1032 Enemy Territory

    "Something happened. It's been resolved now." Jiang Fei did not bother explaining further as the NPCs in the game would not understand what happened in the real world.

    "Alright. If that's the case, come with me!" Ou Yezi did not ask further. He immediately brought Jiang Fei into the small building.

    "Holy crap! What is this place?" Jiang Fei was surprised that Ou Yezi brought him down a staircase instead of up.

    Although the small building did not seem large from the outside, it had a huge underground room. In fact, the underground room was very gloomy and was filled with a bloody stench.

    "This is where we keep prisoners and where we interrogate them!" Ou Yezi's words explained everything. Jiang Fei now knew why the atmosphere felt so weird.

    Jiang Fei followed after Ou Yezi and Zhao Sheng as they moved forward in the dim light which came from small pots of flame along the walls. Very soon, the three arrived at the third floor below the ground.


    "Let me out!"

    "You stubborn mortals. Sooner or later, you will be purified by our lord's flames of anger!"


    As soon as they entered the third floor of the underground prison, Jiang Fei could hear various loud and angry shouting from around him.

    "Hehe, you must not be used to this." Zhao Sheng chuckled as he glanced at Jiang Fei.

    "I'm fine!" Jiang Fei nodded. Although the creepy design of this prison was very well done, Jiang Fei was not exactly new to this kind of stuff. He had experienced quite a lot of hardships from being involved in the Metahuman circle.

    After making a few turns on the third floor of the underground prison, Jiang Fei finally saw the person Ou Yezi had wanted him to meet.

    Vistus (Ancient God, Lower Celestial)

    Level: 102

    Health Points: 1 (Sealed)

    Attack Power: 1 (Sealed)

    Skill: None (Sealed)

    Remark: The first swamp that ever existed in the ancient times which had turned into a Celestial being.

    "Woah!" Jiang Fei gasped in surprise when he saw the Ancient God. The fellow looked way too appalling.

    From all angles, Vistus looked like a pile of dark green swamp with a bunch of wilted branches and leaves in it. Its body also smelled rotten. Anyone who saw it in person would probably lose his appetite for half a month.

    "What do you think? Look at our new toy!" Zhao Sheng winked at Jiang Fei.

    "Master, what is this?" Jiang Fei turned around to look at Ou Yezi.

    "Hehe, the Ancient Gods are not the only ones trying to enter our world. We are also looking for ways to enter the Ancient Celestial Realm. When you were not around, I found an opportunity to enter the Ancient Celestial Realm. Coincidentally, I bumped into this unlucky fellow and captured it!" Ou Yezi laughed as he spoke.

    "Master, that's very risky!" Jiang Fei said with a look of concern. The Ancient Celestial Realm was not a fun place to be. Even if Ou Yezi had strong capabilities, the Ancient Gods would not challenge him to a one-to-one fight. From the Soulcutter's Spirit's encounter, one could guess that Ou Yezi would face the same fate of being surrounded when he entered the Ancient Celestial Realm. If he were not careful, he would be killed by a group of Ancient Gods.

    "Nevermind that. Aren't I back already?" Ou Yezi chuckled before he continued, "Now, we have gotten news from this fellow that the Ancient Gods are planning to build a sacrificial altar. They will then gather all their powers to activate an even larger Chronos Gate to invade the Overworld."

    "That's not good news!" Jiang Fei said with a frown. If the sacrificial altar were in the Overworld, the Human race could still find ways to destroy it. However, if the sacrificial altar were in the Ancient Celestial Realm, the Human race would not be able to prevent the Ancient Gods' invasion.

    "Yeah." Zhao Sheng sighed.

    "Master, since you have summoned me, I'm guessing that you have a way to solve this. Isn't that so?" Jiang Fei asked Ou Yezi.

    "That's right!" Ou Yezi looked at Jiang Fei with a serious expression. "I've asked you to come here for this exact reason."

    "Master, tell me!" Jiang Fei looked equally serious. He knew this was a test for him as the Heaven's Trailblazer.

    "I hope you will enter the Ancient Celestial Realm to light the Godly Flame on the sacrificial altar. Once you do so, we will be able to rely on the power of the Gods to destroy the sacrifical altar!" Ou Yezi said.

    "Tsk!" Jiang Fei took in a deep breath when he heard Ou Yezi's request. It was dangerous even for Ou Yezi to enter the Ancient Celestial Realm. Jiang Fei would most likely die if he entered that place.

    Moreover, according to Ou Yezi, Jiang Fei could not wait until the Godly Flame was lighted before heading there. Otherwise, he would lose the opportunity to destroy the sacrificial altar. Moreover, as soon as he entered the Ancient Celestial Realm, he would be discovered by the Celestial race. For the time being, Jiang Fei's mortal identity was the best cover for him to go unnoticed.

    Ding! Ou Yezi has issued a Story Quest to you: Pre-quest of the Heavens!

    As the Story Quest could not be rejected, the quest immediately appeared in Jiang Fei's quest interface as soon as Ou Yezi issued it.

    "Alright, I will head to the Ancient Celestial Realm once I gather all the necessary materials!" After the quest had been issued, Jiang Fei had no choice but to attempt it. Although he was still unsure of how he could enter the Ancient Celestial Realm, he had a vague feeling that Ou Yezi and the others had already made arrangements for him.

    "Apart from that, in order to avoid any unexpected conditions from occurring, you must leave the Nine Cauldrons behind before you depart!" Ou Yezi added after Jiang Fei had agreed to enter the Ancient Celestial Realm.

    "What?!" Jiang Fei was dumbfounded. Most of his capabilities had come from the attributes of the Nine Cauldrons. If he lost them, his battle powers would be greatly reduced.

    "This is for the sake of the Human race. Ah Fei, don't worry. Once you return, the nine Cauldrons will still belong to you!" Ou Yezi promised.

    "In that case... Alright!" Jiang Fei nodded. He could understand Ou Yezi's rationale. Ou Yezi was worried that the nine Cauldrons would be lost in the Ancient Celestial Realm if Jiang Fei died there. That was unacceptable to the High Humans.

    Therefore, Jiang Fei would have to leave the nine Cauldrons behind. As long as he did so, it would not matter if he died in the Ancient Celestial Realm or if he failed the quest. After all, Jiang Fei was a player. As long as he revived back in the Overworld, he would still be able to pick up the Nine Cauldrons and fight for the Human race.

    Jiang Fei had happily agreed because he thought of this in advance. Even if he successfully advanced to the Celestial tier, he would only be a Lower Celestial. In the face of countless Ancient Gods, Jiang Fei would still be killed. As such, taking the Nine Cauldrons with him would be a terrible mistake as he was bound to lose them.

    After confirming the sequence of the quest, Jiang Fei departed from the Heaven's Realm. By the time he had to log off, Jiang Fei still did not get any news about where the Cultist Overlord was located.

    After logging out of the game, Jiang Fei noticed that it was already noon in the Winter Islands. As soon as he stepped out from his room, a servant immediately informed Han Tianyu that Jiang Fei had woken up. After two minutes, Han Tianyu personally came to find Jiang Fei with breakfast in his hands. From the urgent look on his face, Jiang Fei could tell that something important was about to happen.
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