1029 A Series of Misfortunes

    When insulted by Kesolo, Soulcutter's Spirit was speechless. He had surrendered to Jiang Fei previously because he mistook Jiang Fei for a High Celestial. However, after the contract was signed, he realized that he had fallen for Jiang Fei's trap. Jiang Fei was actually weaker than he thought.

    However, after the Soul Contract was signed, it was too late for Soulcutter's Spirit to regret it. Although he was unhappy about it, he had to obey Jiang Fei's commands.

    "Damn. How do I do this?" Jiang Fei frowned. The boss in front of him had 700,000,000 Health Points. Even if he successfully activated the Gnome Adventurous Goggles, he would not be able to kill it instantly. Moreover, Jiang Fei's only way to protect himself was to use the Shadow Barrier. Once the three times of Damage Resistance were used up, he would not be able to survive a single attack from the Celestial tier boss.

    "Pitiful humans. Do you still think you can challenge the Heavens?" Kesolo's glowing red eye stared at Jiang Fei with a disapproving look. It then continued, "We will not allow another King Zhou of Shang to appear among the humans!"

    Bang! As soon as Kesolo finished speaking, the Celestial tier boss actually attacked Jiang Fei stealthily.

    This was something Jiang Fei had not expected at all. All Celestial tier bosses, including the Soulcutter's Spirit, had an aura of superiority about them. However, who would have thought that the Celestial tier boss Kesolo would actually stealthily attack Jiang Fei who was a mere mortal?

    The red light projected from Kesolo's eye instantly hit Jiang Fei.



    Before Jiang Fei could even react, the boss had reduced his Health Points to zero. Fortunately, Jiang Fei was wearing the Token of the God of Crafts which gave him another full bar of Health Points.

    Shadow Barrier!

    Jiang Fei did not hesitate to activate the additional skill from the Shadow Armor. Although he could only use it three times, this was the only skill that could prevent Jiang Fei from being killed instantly.

    "Hehe, young fellow, you have quite a few tricks up your sleeves!" Kesolo realized that its sneak attack had not worked. However, it did not seem to be ashamed of its own action at all.

    "Damn! This fellow is too cunning!" Jiang Fei thought to himself. This boss was completely different from the Soulcutter's Spirit. As it was extremely cunning, it would not be easy for Jiang Fei to coerce it. However, if Jiang Fei could not coerce it, he would not be able to defeat it in a real fight.

    "I'm going all out!" Jiang Fei gritted his teeth as he activated the Gnome Adventurous Goggles.



    As it turned out, the Gnome Adventurous Goggles had failed to activate. Although Kesolo had full Health Points and could not be healed, it was given a 30-second Divine Shield instead. This had turned out to be a series of misfortunes.

    "Ehh? Young fellow, what is the meaning of this? Are you trying to be nice before you surrender?" Kesolo was stunned. It did not know why Jiang Fei had cast a healing spell on it and even gave it the Invincible state.

    "Whew... Thank goodness this fellow does not know about the Ghone Adventurous Goggles..." Jiang Fei relaxed somewhat. The Ancient Gods had already been sealed away when the Gnome Kingdom appeared. Therefore, the Ancient Gods were not very familiar with the Gnome's products. Otherwise, Kesolo would have guessed that Jiang Fei's attack had failed.

    Although the failed healing effect caused Kesolo to freeze for a few seconds, it clearly did not plan to let go of Jiang Fei.

    "Alright! I can't stay here for too long. You annoying insect, die!" Kesolo laughed coldly. It then prepared to attack Jiang Fei yet again. After all, it would be pursued after by Celestial tier humans since it had come to the Overworld. Therefore, it could not stay in the same spot for too long.

    "Damn! It's over!" Jiang Fei frowned. His Shadow Barrier could only block three attacks. If his teacher Ou Yezi still did not send backup, he would die with certainty.

    Buzz! Kesolo emitted a red light from its eyes yet again. Its target was still Jiang Fei.

    Ding! However, the red light did not hit Jiang Fei. Instead, it was blocked by a shield formed from flames.

    "Hey handsome. I heard that someone was bullying you. I won't allow it!" The flames disintegrated in front of Jiang Fei as Sharaz appeared out of it.

    "Thank goodness! You're here!" Jiang Fei felt much more relaxed when he saw Sharaz. With the help of a true Celestial tier, killing Kesolo would not be difficult.

    To be honest, Jiang Fei was capable of killing a Celestial tier boss on his own. However, the problem was that the Celestial tier boss would kill him with even greater ease. As long as someone could block the damage from the Celestial tier boss and allowed Jiang Fei to use his attacks, the Celestial tier boss would not be able to withstand Jiang Fei's high damage output.

    "Demon?" Kesolo was stunned when he saw Sharaz. He asked confusedly, "This is a battle between the Celestial race and the Human race. Why are you involved?"

    "Hehehe..." Sharaz laughed like a true queen. "I don't care about how you fight. But I won't allow you to hurt my baby."

    "Ehh... Sharaz, can we change the name please..." Although Sharaz was defending him, Jiang Fei was still bothered by how she addressed him.

    "Handsome, don't worry. With me around, nobody would be able to hurt you!" Sharaz turned around and winked at Jiang Fei.

    "Ehh... You should probably defeat that thing first..." Jiang Fei felt very awkward after Sharaz flirted with him. However, in order to appease the key individual 0541 had mentioned, he did not want to be too harsh on Sharaz.

    Seeing how Jiang Fei and Sharaz were flirting with each other on the battlefield, Akatziris felt extremely jealous. In any case, Verdure Glider was still her rightful fiance. However, her fiance was openly flirting with another woman in front of her. No other girl would be able to accept such behavior.

    "That's enough!" Akatziris was not the only one annoyed by Sharaz and Jiang Fei who behaved as if nobody else was around. Kesolo was equally upset.

    This was the battlefield. Kesolo was very annoyed by how it was completely ignored.

    Buzz! Another red light was emitted. The angered Kesolo was directly aiming it at Sharaz this time. It had ignored Jiang Fei who was not even a Celestial tier player. After all, in the eyes of Kesolo, Sharaz who was at the same Celestial tier as itself was an even greater threat.

    "Hehe..." Sharaz chuckled. Kesolo's light beam had pierced through a ball of flames. Meanwhile, Sharaz had suddenly appeared behind its back.

    Shuffle! Sharaz raised the dagger in her hand as she prepared to attack Kesolo from behind.

    Bang! Unexpectedly, Kesolo did not seem to be affected by the change in direction. There was another huge eye located at where Sharaz appeared. The huge eye emitted a green light and instantly knocked Sharaz a great distance away.
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