1034 The Lost Girl!

    After reuniting with his parents, Jiang Fei was able to enjoy a day of complete relaxation. When it was midnight, Jiang Fei laid down on his bed alone as he stared blankly at the ceiling.

    "0542, extract the energy from the Rebirth Egg..." Jiang Fei sounded very calm. It sounded as if he were murmuring subconsciously.

    "Yes! Captain!" 0542 did not care if this was Jiang Fei's final decision or if he had given the decision unintentionally. It was very eager to extract the energy from the Rebirth Egg. Since Jiang Fei had given the order, it would definitely not miss this opportunity.

    Therefore, as soon as Jiang Fei gave the order, 0542 began the extraction process so that Jiang Fei would not have the chance to regret his decision later.

    Would Jiang Fei regret it? Not at all! Although Jiang Fei had betrayed Beowulf, and his own morals were challenged, he was certain about his decision after reuniting with his parents today.

    Although the act of betraying Beowulf made Jiang Fei feel like he had gone against his own moral principles, he had realized how important his family and loved ones were after reuniting with his parents.

    On top of that, Jiang Fei had personally experienced the pain of being stuck in the endless space. As a result, he was eager to rescue Nina and Sylphy from that place as soon as possible. Therefore, he had no choice but to sacrifice Beowulf who was not part of his family.

    All humans are moral beings by nature. However, some have a weaker sense of morality than others. These people tend to regard themselves as being more important than others and would be willing to harm others for their own benefit.

    However, there were also groups of people who have a much stronger sense of morality. These people would be willing to sacrifice their own lives for people they did not even know. However, this was only to a certain extent. If they needed to sacrifice the people they loved during the process, they might actually think twice.

    Jiang Fei knew he was not the kind of person who holds himself to a high standard of morality. Although he would be willing to sacrifice himself to a certain extent for others, he would not sacrifice his loved ones. Perhaps, he would not even sacrifice his own life for people who did not matter to him.

    Therefore, Jiang Fei finally made up his mind today.

    As soon as 0542 began the extraction process, Jiang Fei felt relaxed. Although he felt guilty toward Beowulf, he did not regret his decision.

    "Rest in peace, Beowulf. I won't forget what you've done for me!" Jiang Fei silently prayed in his heart. Due to Beowulf's unique reproductive method, Jiang Fei could not even compensate him by looking after his offspring.

    "Captain, the extraction process of the Rebirth Egg has been initiated. The estimated completion time is seventy-two hours!" 0542 reported.

    "Alright!" Jiang Fei nodded. Although extracting the energy from the Rebirth Egg took three days, Jiang Fei was not in a rush. Even if the Chinese military took action against the Martial Arts Alliance, that did not affect Jiang Fei severely.

    Meanwhile, Isabella was still in a stable state. According to 0542's analysis, Bella would be able to sustain herself for at least two months with the Valium supply. Therefore, Jiang Fei did not need to worry about Bella losing her consciousness from the wild energy contained within the Valium.

    After resolving the issue of the Rebirth Egg, Jiang Fei was finally able to relax. When it was four o'clock in the morning in the Winter Islands, Jiang Fei entered the game once again.

    "Ehh?" As soon as Jiang Fei entered the game, he noticed something strange. Akatziris had disappeared!

    Unless Jiang Fei forced her to enter the Pet Space, Akatziris was supposed to be with Jiang Fei at all times. However, not only did Akatziris not show up in front of Jiang Fei, but there was also nothing in the Pet Space.

    "What's going on?" Jiang Fei immediately opened his Attribute Window.

    Unknown error in data!

    Under Jiang Fei's pet attribute, four words had appeared where Akatziris' name was supposed to be located.

    "Is there a bug?" Jiang Fei asked with a look of confusion.

    Jiang Fei's frown deepened. He had an inkling that it was not a simple bug in the game. Prior to this, there had been the disappearances of the Dragon God and also the Divine Light God. Now, it was Akatziris' turn to disappear. There must be some kind of connection between these disappearances.

    "What is going on here?" Jiang Fei began to enter a state of deep thought. The only possibility he could think of was that the military had extracted these NPCs to be used as man-made souls to control Supreme Androids.

    However, Jiang Fei did not think that was very likely. According to 0541's previous description, these data points had not even met the lowest requirements of man-made souls. In particular, 0541 had even claimed that Akatziris was completely out of the league for them to cultivate. That meant that Akatziris' data points were even lesser than the members of the Saint's Guard.

    "If these data points were unreliable, why would the military extract them?" Jiang Fei felt as if his mind was about to explode. However, he still could not figure it out.

    Nevermind. I'll ask 0542 about this tomorrow. I hope it has some useful information!" Jiang Fei knew that he would not be able to reach a conclusion on his own.

    Although Jiang Fei did not normally care about Akatziris' presence, he suddenly felt lonely without her around.

    As the saying goes, one would normally only miss something or someone after they were gone.

    However, Jiang Fei was not bothered by that for too long. Very soon, Jiang Fei was informed about the discovery of a Cultist Overlord's location.

    This time, the information was not provided by Smart Tomato. Instead, it was from Happy Drunk.

    As Jiang Fei had helped Happy Drunk and the rest by defeating two Overlords yesterday without taking any of the items dropped, Happy Drunk willingly provided Jiang Fei with the location of one of the Cultist monsters which happened to be an Overlord.

    "Come on! Let's test my luck!" Jiang Fei took in a deep breath as he rode his Skygliding Dragon towards the location.

    An Overlord was an easy target for Jiang Fei. Jiang Fei was able to easily annihilate the monster by summoning his Soulcutter.

    Ding! You have eliminated Cultist Forge Master! Obtained 25,620,000 Experience Points, 500 gold coins!

    "You must have it!" Jiang Fei walked over to the corpse. Based on the name of the monster itself, Jiang Fei was very confident that it would drop the Original Fel Iron Bar.

    "Haha! I knew it!" Indeed, Jiang Fei was able to find the ingredient he wanted from the pile of equipment dropped.

    As the Cultist Forge Master, the monster would definitely carry the Original Fel Iron Bar with it. Although this ingredient had a very low drop rate, Jiang Fei still had the Cauldron of Luck which allowed him to ignore drop rates and find the item he wanted.
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