1045 Power of the Gods

    "Come on, we're almost there!" Jiang Fei called out to Miluya while swimming desperately toward the shore.

    Just then, a huge ripple formed on the surface of the water next to Jiang Fei. At the next moment, two tentacle-like roots wrapped around him and Miluya!

    "What is this?!" Jiang Fei tried to break free, but the roots were extremely tough. The Soulcutter was still recovering, so there was no way he could break the roots with the sword.

    "Ahh! What is this thing? It's so annoying!" Miluya who was also trapped in the roots kept screaming.


    The roots that had trapped Jiang Fei and Miluya quickly retracted, pulling them together. However, instead of pulling them toward the bottom of the lake, the roots appeared to be headed toward the island.

    "This tree root..." After calming down, Jiang Fei looked the roots that they were entangled in. Then, he looked back at the giant tree behind him. He somewhat figured out what was going on.

    "Ahh! Let me go!" Miluya continued to struggle, screaming in dissatisfaction.

    It seems like we have to count on Lucifer to save us again this time, but this giant tree seems pretty hard to deal with, he thought. Jiang Fei could not move at all, so he could not fight back. He could only hope that the little loli would get injured, so that she would summon Lucifer for help.

    In just a short time, Jiang Fei and Miluya were pulled to the front of the giant tree, trapped by its roots.

    "This thing is really a cannibal..." Jiang Fei looked down and saw a pile of bones beneath him. Obviously, these were leftover bones of creatures that had been captured and eaten by the giant tree.

    "Big brother, I'm so scared!" Miluya cried.

    "F*ck, isn't this the birthplace of life? Why do I feel like this place is more like a place of extinction?" Jiang Fei got very annoyed.

    From the pile of bones beneath him, Jiang Fei could tell that this giant tree had almost caught all the living creatures that could be captured in the entire forest. Other than those extremely fast Hummingbirds that could escape with their speed, there was no other living thing in the entire Birthplace!




    A string of damage figures started to appear above Jiang Fei's head. At the same time, he realized that the roots wrapped around him had begun to secrete some sort of mucus. It seemed like this mucus was digesting him.

    However, Miluya had not been affected. Or, it should be said that the giant tree was not in a hurry to eat her. Instead, it was focused on digesting Jiang Fei first.

    "Miluya, ask your brother for help!" Jiang Fei shouted. As he was being suppressed by the roots of the giant tree, he could not fight back.

    "No, my brother and sister will only show up when I'm in danger..." Miluya said tearfully. She did not have an active skill to summon her brother and sister. They would only be passively summoned whenever she was injured.

    "This is all your fault!" Jiang Fei felt miserable. If this little girl had not lied to him and made him come to Birthplace, he would not have been caught in such misfortune.

    As time went by, Jiang Fei's Health Points continued to decrease. Without the additional attributes from the Cauldron of Spirit, Jiang Fei did not have godly self-recovery anymore.


    Following a crisp sound, the Token of the God of Crafts activated and Jiang Fei's Undying Aegis was triggered. However, this only delayed Jiang Fei's death by a little.

    "D*mn it! I can't sit here and await my death! Here goes nothing!" As Miluya could do nothing to help, Jiang Fei finally decided that he had to do something.

    As he was suppressed by the roots, Jiang Fei could not perform any action that required his hands. Moreover, with the Soulcutter still recovering, the only thing he could do was craft something!

    After he was promoted to Beginner God of Crafts, Jiang Fei no longer needed any supporting equipment such as an Anvil or Blacksmith Hammer to craft things. Now, he could craft things with his mind. Moreover, players could take things out of their backpacks with thought. So, Jiang Fei planned to craft the Dream Crystal Ring in advance, and use the power of the Gods to stop his giant tree!

    Ou Yezi had planned to let Jiang Fei use the power of the Gods to destroy the Central Altar. Should Jiang Fei die here, he would be kicked out of the Celestial Realm. If that was the case, he would definitely not be able to destroy the Altar. So, as he was now trapped in such a bad situation, he had to improvise and adapt to overcome it.


    A bunch of materials was taken out of Jiang Fei's backpack and they hovered in front of him.

    "Wow! So magical!" It instantly drew Miluya's attention.

    "Let's begin!" Jiang Fei took a deep breath.

    With Jiang Fei's spiritual guidance, the Original Fel Iron Bars began to melt slowly, turning into a golden molten metal. The molten metal hovered in the air and looked extremely magical.

    Slowly, as Jiang Fei continued forging, the golden molten metal converged into the shape of a ring, then solidified. During the solidification process, several fine carvings were engraved on the ring.


    Under the pressure coming from Jiang Fei's mind, the five different crystals exploded into crystal powder. Then, the crystal powder merged to form a piece of jewel. This jewel was then embedded in the metal ring that had just solidified.

    "Come on! It's time for the final synthesis!" Jiang Fei's heart pounded. At the same time, he began to pressurize Tara's Heart with his mental power!

    Thump thump... thump thump...

    Tara's Heart started to beat again and fresh red blood flowed out of it. Then, it wrapped around the Dream Crystal and the previously completed ring.

    "Fuse!" Following Jiang Fei's command, blood strings tugged at the Dream Crystal and it embedded into the jewel. The Dream Crystal Ring was almost complete!

    "The last step!" Jiang Fei's eyes sparkled. He knew that it was time to capture Radiants. Whether or not his crafting could be completed depended on how many Radiants he captured. It would also determine whether or not this Ring would be an Ascended Equipment!

    Whoosh whoosh whoosh...

    Streams of light flashed before Jiang Fei. He was taking his time because he knew that he only had one chance. If he failed, he would lose the chance to become a God.

    "Now!" Nobody knew how much time had passed. Jiang Fei patiently waited until a mass of light flashed before him.


    Jiang Fei forced all his mental strength, capturing Nonuple Radiant onto the Ring!


    Lustrous starlight shone down from the sky. Under the starlight, the Dream Crystal Ring glistened and gleamed with dazzling light!

    When the light faded, a golden dragon came out of the Dream Crystal Ring and ascended into the sky at high speed. After the golden dragon flew around in circles for a while, it returned to the Ring!

    "Ding! You have successfully crafted the Dream Crystal Ring! God of Crafts Experience +100,000!"

    "Ding! You are now qualified to be promoted into a God of Crafts. Please be ready to accept the ablution of the Gods. In thirty seconds, the power of the Gods will befall!"
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