1025 An Important Discovery

    0542 had made such a decision not because Beowulf's rebirth would put Jiang Fei at a disadvantage. Instead, it was an obvious decision to make as the benefits came with zero costs.

    From the very beginning, 0542 had constantly suggested that Jiang Fei should extract the Rebirth Egg's Bio-Energy. Although Jiang Fei had never agreed with its suggestion, 0542's intention had never changed. After all, this was an action that would benefit Jiang Fei the most.

    This time, 0542 had overridden Jiang Fei's decision by asking Isabella to interrupt Beowulf's evolution. On one hand, 0542 wanted to try persuading Jiang Fei once again after he woke up. On the other hand, 0542 had also discovered a new signal from one of Braveheart's fragments.

    The fragment had originally been covered under the South Pole's thick layer of glaciers. Although Jiang Fei had been here when Ariel was revived, 0541 did not manage to pick up the fragment's signal as it was hidden 4,000 meters below the layers of ice. Even when they first arrived at the South Pole, 0542 had not discovered anything unusual.

    However, the explosion caused by the two Level 5 experts had destroyed large parts of the glaciers. The layers of ice instantly melted away. As such, 0542 was naturally able to pick up signals from the fragment.

    After validating the type of fragment it was, 0542 believed that the Rebirth Egg should be retained. After all, the fragment was very important to Jiang Fei and it also required a lot of energy to activate. If they extracted the energy from the Rebirth Egg, they would be able to activate the fragment's operating system. This was a highly crucial step for Jiang Fei to progress in the future.

    Therefore, while Jiang Fei was temporarily unable to make a decision, 0542 personally overrode his decision. 0542 requested for Isabella to terminate the Rebirth Egg's evolution. Otherwise, once Beowulf's reincarnation was complete, Jiang Fei would find it very difficult to collect such a large amount of energy.

    Although Beowulf's reincarnation had been temporarily paused, 0542 could not extract the energy without Jiang Fei's consent. If 0542 had evolved to 0541's level of intelligence, it might have forcefully initiated the energy extraction from the Rebirth Egg. After all, the amount of enery contained within was far too important to Jiang Fei.

    0542 had discovered that the fragment contained Braveheart's main radar. Although it required a lot of energy to activate, 0542 would be able to thoroughly scan the entire planet once it was activated. By then, 0542 would be able to locate all of the Level 5 experts as well as the location of other Braveheart's fragments. Moreover, 0542 would also be able to find the engine room which was the most important fragment to Jiang Fei.

    In other words, once the energy was extracted from the Rebirth Egg, and after Braveheart's main radar was activated, Jiang Fei would be able to locate the rest of Braveheart's fragments in a short amount of time.

    After acquiring the engine room, Jiang Fei would be spared from energy shortage once and for all. By then, Sylphy and Nina could both be revived. With the support of Planet Namek's complete technological setup, Isabella's precarious situation could also be thoroughly resolved.

    This meant that as long as the energy from the Rebirth Egg was extracted, all of Jiang Fei's problems would be solved. If 0541 were still around, it would not have waited for Jiang Fei to wake up. Instead, it would immediately start extracting energy from the Rebirth Egg. Although such behavior might result in punishments for 0541, it would have gladly accepted the consequences for Jiang Fei's sake.

    However, 0542 was different. It had only just been created not too long ago and had yet to evolve much. Therefore, it was incapable of behaving emotionally. All of its actions were within strict limitations of the system. Therefore, even if it knew that extracting energy from the Rebirth Egg benefitted Jiang Fei the most, it would have to wait until Jiang Fei was awake to request for his permission.

    Soon, a week had passed. Jiang Fei was still standing there emotionlessly. A layer of snow had formed over his body. For fear of disturbing Jiang Fei, Isabella did not dare to remove the layer of snow from his body.

    Right then, Jiang Fei and the two girls were the only people who remained there. Although Ariel was still very weak, she had woken up. The Level 5 expert had already run away on the fourth day. After all, he felt too insecure being in close proximity to Isabella.

    During this period, Jiang Fei struggled greatly in the depths of his heart. In the external world, things had already been blown out of proportion. Both the normal humans' world and the metahumans' world were occupied with the battle in the South Pole.

    In the metahuman circle, Isabella's existence was described as a nuclear bomb. Overnight, the Level 5 experts' invincible position had been toppled. Although Zhuge Shanzhen had been rumored to be a Level 6 god, it was only a myth. However, Isabella's ability to kill two Level 5 experts was an absolute truth.

    All of a sudden, the Level 5 experts had all become afraid. All of them hid in their zones of safety to avoid bumping into Isabella. The Level 5 experts who had previously provoked Isabella with their energy waves were even more afraid than the rest as they were worried that she might come for them.

    Among these Level 5 experts, there were two who felt the greatest amount of pressure. These two were the ones who had escaped from Bella. The first was the Level 5 expert who lost one of his arms, while the other was the Level 5 expert who abandoned his allies.

    The two fellows felt both gratitude and fear in their hearts. They were grateful for their own vigilance and for running away in time, but they also feared that Isabella might come looking for them.

    While the metahuman circle was still in a state of shock from Bella's existence, the normal humans' world was also in a mess. Due to the mighty explosions in the South Pole, massive tsunamis had hit South America and Australia and resulted in a large number of casualties.

    Although the governments of these countries knew that the disasters were caused by the war between Level 5 experts, they had to make up stories that meteorites had collided against Earth to fool the general public. All of a sudden, theories of the end of the world were sparked as fear filled the hearts of the civilians.

    As time went on, and no other natural disasters occurred, the theories were gradually forgotten. Civilians of South America and Australia began to rebuild their homes which were previously destroyed by the tsunamis.

    Unknowingly, Jiang Fei had spent two weeks struggling in his heart. Fortunately, Jiang Fei was already a Pinnacle Level 4 expert. If he was a normal human, he would have died after fourteen days of starvation as well as being frozen in the snowscapes of the South Pole.

    On the fifteenth day of Jiang Fei's deep internal struggle, Isabella noticed that the snow on his body had jiggled. All of a sudden, the large pile of snow fell to the ground. Thereafter, Jiang Fei lightly stretched his body.

    He seemed a little stiff after such a long period of staying in the same position. Regardless of that, he had finally awoken.
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