1051 Level 5 Metahuman, Invincible No More

    After a few hours of flying, all three of them arrived in the Southern region of Africa. The place was so huge and all Jiang Fei could see was its green lush. It was so peaceful and quiet that one could even forget that humanity once existed. Sounds of animals and insects filled the air-everything that could be seen, heard, felt, and smelled there was natural. Because the place was not "contaminated" by humanity, it thrived with all sorts of flora and fauna. It was a good place for something to remain hidden-something like Braveheart's ship fragment.

    Based on 0542's direction, Jiang Fei, Ariel, and Isabella flew over the lush greens. However, before they were even close to the target destination, Isabella frowned and nudged Jiang Fei.

    "We are trespassing into someone else's territory," Isabella said, clearly trying her best to resist the maddening urge to go berserk.

    "I see," Jiang Fei hummed. He did not expect anyone to have already been discovered by others. From the looks of Isabella's sudden changes, Jiang Fei could easily determine that "someone" was not from the indigenous African tribes.

    "0542, scan the area and check if there are any Level 5 Metahumans here," said Jiang Fei as he stopped flying. Isabelle was more than capable of killing a Level 5 Metahuman but doing so would trigger the Power of Berserk. He did not want to worsen her condition any further by letting her fight.

    "Yes, captain."

    Following Jiang Fei's command, 0542 sent out detection waves. Initially, 0542 was able to detect 15 possible points of interest. It used a method of detecting energy spikes around the globe. It could originate from a Level 5 Metahuman or a ship fragment, or even radiation from a large Uranium mine.

    It was without a doubt that there were more than 15 Metahumans on Earth. Early detection by the radar system had only managed to detect faint signals of their energy signatures and not enough to properly trigger a detection. If they truly wanted to stay invisible, they would only need to stop using their powers, just like what Isabella was doing. If so, 0542 could never detect their presence unless it invested a large amount of energy. However so, 5 days later, the radar system would finish the thorough scanning and detect all Level 5 Metahumans and their unique energy signatures.

    15 minutes later, 0542 finished its scanning. A thorough scan of a small area would not consume a lot of energy.

    "Captain. I have detected two Level 5 Metahumans. One of them is badly injured while the other is unharmed. Besides them, I am detecting unknown energy signatures. I cannot determine who or what they are unless I have 10 hours to thoroughly scan and process the energy signatures."

    "Unknown signal?"

    Jiang Fei snorted. He was worried about the two Level 5 Metahumans and not so much about the unknowns.

    An injured Level 5 Metahuman could indicate a ferocious battle. If there was a fight, being a pseudo Level 5, Ariel could not outmatch either of them. As for Isabella... Jiang Fei cringed immediately when he remembered how Isabella reacted with the Valium in her hand. It was a risk that he dared not take.

    Right now, without the Main Engine room, Jiang Fei could never properly cure Isabella's unique condition. He could not even be sure that if she got into a fight, she would be able to return to normal.

    "F*ck it, let's leave those two alone," said Jiang Fei, disappointed. Although the unknown signature could possibly be a part of Braveheart, Jiang Fei dared not take the risk to investigate. He rather let it slide then have Isabella engaged in a fight.

    "Sigh... when I can grasp the Power of the Conqueror..."

    Jiang Fei sighed even louder which prompted both Isabella and Ariel to noticed although they could not do anything about it. Triggering the moment to grasp the power of Conqueror was not easy, much less to properly grasp the power itself.

    "0542, find me the next closest point of interest," Jiang Fei ordered before controlling the hoverboard to fly.

    "Yes, captain."

    The next point of interest was located in the same country of Africa but was right across the entire country, towards the North. More specifically, the Sahara Desert.


    One hour after Jiang Fei and the others had left...

    "Are they gone?" said a young girl through her teeth as she tried her best to suppress the pain in her shoulder.

    "Yes. It's strange. I thought they were here for this thing but why didn't they come down to snatch it?" said a man, slightly older than the young girl.

    The young girl sat down on the damp cold floor. The two were hiding, deep in a system of underground caverns.

    "Rest. You need it as we are moving away now. This place is compromised. It's not safe to stay here any longer," said the man.

    "That's too bad... Urgh..." the girl groaned before she continued to speak, "I'm going to miss this place. It's been close to a hundred years since we lived here"

    "I agree. This cavern is one of the few places that could properly hide our presence. Unfortunately, them arriving here have proved that this cavern is not safe enough for us."

    The man knelt and shifted himself closer to the young girl.

    "With this stone, your wounds will heal faster than before. We can always come back here when we are stronger since you like it so much."

    The young girl turned to the man and rested her head on his well-honed biceps.

    "That's reassuring..."

    At that moment, when the young girl was about to close her eyes to rest, loud footsteps could be heard at the cave entrance.

    "I don't know about that. This place is filthy! How could you even sleep inside this disgusting place!" cried out a voice that sounded synthesized and robotic.

    Both the young girl and the man used their powers to push themselves up and immediately got into a battle stance.

    "Who are--- What are you?!" cried the man as he failed to trace anything that was biological about them.

    "Mm. It doesn't matter who we are. What matters is our plan! And my plan is to have the two of you to come with us quietly!" said the unknown with the same robotic voice.

    Crack! BOOM!

    The Earth in the great forest split apart and two flashes of light flew out from where the chasm was.


    "Target escaped initial capture attempt."

    "Command. Please deploy the shockwave barrier."

    "Shockwave barrier deploying... Complete."




    The two flashes of light hit something in the air and were immediately sent to the other direction.

    "What the hell is that!" the man roared.

    "It's some sort of barrier, brother!" said the girl as she leaned against her brother.

    The unknowns, cloaked in rags of cloth flew in the sky, towards the two Level 5 Metahumans.

    The younger sister turned around as she noticed there was something coming for them.

    "Who the hell are you! What do you want with us!?" cried the young girl.

    The unknowns remained quiet.

    "Command. Please deploy energy barrier towards targets."

    "Energy barrier deploying..."

    Two beams of light came out of nowhere and hit the two Level 5 Metahumans. The man was prepared to use all that he had to deflect the light beam. However, the unexpected happened. When the light beam was only one meter away from hitting the two, it split into countless pillars before turning into a large barrier that encased the two inside.

    "Brother... This barrier! It's separating us from the outside world!" cried the younger sister, with fear reverberating in her voice.

    "Don't be scared. I'm here to protect you! I shall destroy this annoying thing!" the brother roared.

    Even though he was unable to draw power from the surrounding outside the barrier, he was still able to summon a considerable amount of strength from inside him!

    A Level 5 Metahuman was strong. Besides relying on the power of Conqueror, they were still able to draw energy from the air around them. Depending on the nature of their powers, one can even draw power from space itself to enhance their power beyond their own limits. Right now, the source of power that the two Level 5 Metahuman was drawing from was separated from them.

    "BREAK!" the brother roared and hurled out his fist so fast that several sonic booms were unleashed in that meter range. Unfortunately, as the fists hit the barrier, all forms of kinetic energy were absorbed by the barrier, causing it to slightly rattle a little and not break.

    "The target's strength is commendable. After deducting the amount of energy we used to erect the barrier, the man's punch had generated a total of 3,400 Energy Crystals."

    "We did well. Not only did we managed to capture the Core of Life, but we had also captured two Level 5 Metahumans to be used as Life Energy."

    "Let us waste no time. Capture the two now and bring them in."

    A beam of silvery light was blast off from the forest and encased the light barrier containing the two Level 5 Metahumans. The silver light wrapped itself around the ball barrier and morphed into a cube-like energy barrier.

    "Command. Targets acquired. Requesting wrap transport."

    "Request received. Preparing for transport... Please standby."

    The clouds in the sky opened up and several faint pillars of light came down. After that, the several unknowns and the two Level 5 Metahumans that were encased in the cube prison were disintegrated into millions of particles.

    A few seconds later, the pillar of light faded away, leaving no trace of anyone had ever been in that area.
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