1041 Deadly Gobi

    After the two Celestial bosses were killed, Lucifer came to Miluya's side. He ruffled the little loli's hair affectionately, then looked back at Jiang Fei. Lucifer's deep eyes held some indescribable emotions. Then, the black light around him began to converge. Eventually, the black light dissipated and Lucifer disappeared.

    "Hmph! He's always like this!" Miluya stomped her foot and huffed.

    "That's your big brother?" Jiang Fei asked. Lucifer's strength had exceeded his imagination.

    "Yeah. He always rushes to me whenever I call for him, then leaves in a hurry. He never plays with me!" Miluya pouted.

    "No wonder those Overlord bosses were so scared of you..." Now, Jiang Fei finally understood why those Hellfire Apes ran away as if they had seen a ghost as soon as they saw the little loli. A Celestial boss had been destroyed by Lucifer so easily. Those Overlord Hellfire Apes were probably brutally massacred!

    "Okay, let's go!" Jiang Fei pulled himself together. Now that the danger was gone, he had to continue with his journey.

    Although the little loli Miluya had become Jiang Fei's bodyguard, the most crucial problem had not been solved.

    As it was his first time here, Jiang Fei did not know anything about the Celestial Realm. Although Miluya had been in the Celestial Realm for a long time, she had no sense of direction. So, this little guide was extremely unreliable.

    Hence, Jiang Fei's top priority now was to look for a local female NPC to lead the way. Otherwise, the Ancient Gods would probably begin a massive invasion before he even manage to find the Central Altar.

    "Sure! Let's go! Miluya! Luya! Luya! Luya..." The little loli chanted joyfully, then ran forward and took the lead. She was obviously not traumatized by that near-death experience at all.

    "Miluya, slow do..." Before Jiang Fei could finish his words, the little loli was out of sight. She was after all as fast as Jiang Fei when he carried the Cauldron of Agility. In his current state, Jiang Fei could not catch up with her at all.

    Sigh! Jiang Fei could only follow the path slowly. Fortunately, even though Miluya was out of sight, there was only one path here, so he would not get lost.

    About twenty minutes later, Jiang Fei walked out of the mountainous area. There was more of the endless plains in front of him. However, it was not like a vast expanse of fertile land that could be found in the Overworld. Instead, it was an endless desert!

    "The environment in the Celestial Realm is really harsh!" Jiang Fei glanced at his minimap. This place was called "Deadly Gobi."

    "Miluya! Luyaluyaluya..." Jiang Fei heard Miluya's pleasant voice once again. The little loli had run back to him from afar. She ran so fast that smoke had risen behind her. Jiang Fei could not help but admire her energy.

    "Big brother, this desert is really big!" Miluya arrived beside Jiang Fei and held his hand.

    "Have you been here before?" Jiang Fei asked. If Miluya happened to remember the way, it would be great. If she did not, however, it was going to be troublesome. After all, deserts were not like canyons. In this huge Gobi Desert, it was normal to get lost.

    "Yes!" Miluya nodded seriously.

    "Do you remember how to get out of here?" Jiang Fei's feelings turned positive.

    "I forgot!" Miluya's words completely ruined all hopes that had just ignited within Jiang Fei seconds ago.

    Sigh! As expected, she's unreliable! Jiang Fei sighed. Now, there was no one to lead the way and his minimap was not working. So, it would be very difficult for him to get out of the Gobi Desert.

    "Big brother, where are we going next?" Miluya looked up at Jiang Fei. Playing with Jiang Fei made her very happy. After all, her brother and sister were always not around, so Miluya was always alone. It was difficult to find someone to play with her, so she cherished Jiang Fei very much.

    "Let's get out of this desert first..." Jiang Fei shook his head, then continued to move forward.

    Although Jiang Fei tried to walk in a straight line, there was nothing in the huge Gobi Desert that he could use as a reference. So, it was easy for anyone to start walking in circles unknowingly. Jiang Fei and Miluya were no exception. After two hours, Jiang Fei had no idea where they were.

    "D*mn!" Jiang Fei cursed. They were completely lost. Although there was no need to worry about food and water supply in the game, loss of direction would delay his journey to destroy the Central Altar.

    When the game time was over for the day, Jiang Fei and Miluya were still walking in circles in the Desert and could not find their way out.

    When Jiang Fei left the game, it was already noon in Winter Islands. At that time, he was still at leisure, so no one cared even though he woke up at noon. 0542's energy extraction was still going on. In the meantime, Jiang Fei could not do anything as he did not have enough energy to activate the super-radar.

    After spending the day with his family, Jiang Fei re-entered the game at four o'clock in the morning. Although the time difference made it somewhat troublesome for Jiang Fei to enter the game, it was not that big of a problem.

    "Big brother, it seems like we're running around in circles!" After another four or five hours of trekking, even the little loli felt strange.

    "Yeah." Jiang Fei sighed. If they went on like this, the War of the Heavens would probably be over before he got out of this Gobi Desert.

    "Why are there no monsters at all?" After they walked for a little while more, Jiang Fei complained in frustration. Ever since they entered the Gobi Desert yesterday, they had not encountered anything.

    However, Jiang Fei had clearly forgotten something. The little loli Miluya had come here before. She was tiny and cute. Which monster would not want a bite? However, the consequences of bullying this little loli were horrifying. Jiang Fei had seen it with his own eyes. So, why would he hope for monsters to appear when Miluya was stepping into the Gobi Desert once again? Isn't that nonsensical? These monsters had fled as far as they could!

    If Jiang Fei had a radar function, he would have realized this. Wherever he and Miluya were, the area within a few kilometers radius from them would become an empty zone. As soon as the both of them moved closer, the monsters immediately ran away. The monsters would only return to their original spots once the both of them were gone. So, Jiang Fei was simply delusional if he thought that he could look for someone to ask for directions.

    After a few hours of internal chaos in the Gobi Desert, the goddess of luck had finally blessed Jiang Fei. Miluya suddenly remembered the way out!

    "Big brother, I remember it now! I know how to get out of this place!" Miluya said as she pointed at a withered desert pine tree. The last time she came, she passed by this tree.

    "Really?" Jiang Fei rejoiced. In the absence of other guides, he could only choose to believe this unreliable girl who had no sense of direction.
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