1021 Double Kill!

    Although Jiang Fei was currently less than a hundred meters away from two Level 5 experts fighting against each other, he was hardly affected by them. This was because both Ariel and the Level 5 enemy were suppressing their energies.

    Ariel was suppressing her energy because she wanted to ensure Jiang Fei was not hurt by her remnant energy waves. Meanwhile, the Level 5 enemy was doing the same thing because he only had intentions of snatching the Rebirth Egg from Jiang Fei. He did not want to accidentally kill Jiang Fei for fear that Zhuge Shanzhen would seek vengeance.

    Since this fellow had given up on snatching the Godblade because he feared Zhuge Shanzhen, he naturally would not want to take the risk of killing Jiang Fei. After all, everyone knew that Jiang Fei was Zhuge Shanzhen's favorite disciple. Otherwise, why would two Level 5 female disciples surround this fellow who was not even Level 5?

    Due to such considerations, the Level 5 enemy did not unleash all of his powers. Otherwise, Ariel was not the only one who could not withstand his attacks. If he truly let loose, Jiang Fei would already have been killed and he would have left with the Rebirth Egg. Although Ariel had an undying body, she could not stop other Level 5 experts from killing Jiang Fei.

    Fortunately, this Level 5 expert was very considerate. This was why Jiang Fei was able to survive. With Ariel's determined act of protecting Jiang Fei, there was no way this Level 5 expert could get rid of her without unleashing his energy.

    "This can't go on! Husband will be in danger!" Sweat was dripping off Ariel's forehead. She was not getting tired from the battle as she was already very much used to fighting while suppressing her energy. However, Ariel was much more worried about Jiang Fei. After all, she had no clue as to whether or not her opponent would suddenly go after Jiang Fei. If he did, there was nothing she could do to stop him.

    "Sister Bella! Jiang Fei is in danger!" Ariel had no choice but to ask for Isabella's help. Although Isabella was also in an intense fight at the moment, Ariel was not able to come up with any other solution.

    "Husband!" After getting the call for help from Ariel, Isabella felt even more worried. Now that she had been revived in the real world, Jiang Fei was the only person she had ties with. If anything were to happen to Jiang Fei, Isabella did not know how she could live on.

    "There's a chance!" As Isabella became distracted by the thought of Jiang Fei, the other Level 5 experts found an opportunity to attack her. Originally, Isabella was already facing a great deal of pressure from fighting against three Level 5 experts simultaneously. If not for the powerful Zhanlu Sword, she would already have been defeated.

    Wham! One of the Level 5 experts suddenly appeared behind Isabella and struck her shoulder. Isabella was pushed forward and nearly lost the Zhanlu Sword in her hand.

    "Haha! The Godblade is mine!" The other Level 5 expert noticed that she had lost her balance and immediately charged over.

    "Hold on! What the..." Just as the Level 5 expert reached Isabella and was ready to take the Zhanlu Sword from her, he saw a scene that gave him goosebumps.

    Right then, as Isabella had been heavily injured, her hair was all over the place. However, there was a pair of bloodshot eyes underneath all that hair.

    As soon as their gazes locked onto each other, the Level 5 expert felt as if he had been struck by lightning.

    "Damn it! How could this be?" The Level 5 expert suddenly felt heat in his eyes. Waves of energy were spreading across his eyes uncontrollably.

    "What's going on?!" The other two Level 5 experts were stunned.

    "Ahh... Damn it! This is the Godblade's energy!" The Level 5 expert exclaimed as he began to suppress the energy around his eyes with all his might.

    Although this was similar to the situation faced by the Level 5 expert who had escaped earlier, things had escalated somewhat for this unlucky bastard. Now that the energy was spreading around his eyes, nearly half his brain had been affected. What could he do? Would he cut his own head off?

    "Die!" Isabella's cold and emotionless voice sounded as if she had come from hell.

    "Save me!" Although the Level 5 expert could sense Bella's killing intentions, he was completely incapable of resisting her attack. Therefore, he could only ask the other two fellows to help him.

    "What do we do?" One of the Level 5 experts asked.

    "Save him first!" The other Level 5 expert said. Although the three of them were not on the same team, they had similar objectives. Therefore, in that defining moment, they decided to help their ally first.

    "Alright!" The two Level 5 experts glanced at each other as they both charged toward Isabella. They were attempting to stop Isabella from killing her opponent.

    "Would you two like to die as well?" Isabella asked coldly as she turned around to glare at the two Level 5 experts with her bloodshot eyes.

    "Ahh..." One of them did not dodge in time and was struck by Isabella's gaze. Instantly, he felt the same energy from the Godblade invading his body.

    "Oh no. We'll meet again if there's a chance!" The other lucky survivor instantly teleported away for fear of being the next victim. He did not hesitate to abandon his newfound allies.


    The Zhanlu Sword was swung as Isabella's first victim was killed. The Level 5 expert's head fell to the ground. After one second, an energy began to emanate from within the body and eventually led to an explosion.


    The explosion caused by the energy within a Level 5 expert's body was unbelievably powerful. In an instant, the energy spread to thousands of kilometers away.

    "Ahh!" As another pitiful cry was heard, the other Level 5 expert also had his head cut off by Isabella just as the explosion occured.


    The second Level 5 expert's body also exploded as the energy was let loose. With the remnant energy waves from the first explosion, the second explosion appeared to be even more frightening.

    "Oh no!" Ariel's face turned pale when she felt the explostion from the two dead Level 5 experts' bodies. Although she was a hundred kilometers away, the might of the explosion was so strong that even she found it difficult to protect herself, let alone Jiang Fei.

    "Let's work together!" Right then, the Level 5 expert fighting against Ariel suddenly decided to cooperate with Ariel to protect Jiang Fei.

    This fellow was very smart. Although he knew that he could escape right away, he was worried that Zhuge Shanzhen would still come after him if Jiang Fei died. Therefore, his only way to salvage the situation was to make sure Jiang Fei stayed alive. In fact, he might even be recognized by Zhuge Shanzhen, who was a Level 6 godly being, for rescuing Jiang Fei. He would probably benefit greatly from receiving some guidance or gifts from Zhuge Shanzhen.

    For those reasons, the Level 5 expert was willing to suffer injuries to protect Jiang Fei. After all, Level 5 experts could not be killed by anything other than the Godblade. It did not matter if he had to suffer severe injuries. As long as he got on Zhuge Shanzhen's good side, it would all be worth it.
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