1030 Roots of Resentmen

    "Although this fellow looks ugly, it's quite a pain in the ass!" Sharaz stabilized herself. She could not help but begin to take Kesolo seriously.

    Although Kesolo's green light did not deal a lot of damage to Sharaz, it clearly proved that it was difficult for Sharaz to attack it in stealth mode as it had eyes in all directions of its body. This meant that Sharaz could not fully utilize her Assassin qualities.

    "Let's try this again!" Sharaz attempted another attack but she was still blocked by Kesolo. Not only that, Sharaz even got hurt a little. Clearly, Kesolo's attributes worked against hers.

    Sword Form: Blade Dragon!

    Just as Sharaz attempted her second attack and failed, Jiang Fei who was now ignored by Kesolo began to use his skill. The 128 blades combined in the air to form the Blade Dragon. As soon as Sharaz was knocked away, the Blade Dragon charged toward Kesolo while making piercing sounds through the air.

    Buzz! Sensing the frightening power from the Blade Dragon, Kesolo looked worried for the first time. Three of its huge green eyes emitted a bright light which surrounded its body to form a dark green protective shield, thus successfully blocking the Blade Dragon's attack.

    "Darned insect!" Kesolo shouted angrily. Jiang Fei's attack had actually threatened its life. Therefore, it decided that it would kill this Adventurer who was not even at the Celestial tier.

    Bang! The red beam of light was blocked by Sharaz's shield of flames. At the same time, Jiang Fei began to cast his ultimate skill.

    Evol. Soulcutter!

    The originally scattered 128 blades began to reform in the air and gradually combined to become a huge sword of over ten meters.

    "Sharaz, cover me!" Jiang Fei shouted loudly. At the same time, he started activating his ultimate skill.

    River Flow Mountain Cutter!

    "Get lost!" Kesolo could sense the frightening aura from Jiang Fei's ultimate skill. Moreover, it had already used its ultimate Defense skill. In the face of the River Flow Mountain Cutter, it was not confident that it could survive the attack.

    Therefore, under duress, three of Kesolo's red eyes worked together to fire three beams of red light into the sky which then combined into one.

    The huge beam of red light suddenly changed its direction and was headed toward Jiang Fei who was in the midst of casting his sword spell.

    Flame Barrier!

    Sharaz tried her best to protect Jiang Fei so that he could successfully cast his spell.

    Bang! As a loud colliding sound was heard, Sharaz's Flame Barrier had been destroyed. However, the weakened red beam of light was still charging toward Jiang Fei.

    Flame Prism!

    Right then, Sharaz's secondary spell had been cast. A prism was erected in front of Jiang Fei. As soon as Kesolo's red beam of light hit the prism, it was redirected to the cliff next to Jiang Fei.

    "Die!" By then, Jiang Fei had completed his spell cast. The huge sword began to descend and the tip was pointed right at Kesolo.

    "Roar!" Kesolo cried out loudly as the three huge green eyes emitted light once again. This time, the green light they emitted was only able to absorb a certain amount of damage instead of completely blocking off damage.

    Bang! As the huge sword fell upon Kesolo, its green layer of protection immediately disintegrated. Not only that, Jiang Fei's huge sword nearly cut Kesolo into two halves.


    Although the boss' Celestial halo had suppressed some of Jiang Fei's attributes, Jiang Fei was still able to deal a shockingly high amount of damage under his Demon transformation. The 550,000,000 damage instantly put the boss in a dire situation. If not for the failed activation of the Gnome Adventurous Goggles, the boss would have died by now.

    "That's too epic!" Jiang Fei was stunned by the River Flow Mountain Cutter. He did not expect his own ultimate skill to be this powerful. Despite being powerful, the ultimate skill took too long to cast and direct. If he were facing the Celestial tier boss on his own, Jiang Fei's opponent would not give him this much time to get ready. After all, the boss could have killed him several times during the time Jiang Fei was still directing the sword.

    "Die!" Seeing that Kesolo's red eyes were still moving, Sharaz immediately teleported next to it and pierced one of its huge eyes with her flaming dagger.

    Bang! The red light concentrated within the huge eyes suddenly went out of control and caused Kesolo's entire body to explode into pieces.

    "Ahh! Such a shame!" Jiang Fei exclaimed with his mouth wide open. As Sharaz was a free NPC, her killing of the Celestial tier boss would not result in any item being dropped.

    However, before Jiang Fei could close his mouth, a loud noise could be heard next to him.

    Bang! The red light reflected by the Flame Prism had struck the cliff. The huge explosion had caused the boulders to break off. A few of the players who had stuck around were instantly killed by the falling boulders.

    "Master, be careful!" When Akatziris saw that one of the boulders was about to fall onto Jiang Fei, she immediately leapt in front of him to block the giant boulder with her own body.

    Bang! Akatziris was crushed to the ground.

    "Ahh! Are you alright..." Jiang Fei quickly ran over to Akatziris. Although Akatziris did not have to go to such extremes, she was only doing it because she cared for Jiang Fei.

    As Jiang Fei still had the Shadow Barrier on his body, the giant boulder would not have hurt him at all. In fact, Jiang Fei had much stronger Defense attributes than Akatziris. Even without the Shadow Barrier, the normal boulder would not have injured him.

    "Master, as long as you're alright..." Akatziris said as she looked at Jiang Fei lovingly. Even as an Overlord boss, Akatziris was not the battle-type NPC. Despite that, boulders like this would not actually hurt her at all. She had taken the hit mostly because she felt jealous and wanted to attract Jiang Fei's attention away from Sharaz.

    "Why are you so careless? Boulders like this can't hurt me at all..." Jiang Fei was completely oblivious to her feelings. He even said that she had overreacted. Although he cared about her on the inside, his words were like a knife to her heart.

    Indeed, as soon as Jiang Fei spoke, Akatziris felt hurt. It felt as if a thousand needles had pierced through her heart.

    "Hey handsome, don't you think I am amazing?" Right then, Sharaz came over. She was even holding one of the boss' eyeballs as her battle reward.

    "Don't do this next time!" Jiang Fei helped Akatziris to get up. As Akatziris was not badly injured, Jiang Fei naturally turned his attention to Sharaz who 0541 had considered as the key individual.

    Seeing how Jiang Fei and Sharaz were happily engaged in a conversation, Akatziris' eyes gradually became dimmer. The seeds of resentment had been planted in the depths of her heart. Unfortunately, Jiang Fei was completely unaware of it.
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