1049 Activating the Radar System

    The tree roared, shaking about violently, trying to shake away the light orbs that were causing its withering. However, the light orbs that were constantly appearing at an alarming rate, could not be affected by anything the tree did. No matter how many times did the tree tried to shake it off, or attacking them with vines, or even light attacks from the main tree itself, the entire process had started and there was nothing the tree could do so stop it.

    While still being bound, Jiang Fei calmed down and stopped trying to lose himself. The tree was obviously frantically trying to deal with the light orbs. However, 20 seconds into the Death's Decree, the tree stopped moving abruptly and focused on attacking everyone.

    Countless of vines were whipped out, attacking everyone including Jiang Fei. Fortunately, Jiang Fei was positioned behind Micheal and Lucifer. They had only taken two hits from the vine before they started to stagger backwards. The holy lights that they were giving off fades off, indicating a weakened state.

    "Oh no!"

    Jiang Fei had already exhausted Shadow Barrier use count. What else could he rely on to fight against a boss over 300 Level? It was like a David versus Goliath scenario, except Goliath was 100 times more powerful!

    Bracing for the incoming attacks, Jiang Fei readied himself and was prepared to evade . However, when an attack came to Jiang Fei, he noticed cracks appearing all along the vines, extending as far as the truck of the tree itself! The vines stopped, and so did the tree itself. At that moment, 40 seconds was up. The entire tree was petrified, turning from its natural dark-brown color into a shade of grey.

    Azazel moved forward, tapped on one of the petrified branches, causing the entire tree to dust away. Its gigantic body crumbles into dust before being blown by a subtle breeze.


    The vines that were wrapping around Jiang Fei broke down to dust, releasing him from a certain death. The boss had realized that there was nothing it could do to release itself from the curse, hence, before dying off, it tried to drag everyone down with it. Fortunately for Jiang Fei and the other, the tree did not have enough time left.

    Jiang Fei did not need to do anything; a cool breeze blew by, sweeping away all the dust that had settled to the ground. With just one sweep, the remains of the once Level 300 bos was gone.

    "What a shame..." Jiang Fei sighed lamentingly. That was a Level 300 boss, the Mother of the World, Vastasa. How knows just how long did the tree had existed... However, one thing was for sure, there was no living being in the entire "Dawn Break" world could defeat that boss. Not even the strongest Celestial.

    However, whatever that lives, will die eventually. Theoretically speaking, the Mother of the World could not be defeated by anything in the game yet... a little loli, whose existence plague Jiang Fei's understanding, killed it in a form which only makes things more confusing.

    Just then, Jiang Fei turned around. The Angel of Death, Azazel was missing. Even the other two Archangels, Micheal and Lucifer, was gone.

    Panicked, Jiang Fei started to look all around for the little girl. After going through ruins that were destroyed by a shower of lightning strikes, Jiang Fei found the poor little girl, cowering below the roots of a large tree.

    "Miluya! Are you alright--"

    Jiang Fei rushed over to make sure she was fine but when he was close enough, he stopped. The girl was covered in dirt and minor cuts. She was fine, merely unconscious. At that moment, there was something inside Jiang Fei warning him not to approach the girl. Somehow... Jiang Fei could not shake the feeling that the girl would do no harm to him, even though this mysterious little girl possess three Archangels inside her.

    The result of killing the Mother of the World was... nothing. Killing the boss did nothing for Jiang Fei for it did not drop anything. Even so, Jiang Fei was grateful for still being alive after the entire ordeal.

    "Ah. I haven't checked my new stats and God's Ring!" Jiang Fei cried excitedly. Even though the Level 300 boss did not dropped anything, he did obtained reward from reaching the Celestial tier and crafting. The reason he did not check his rewards was due to the spur of the moment.

    Just as he called out the inventory window, everything turned black. Jiang Fei had failed to notice the 30 seconds countdown timer that was put up by the server.

    After being kicked out of the game, Jiang Fei returned to the real world and was welcomed with a bright ray of sunshine. Due to the difference in timezone, it was around 10am then in Winter Islands. With no reason to continue lying on the bed, Jiang Fei cleaned himself and went to find Han Tianyu after. Han Tianyu informed Jiang Fei that a few smaller martial artists sect had decided to accept Jiang Fei's offer to move into the Winter Islands.

    These smaller sects could not put up a fight, unlike the other top tier sects. Fleets of Android soldier were posted outside their sect territory, trapping them inside. At first, they were able to hold them off for a while but when supplies ran out, they had to move before they would starve to death. Although they were reluctant at first, they quickly accepted Jiang Fei's offer to move to Winter Islands.

    "I'll leave you to it," said Jiang Fei, shrugging it off as if it matters not to him. The island group, that is the Winter Islands, consists of many smaller islands that was currently inhabited. Sects that had moved there could choose whichever island they want to settle in. Depending on the number of followers they had, to be frank, not many left, they could choose the size of the island to fit their needs.

    "I have prepared everything now. We could even fit the entire martial artists alliance!" said Han Tianyu. Unbeknownst to Jiang Fei, Han Tianyu had went a little overboard. He had made enough accommodation and supplies, enough to house all of the martial artists in China. It was a spur of the moment in which he did it eventually. Even though Winter Islands was more than prepared to house all the martial artists in China, Han Tianyu would still need Jiang Fei's verbal permission to invite all of them in.

    Having surrendering anything that had to do with the martial artist alliance Jiang Fei headed back to his house to greet his family. There was nothing else for him for him to do at the moment since the Rebirth Egg was still being converted into energy and the game server was still down.

    After two days of peace, 0542 reported good news.

    "Captain, the Rebirth Egg has been fully converted into energy. We have enough power to activate the radar system!" said 0542. Jiang Fei had gotten used to 0542's flat tone. Hence, he would know if there was a sudden change. This time, when 0542 reported the good news, Jiang Fei could feel a subtle feeling of excitement from 0542. It would make sense if 0542 had evolved, just like 0542 did. It might still be a far journey but it was a good start.

    "Activated the radar system and start scanning the entire Earth!" Jiang Fei ordered. Excited, Jiang Fei was hoping to discover the location of the Main Engine room. Once he had that in hand, many of the problems he had now could be solved.

    "Command confirmed!"

    Once the order was received, the radar system inside the ring's spatial dimension turned on. Powerful wave of detection pulses was released, encompassing the entire globe.

    "Captain, radar system has entered the first phase. I had detected 15 points of interest. E.T.A 120 hours for detailed analysis report," said 0542 after 30 minutes.
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