1024 Jiang Fei’s Opportunity

    "How long can this Zhanlu Sword last?" Jiang Fei no longer cared about how valuable the Godblade was. Isabella's life was more important.

    "Approximately three months." 0542 answered.

    "Thank goodness!" Jiang Fei nodded to himself. Three months was not exactly a long period. However, it would suffice for him to look for a solution. If he only had a few hours, that would have been a huge problem.

    Even so, he could not let Bella hold on to the knife. Right then, Jiang Fei suddenly recalled that there was leftover Valium when he first crafted the Zhanlu Sword. He had only used three quarters of the Valium in his storage. He originally had plans to use the remaining Valium to create a dagger for self-defense. However, looking at the current situation, he would need to use it for something else.

    "0542, use the remaining Valium to create a bracelet. Make sure there are a few protruding pins on the inside so that it can stay connected to Bella at all times." Jiang Fei ordered.

    "Yes, captain. The estimated time needed to complete is three hours!" 0542 immediately started executing Jiang Fei's order.

    "Damn it! This is so annoying!" Jiang Fei felt even more annoyed when he looked at the Rebirth Egg in his arms. If it was not for assisting Beowulf, Isabella would not have been affected in any way.

    Although Isabella had acquired the ability to manipulate the Godblade through her eyes, and was able to defeat Level 5 experts with ease, she had to pay a hefty price for such powers. Not only did she require Valium to sustain her life, her mind and consciousness were also constantly being corroded by the wild energy from the Valium.

    Although it was not an issue now, Isabella would eventually lose her consciousness and become a heartless demon who only knew how to kill.

    "Husband, I'm sorry... I acted too rashly..." Isabella looked lovingly at Jiang Fei as her eyes were filled with tears. She was very much aware about what was happening to her body. Although her body was still able to maintain the balance, she was constantly reminded by the pain that she could lose her life at any time.

    "..." Jiang Fei clenched his fists tightly as his nails nearly pierced through his own palm. He could only feel the pain in his heart. The woman he loved had risked her life for him twice. For a man, this was more painful to bear than losing his own life.

    "Damn it! Why am I so useless?" Jiang Fei thought to himself angrily. If he was stronger, Isabella and Ariel would not have to protect him on the frontlines. If he was stronger, all these would not have occurred.

    Now, Ariel was in a state of coma after being badly injured and Isabella's body could collapse at any moment. Jiang Fei was nearly driven to madness by such a turn of events.

    "Why are other people so strong and yet I am so weak?" Jiang Fei began questioning himself. He had completely forgotten that he had only acquired his powers less than a year ago. Instead, he now thought of himself as a complete loser. He believed that Isabella and Ariel had gotten injured because of his own incompetence.

    "Husband, what's the matter?" Isabella asked worriedly as she noticed Jiang Fei's painful expression. He seemed to be in a trance.

    "Don't touch him!" 0542 used its Soul Energy to stop her from waking Jiang Fei up.

    "What happened to him?" Isabella was familiar with 0542's existence.

    "At the moment, the captain is being faced with both a bottleneck and an opportunity. If he is able to think it through, he might be able to discover his own Power of Conqueror. If he fails, he will be stuck at this stage forever or even deteriorate thereafter." 0542 explained.

    "Is that really the case?" Although Isabella had trouble securing her own life, she was still glad that Jiang Fei had the opportunity to comprehend the Power of Conqueror. After all, such opportunities were very rare. Countless Pinnacle Level 4 experts had never faced such an opportunity in their lifetimes. Unexpectedly, her own injuries had actually brought about the opportunity for Jiang Fei. If she had known earlier, she would have willingly put herself in the precarious situation. She would not have hesitated in holding the Zhanlu Sword's body with her bare hands.

    As the surrounding fell into silence, Jiang Fei began to face the struggle in the depths of his heart. Isabella carefully guarded Jiang Fei and Ariel who had passed out earlier. Meanwhile, the Level 5 expert started to recover his energy when he saw that Isabella no longer intended to kill him. He planned to save up enough energy to run away. From the moment that her eyes had turned red, he knew that the girl was in a very unstable state. She might have only spared him because of Jiang Fei. However, he knew that his own life would not be secure if he stayed around.

    Although he wanted to get on Zhuge Shanzhen's good side, it was more important for him to protect his own life. After all, he had already saved Jiang Fei's life. If Zhuge Shanzhen knew about it, he would still have a chance of being rewarded in the future.

    Time passed by very quickly as Jiang Fei maintained his blank expression. However, the Rebirth Egg in his hands began to light up gradually. Clearly, Beowulf was about to be reborn after such a long time of incubation.

    Although the Rebirth Egg was still emanating a tempting aura, none of the Level 5 experts dared to come for it anymore after Isabella's killing spree a while ago. After all, the powers displayed by Isabella was too overwhelming. None of the Level 5 experts knew about her awful state. They thought that this was a new way of using the Godblade which Zhuge Shanzhen had developed.

    Therefore, in the face of the powerful Isabella who could kill Level 5 experts within seconds, these experts were very much afraid. They had not felt this fearful for many years. All of a sudden, they felt as if they had returned to the past when they were all still young and weak.


    Lines of cracks began to form on the Rebirth Egg. It appeared that the reincarnation was about to be completed.

    "Bella, stop the Rebirth Egg from absorbing ionization energy!" Right then, 0542 suddenly communicated with Isabella through its Soul Energy.

    "Ah?" Isabella was stunned. She did not know why 0542 was asking her to do such a thing.

    "Believe me. I won't harm the captain!" 0542 said urgently. As the Rebirth Egg was already beginning to hatch, Beowulf would very soon be reborn if the process was not stopped immediately.

    "Oh!" As Jiang Fei had once explained to Isabella about 0542, she knew that 0542 would not do anything that harmed Jiang Fei.

    Shuffle! As Isabella waved her hand, a layer of light suddenly formed around the Rebirth Egg to isolate it from the external world. As such, Beowulf's reincarnation was promptly paused. Its current state resembled that when it was placed in Jiang Fei's spatial ring. However, as long as Isabella removed the layer of light, Beowulf would be able to continue his reincarnation. Right then, her actions was akin to pressing the pause button.
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