1028 Eye Demon Kesolo

    "Kill it sooner or later?" Jiang Fei frowned. He did not have the patience.

    "What else could we do?" Lady Casanova rolled her eyes. Normal players had very low damage. With Overlord's Might, the players' Attack and Accuracy were greatly affected. Although tens of thousands of players were attacking, the actual damage dealt was not very high.

    "What could we do? Kill it directly!" Jiang Fei smiled as he patted the Soulcutter behind him. The long sword detached itself from behind Jiang Fei.

    "Spread out!" As Jiang Fei commanded, the Soulcutter started to split apart. In the blink of an eye, it had separated itself into 128 sharp blades.

    Sword Form: Sword Burst!

    Jiang Fei formed a symbol with his hand as the hundreds of blades flew toward one of the monsters like a thunderstorm.

    Shuffle! As the monster possessed very high intelligence, it immediately created a layer of protective shield around itself when it saw Jiang Fei's attack. However, unfortunately, the shield was useless against Jiang Fei's attack.

    -2,541,112 (-2,000,000 absorbed!)

    With only the first hit, the monster's protective shield was destroyed by Jiang Fei. On top of that, it also lost more than 2,000,000 Health Points.

    As the second and third blades reached the monster, Ruthless Barrage began to stack up. The damage the monster was receiving continued to increase.

    "This is impossible..." As the monster cried out in disbelief, the Overlord monster was killed by Jiang Fei before 10% of the blades had even hit it.

    "Damn! This game can't be played anymore!" Happy Drunk was so upset that he dropped his weapon on the ground. The group of players had been fighting the monster for over half an hour but they barely reduced its Health Points by 20%. When Jiang Fei arrived, he managed to kill it within seconds. The gap in their powers made Happy Drunk feel hopeless.

    "Guild master, don't compare yourself to him. Verdure Glider's level is much higher. On top of that, he even has the nine Cauldrons of the Ancient Kingdom. He could probably kill anyone with a single hit!" One of the players said.

    "Crap! Why aren't I this lucky?" Although Happy Drunk and Jiang Fei were in the same alliance, he was still jealous of Jiang Fei's capabilities.

    "You guys can share the equipment dropped. I will kill the remaining three for you as well!" Jiang Fei did not hear Happy Drunk's complaints. Even if he did, he would not have cared. After all, Jiang Fei was the Heaven's Trailblazer. If he could not even kill an Overlord, there was no point in him leading the War of the Heavens. He might as well be killed by a Celestial being.

    Sword Form: Blade Dragon!

    Jiang Fei changed the symbol formed by his hands. The 120 blades immediately regrouped to form a dragon as it charged toward the three other Overlords.

    "Darned mortal! You won't get your way!"

    "We will not allow you to tamper with the gods' will!"

    "Our master will arrive soon!"

    When the three Overlords saw Jiang Fei's blades charging at them, they immediately knew they would not be able to withstand his attack. Therefore, they all started running toward the dormant Chronos Gate.

    "Master, stop them, quick!" Akatziris suddenly shouted out loudly next to Jiang Fei.

    "Alright!" Jiang Fei nodded. Although he did not know what these three monsters were doing, he knew they were up to no good.

    "Roar!" The Blade Dragon let out a loud cry as it instantly consumed one of the Overlords. A gold light flashed as a few pieces of equipment dropped to the ground. However, the other two monsters managed to make it to the Chronos Gate.

    "Master! We're here!"

    "Our great master, please avenge us!"

    As the two shouted angrily, something shocking happened. The two Overlords suddenly slit their own throats in front of the Chronos Gate. Their fresh blood flowed onto the ground and started gathering in front of the Chronos Gate.

    "Oh no! They have sacrificed themselves!" Akatziris exclaimed.

    "This is not good! The Chronos Gate is about to be activated!" Jiang Fei thought to himself. He immediately commanded the Soulcutter to attack the Chronos Gate.


    As soon as the Dragon Blade hit the Chronos Gate, the word 'Resist' appeared. Jiang Fei had lost all hope. Right then, the Chronos Gate was already activated. The arrival of an Ancient God was inevitable.

    "Seven Stars Warrior, get the players to return to the city immediately. They will die if they stay here!" Jiang Fei shouted loudly at Seven Stars Warrior. Once the Ancient God arrived, all players would die as their levels were far too low. Even several tens of thousands of players would not be able to threaten the Celestial tier Ancient God.

    "Got it!" Seven Stars Warrior knew how frightening the Celestial tier Ancient God was. He immediately informed all players in Empyreal Dragon to make their way back to the city. At the same time, he quickly headed to the main city to report the news of the Ancient God's arrival so that the High Human's Heavenly Court would send back-up as soon as possible.

    While Seven Stars Warrior made arrangements for Empyreal Dragon's members to leave, Jiang Fei made sure Lady Casanova informed the other guilds too. After all, they would only be a burden to Jiang Fei if they stayed here.

    It was much easier for players to run away. As long as they were not restricted by the Spatial Lock effect, they would be able to teleport back to the city with a Return Scroll. By then, the Ancient God had not been teleported over yet. Naturally, there would not be any Spatial Lock effect. Therefore, the players very easily evacuated from the region. Although a minority of players decided to stay on with hopes of looting something, Jiang Fei did not care about them. It was their choice to risk their own lives and nobody could stop them.

    After approximately five minutes, bright rainbow-colored lights were emitted from the Chronos Gate. Thereafter, a creepy and monster-like roar could be heard.

    "A-wu!" A huge monster suddenly walked through the Chronos Gate and arrived in the Overworld.

    "That's disgusting..." Even Jiang Fei felt goosebumps all over his body. The monster looked even more disgusting than Doomsday which Jiang Fei had kept locked up in the real world.

    The fellow was ten-meters tall with a round-shaped body. Its body was connected to six legs which each had a huge eyeball attached to the respective joints. There were spurs all over the top of the monster's body.

    The monster resembled a spider-like creature with spikes and fur all over its body. One would have goosebumps at the sight of this creature. Moreover, its eyes emitted red and green lights which made it look even creepier.

    Eye Demon Kesolo (Ancient God, Lower Celestial)

    Level: 103

    Health Points: 700,000,000

    Attack Power: 4,000,000 (Deal 100% more damage to creatures below the Celestial tier)

    Skill: Unknown!

    "Tsk..." After checking its attributes, Jiang Fei gasped. This fellow was much stronger than the Soulcutter's Spirit. Even with the Gnome Adventurous Goggles, Jiang Fei was not confident that he could defeat it.

    "Soulcutter, you are indeed an embarrassment to the Primordial Celestial race. You actually surrendered to a mere mortal. In fact, he has not even reached the Celestial tier!" Kesolo did not immediately start attacking after it had stepped out of the Chronos Gate. Instead, it began insulting Soulcutter's Spirit.
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