1055 0541’s Message

    Back to the surface of the ice cold waters, Jiang Fei immediately hopped onto the Gigantic Sword and flew away toward the second point of interest.

    Out of the blue, 0542 was alerted of something and made a loud humming sound. When Jiang Fei noticed its sudden change, a barrier was erected around them.

    "What's going on?"

    "I have detected a powerful energy reading. This energy reading unmistakably belongs to apparatus given off by planet Namek's technology!"

    "Is it coming from the second point?"

    "No! It is currently being used! It is functioning at full power!"

    0542's comments made Jiang Fei a little startled as well as scared. Braveheart's fragment would surely be in passive, hibernation mode after crashing on Earth for thousands of years. That would mean someone had already managed to excavate, repair, and turn on parts of the ship. Who else could do that besides Jiang Fei?

    "Find out what is happening!" Jiang Fei roared.

    "Affirmative. Scanning for energy signature..."

    All other search inquiries were temporarily suspended as all search priority was given to locating the signal.

    Five minutes into using the radar system to scan the entire globe, 0542 returned with a report.

    "Captain. The energy reading that I am detected is indeed planet Namek. However, I am also detecting traces of Earth-based technology within the energy reading. Someone had managed to combine and fuse both planets' technologies and they had done so perfectly."

    Jiang Fei got more nervous at this point.

    "What else?" he asked.

    "I have also detected four Machine Lifeforms and one Anti-Gravity Patrol Ship within the vicinity."

    "What the f*ck? Machine Lifeform?"

    Confused, befuddled, and utterly stressed, Jiang Fei was completely thrown off guard when 0542 introduced a new term. He knew about China's military Supreme Android project but he had never heard of Machine Lifeforms. He had thought that China was behind this but when 0542 brought up the Anti-Gravity Patrol Ship, Jiang Fei dropped the possibility that it was China. There was no human nation, group, or individual that could possibly master planet Namek's technology, what more develop a functioning aircraft!

    "Captain, should we mark them as possible hostile targets?" said 0542. Currently, sitting quietly in Jiang Fei's ring was half of the Transport Shuttle. Many of the cargo were destroyed but there were still over a thousand Robot Warriors. These robots must be remotely controlled. Their weapon system is strong enough to take down a single patrol ship.

    "Could you identify the targets?"

    "Impossible. The security encryption is too much for me to decode at this moment."

    "Shit! Could you at least trace them?" Jiang Fei asked. Not knowing who he was dealing with was a great annoyance.

    "Yes. I have traced the signal back to a large Plutonium mine. The radiation given off by all the unstable radioactive material is strong."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "Plutonium.... So, it's not a fragment of the ship. It's highly unlikely that it is the Main Engine room," said Jiang Fei to himself.

    "Alright. Leave them be. There's no need to create conflict when there is none."

    The energy potential of a Plutonium mine is high. Given the time, Jiang Fei would absorb all of them. However, there was a possibility that the targets were merely automatons set to harvest Plutonium. Fighting them would be an unwise decision as they were using planet Namek's technology. It was best to find out everything he could about the targets before actually going against them.

    He had a theory. The users of that machine, although perfected using human technology, would never be an alien. When 0541 was still with Jiang Fei, it had informed him that all of planet Namek's citizens had perished. If they were from Namek, they would never had fused human technology with their own. Why use inferior technology when they had better?

    "Shit! F*ck! Now I have more things to do!"

    Jiang Fei was not having it. Besides finding the Main Engine room, he still had to do some research, possibly even espionage missions in order to find out more about those Machine Lifeforms. It was clear that whoever had managed to crack the secrets of planet Namek's technology was no ordinary force. They must have more than enough fragments of the ship!

    As quietly as possible, Jiang Fei and Ariel left the place via teleportation. After a series of short distance teleportation, the two returned to Winter Islands. It was still early and he still had more than enough time to head to other points of interest. However, even he realized that he needed some time off. The forces that appeared back there were unheard off. How did they manage to keep themselves hidden for so long? The more he thought about them, the more anxious he became.

    "Who the hell are they... How did they manage to understand planet Namek's technology? How long had they had the machine in the first place?"

    That aside, Jiang Fei thought it was best to put it behind him for the moment. Right now, he thought about what Han Tianyu said, about China not allowing the martial artists to leave China. It was odd.

    Technically speaking, the military had always been wary of their existence since they were a group of powerful fighters, capable of posing a threat to the nation. Having them leave the country on their own accord would be the best way. Hence, why would they suddenly change their mind? Were they planning to kill them all instead of letting them go? Then again, this was not a viable action. After the war with the Mutants in Japan, the entire Martial Artist Alliance of China had suffered a large toll. Their numbers dropped by a significant margin that they could no longer be considered as a threat. That aside, if they wanted a war, the civilians of China would be affected. That would be the last thing China wanted.

    "Are they just trying to subdue them and bring them down to their knees?" Jiang Fei simply spouted an idea which he immediately discarded.

    "Urgh. Might as well wait for Han Tianyu to settle this..."

    He lied down on the sofa in the massive living room for a while more before heading over to Isabella's room. After an entire morning of rest, the girl was already looking better. She was calm and her sleeping face was peaceful, graceful like a princess. Jiang Fei could not be more relieved to know that the damage caused by yesterday's random outburst was not too serious.

    After a while, Jiang Fei returned to his own room for a quick bath. Before he could undress, 0542 rang.

    "Captain, I have a message left by the previous support system. It is time for you to receive it."

    "Previous? Did you mean 0541?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "Yes. Before he was sealed away, he had left a message for you. It was scheduled to be revealed to you before the next game update was released."

    That day was the last day before "Dawn Break" reopened its servers.

    "Alright. Play the message."

    "Captain, if you are hearing this, it means I am unable to serve you any longer. If Dawn Break has finally been updated to the "Battle of the Heavens" update patch, please eliminate all NPCs that are Celestial tier and higher. No matter which faction they are from, as long as they are of Celestial tier and higher, you must kill them. Another piece of advice, please treat your current pet better. If not, you must kill her as soon as possible."
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