1050 The Half of a Transport Shuttle

    "Map!" Jiang Fei gleefully ordered. Even though the detailed report would only be available after 5 days, he already had 15 possible locations that housed Braveheart's ship fragment.

    "Yes, captain."

    Following the order, the ring projected a 3D hologram in front of Jiang Fei. As 0542 reported, there were 15 highlighted points.

    "This... this... and this... remove them please," said Jiang Fei hovering his finger on two locations which he knew and wanted to eliminate.

    One of the two points was the city center in China, the place where Jiang Fei had visited before. It was an underground military installation. That was the main research center of the Supreme Android Project. With over 80% of all the nation's electric power diverted there, the place would give off a powerful electrical pulse which made the radar system detect it as a possible point of interest.

    Besides the secret underground facility, the remaining two locations removed were Soaring Cloud Sect and Rainbow Longsword Sect. That was three locations in China. After rotating and examining the holographic globe, Jiang Fei removed two more locations in Europe. One of them was the headquarters of the European Church and the other was the lair of the Lycans.

    In North America, Jiang Fei removed the headquarters of the Mutant Brotherhood as well as the Uranium mines in Canada. Additionally, he had also removed the Uranium mines in Australia. All in all, Jiang Fei had removed a total of 8 possible points of interest.

    "7 left..."

    Jiang Fei sat down and started to think. Of all seven possible points, which should he start to investigate first.

    "Let's go South!" cried Jiang Fei. The South, which Jiang Fei spoke, was the South pole. Going there first would be easy since Ariel had been there and could easily teleport them. At first, Jiang Fei wanted to go with Ariel alone but Isabella had insisted on tagging along. Caving into Isabella's relentless persuasion, he brought her along.

    With a blink of an eye, Ariel teleported all three of them to the South Pole. With 0542 providing the exact coordinates, everyone treaded through the thick snow in a straight line without the need to turn.

    "Captain, we have arrived at the location."

    "Good, start digging!"

    Instead of literally digging, Jiang Fei glance to Ariel and gave her a nod. Ariel understood what it meant and nodded back.

    There was the excavator that Jiang Fei could use to dig through the ice but its efficiency could not be compared to a Level 5 master. Isabella offered to help but Jiang Fei stopped her. He was too worried about Isabella's current condition and would not allow Isabella to use her powers unless absolutely necessary.

    Isabella was living off the Valium and her status was incredibly unstable. Based on 0542's analysis, Isabella's condition would worsen if she used power. The more she relied on Valium to fight, the worse it would be for her since the Power of Berserk would corrupt her conscience.

    Ariel squatted down and stabbed her little finger into the hard ice. She injected a small amount of energy into her fingers. As more energy was focused into her fingers beneath the ice, the surrounding area became to steam up. Ice that was around Ariel sublimated instantly.

    "Hnng!" Ariel grunted softly as she released all the energy that was focused on her fingertips beneath the ice.

    It was an instant. A cylindrical shaped hole formed immediately beneath her. The hole was at least 5 meters wide and approximately tens of meters down. Ariel, floating in the air, descended to the bottom and repeated the same action over and over again. Not long later, Ariel had dug deeper into the ice and by the time she was close to the source of the power, Jiang Fei leaped down into the hole.

    "Let's change," said Jiang Fei, relieving Ariel from digging duty. Although she could dig faster and deeper with every blast of power, Jiang Fei stopped her nonetheless since she might accidentally destroy something that should not be destroyed.

    Jiang Fei took out the Chengying Sword and infused Origin Force into the blade. With strength, Jiang Fei began to dance, craving up ice into tiny fragments. Ariel remained by his side to sublimate all the broken ice pieces to free up empty space in that small hole.

    38 minutes later, when Jiang Fei finally started to pant for breath, 0542 chimed in with a report.

    "Captain, we are very close to the target. Please slow down."

    Jiang Fei nodded and slowed his movement down. Not 5 minutes later, Jiang Fei could see a familiar silvery hue from deep beneath the ice.

    "Yes!" Jiang Fei cried out gleefully. The silver-metallic color was proof that the ship fragment was there.

    "0542, have you establish a connection with the ship's fragment?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "Yes, captain. This is not part of Braveheart but a destroyed Transport Shuttle," 0542 replied.

    To be honest, Jiang Fei was greatly disappointed when 0542 declared it was not part of Braveheart but merely a Transport Shuttle. But the last time he remembered about Transport Shuttles was the discovery of Energy Crystals! The shuttle itself might not be useful but its content might be extremely valuable!

    "Captain. I'm sorry to disappoint but this shuttle is severely damaged. I suspect that most of the cargo that its carrying might also be..."

    0542 had already linked to the shuttle's computer and knew its condition as well as its content.

    "Finish that statement," said Jiang Fei, bracing for bad news.

    "See for yourself," said 0542. Instead of having Jiang Fei to continue digging into the ice, 0542 projected an overlay hologram that highlight the entire shuttle ship beneath him. The condition of the shuttle was indeed severe. The hull of the ship was so damaged to the point it could not be considered as a transport shuttle. Worse, half of the ship was missing. If the ship was broken in half, most or all of the cargo inside the shuttle would inevitably be lost. Currently, the ship's storage compartment contained several thousand Energy Crystals and a few alien materials. It was a far cry from the Transport Shuttle that Jiang Fei had found a long time ago.

    "What a blunder... Oh well, at least I'm not going back empty-handed," said Jiang Fei. The haul was not luxurious but Jiang Fei was contented nevertheless. There were still seven other possible points of interest that he could still investigate! Jiang Fei believed in his luck but he never expected it to be so overwhelming that he could strike the lottery with just a single ticket.

    Ignoring his current findings, Jiang Fei dug slightly further until the ring could absorb the entire shuttle.

    "Next location!" Jiang Fei cried, forcing himself to feel motivated even though the first haul was rather disappointing.

    "Where are we going next?" Ariel asked.


    Jiang Fei chose Africa to be the next location since it was the closest location compared to the others.

    Ariel and Isabella nodded with excitement and followed Jiang Fei on the giant sword. Jiang Fei had visited Africa once. That was when he was still a greenhorn. It was during a cooperative rendezvous with Han Tianyu. Now, Jiang Fei was far stronger than before. Not to mention, he had two powerful "girlfriends" protecting him! If that was not reassuring, nothing else would.
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