang Fei glared at the Rebirth Egg in his hands. He was now regretting his decision to help Beowulf with his rebirth.
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