1046 If the Sky Collapsed


    Jiang Fei had been very focused on forging, but the system prompts snapped him out of it. He only had less than 5,000 Health Points left. However, they continued to decrease!

    Panicking, Jiang Fei quickly kept the Dream Crystal Ring and drank some Potions. To tell the truth, he had not drunk any Potions ever since he obtained the Cauldron of Spirit. It did give him godly self-recovery after all. The healing effect of Potions was totally insignificant compared to that.

    Jiang Fei drank a bottle of Super Vitality Potion and recovered fifty percent of his total Health Points. As he now had more than 100,000 Health Points, he did not have to worry about dying.

    "Big brother, are you okay?" Miluya showed some concern.

    "I'm fine. Can you escape?" Jiang Fei frowned. His godly powers were about to come and Miluya was obviously within the danger range.

    "Miluya can't escape too..." The little loli replied tearfully.

    "Then you can only count on your brother and sister to save you." Jiang Fei sighed. His godly powers were coming soon and he was not able to stop it. He would not stop it even if he could. After all, this was the only way he could stop this giant tree!


    A gust of wind came. The next moment, the sky darkened. A huge amount of dark clouds appeared out of nowhere and gathered above Jiang Fei's head, immediately depressing the atmosphere.

    How am I supposed to survive the power of the Gods? Drink Potions? He thought. Jiang Fei did not get any useful information about the power of the Gods from Ou Yezi. Therefore, he felt anxious looking at the dark clouds that continued to accumulate,


    Just as Jiang Fei was worrying about how he was going to fight against the power of the Gods, he felt the giant tree behind him shaking!

    "What's going on? Am I imagining things? No, I'm in a game, I can't be imagining things." Jiang Fei felt strange. This tree was very powerful, but it was obviously not an NPC with intelligence. It was not even an NPC because Jiang Fei who was a player could not see its name at all. So, it should not be able to have emotions and feel fear.

    Rumble rumble...

    All of a sudden, the roots that were wrapped around Jiang Fei loosened and he instantly regained his freedom. However, the little loli was still trapped at the root of the giant tree's trunk.

    "Big brother, save me!" Miluya shouted.

    "Mmm!" Jiang Fei pulled out the Soulcutter and rushed over. He tried to break the tree vines that trapped Miluya.


    Several vines suddenly blocked Jiang Fei's way. However, it seemed like these vines were unwilling to touch Jiang Fei. Instead, they tried to push Jiang Fei further away. It felt like the giant tree was considering abandoning Jiang Fei.

    "Now you want me to go? No way!" Jiang Fei knew what was going on. If he did not stay near this giant tree and let the power of the Gods destroy it, it would be over for him. Regardless of whether or not he became a God, after the attack of the Gods was over, he would be no match for this giant tree!

    Crack crack...

    Jiang Fei danced with the Soulcutter in his hand and quickly cut through the vines in front of him. However, he discovered that Miluya who was originally not that far away from him had disappeared.

    "Ah! Big brother, save me!" Miluya's cry for help could be heard from a distance. The tree vines had sneakily moved her away.

    "I'm com..." Before Jiang Fei could finish his sentence, his countdown was over!


    Thunder struck and Jiang Fei was immediately hit!


    The first strike did not deal that much damage. Although Jiang Fei did not have full Health Points, he was still alive after the attack!



    Jiang Fei hurriedly drank another bottle of Recovery Potion. Although it was also a high-Grade potion, the effect of these types of Recovery Potions was not so immediate.

    F*ck! Now it really depends on luck! Jiang Fei thought to himself. At this time, his Undying Aegis had already been triggered, and both the Potions he had with him were on cooldown. It could be said that he had no other means of recovery anymore.


    Thunder struck again. This time, however, no damage figure appeared above Jiang Fei's head because it struck the giant tree!

    "Hahaha! As expected, if the sky collapses, the tall ones would get hit first!" Jiang Fei looked up and was overjoyed.

    Since Jiang Fei was the one who called for the power of the Gods, the first thunder would definitely strike him. There was no room for negotiation. However, the attacks after the first thunder would no longer lock on a fixed target. Any creature under the cloud would be a target of the lightning strikes.

    With the giant tree standing tens of thousands of meters tall, it was a natural lightning rod. After the first strike, almost all the lightning strikes after hit the giant tree.

    Jiang Fei looked up and realized that a thunderstorm had broken out. Golden-red lightning fluttered back and forth like a dragon. The originally dense forest filled with tree crowns was being destroyed!

    The power of the Gods had a very strange feature. The stronger its opponent, the stronger it would become. Its purpose was to prevent one from becoming a God. Its mission was to kill you, no matter how strong you were!

    Therefore, although this giant tree was way stronger than Jiang Fei, when it easily resisted the attack of the Gods, the power of the Gods began to increase!

    In just a few seconds, the thunder's intensity went from ordinary to advanced, then to the power level of an Intermediate Celestial, High Celestial, Supreme Celestial, and finally reached the level of a World Destroying Celestial.

    Obviously, the power of the Gods also had bad temper. It was clearly angry at this giant tree. Now, it had to destroy this giant tree no matter what.

    Fortunately, all the lightning strikes were taken by the giant tree, which acted as a lightning rod. Otherwise, a tiny being like Jiang Fei would directly turn into ashes upon being hit.

    Boom boom...

    Thunder continued to strike. Although the strength of this giant tree was unfathomable, it was clearly withering under the attacks. The tree crown that was originally tens of thousands of meters tall had disappeared. Even the height of the trunk had been cut down by almost a quarter!


    When Jiang Fei looked up again, a black figure suddenly fell from the sky, about to hit him. His immediate reaction was to dodge, so the black figure fell to the ground.

    "Ahh!" It was none other than Miluya. The next moment, she started crying uncontrollably. Nobody knew whether she was crying because she was in pain, or because she was too frightened.

    Boom boom...

    The lightning strikes continued. The giant tree was clearly about to be destroyed. Its trunk that was originally tens of thousands of meters tall was now only seven or eight thousand meters tall and it was still shortening continuously. Many parts of its trunk had been blasted broken. It seemed like it would not take long for the giant tree to completely disappear.

    "This is bad!" Jiang Fei's brows furrowed. Although it would be great if the giant tree was destroyed, it would be his turn to enjoy the lightning strikes once it was gone. Considering the thunder's intensity, even someone as strong as Lucifer would probably be killed!
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