1056 A Change of Stats

    "Why...?" said Jiang Fei to himself.

    To kill all NPCs that were Celestial tier and higher, even if indiscriminately... that was what 0541 advised. If 0541 had advised him to kill all enemy NPCs, Celestial tier and higher, he would understand. He could do it albeit how difficult it was to achieve. The thing was... 0541 did not say "enemy" but "all". That meant he would need to kill friendly NPCs as well.

    The thought of it alone was hard to digest. NPCs like Ou Yezi and the Nephilim King were extremely helpful to him. Others, such as Poseidon and Sharaz, had helped him on many occasions. No matter how, Jiang Fei could not muster the killing intent to actually raise his sword against them.

    However, 0541 had always thought about Jiang Fei's future when it made any move. On the other hand, playing the game had always been a means to relax. Jiang Fei could not believe that 0541 would suddenly want Jiang Fei to kill all the Celestial tier or higher NPCs. It was hard for him to believe there was a hidden purpose behind that.

    "Baby steps, I suppose... I should try and target the enemies first and cross that bridge when I get to it," said Jiang Fei, giving him a time extension instead of figuring out a real solution.

    It was 4am in the morning, and Jiang Fei who was still pondering the question of why 0541 would suggest committing mass genocide to him entered the game when it started.

    Jiang Fei was in the Birthplace when he came to. The entire area was devastated by lightning strikes. Although it had been three days since he had logged into the game, the little girl was still unconscious at the same place. Time stop after every time the server shut down.

    The NPC boss, Mother of the World, was now dead and did not drop anything for Jiang Fei. In any case, the place was now safe. He found himself a nice spot to sit beside the unconscious girl and started examining his own stats. He had not had any time to check his new skills and stats when he became a Celestial.

    Verdure Glider (High Human, Lower Celestial)

    Level: 100

    Class: God of Craft

    Health Points: 382,464

    Attack Power: 3,495,072

    Skills: Celestial's Strength, Celestial's Stature, Celestial's Authority

    Celestial's Strength: All your attacks are now AoE, dealing full damage to all targets within 10 meters.

    Celestial's Stature: All non-Celestial tier targets will deal 99% reduced damage to you. You will deal 10,000% increased damage to all non-Celestial tier targets.

    Celestial's Authority: Increase 100% on all attributes. Increase maximum level limit to Level 109.

    Being a Level 100, Jiang Fei had indeed increased his tier to Celestial. With it, he had gained three incredibly passive skills.

    Celestial's Strength had made Jiang Fei a walking cannon. All of his attacks would deal AoE damage, even his normal attacks! This made clearing monsters incredibly faster.

    The second passive skill definitely lived up to its name. Celestial's Stature granted Jiang Fei the absolute position against any other players and monsters. That was the true difference between those who were Celestials and those who were not. As long as his enemies did not have special attack attributes such as having Chaos damage or Final Damage skills, Jiang Fei had basically became untouchable to all that was lower than him.

    The third passive skill was nice as it increased Jiang Fei's overall stats as well as his maximum level limit.

    Even though his character had reached Celestial tier, his Profession tier had not. He had to return to the main Overworld and find Ou Yezi to increase his Profession tier.

    After looking through his new-found stats, Jiang Fei checked his inventory and was pleased to see the Celestial's Ring that he had made before.

    Dream Crystal Ring (Ring, Celestial)

    Attack Power +50,000

    All Attributes: +3,000

    Equip: Grants 50% Lifesteal effect to all of your attacks. When your Health Points is full, all absorbed Health Points will be converted into a damage-absorbing barrier. The barrier's maximum health points is your maximum Attack Power. Barrier will disappear after the battle ends.

    Equip: Grants the skill Mirrored Attack. Summons a mirror image behind the target. Mirror image will continue to attack for 5 seconds before disappearing. Mirror image has the same Attack Power, 50% Maximum Health Points, and no Defense properties.

    Equip: Grants the skill Dream Realm. Creates a realm and inflicts Confusion for one minute. Confusion will be dispel once the target receives an attack.

    Note: Dream Realm is a sure-hit skill and would 100% inflict Confusion on any target that is within the area of effect.

    Jiang Fei took off the Merfolks' Vengeance ring off and swapped it for the new ring. The Token of the God of Crafts was strong as it was a Chromatic Evolving Equipment. While it was not stronger than the Merfolks' Vengeance ring, the Rebirth effect was extremely important to Jiang Fei. He had basically been putting himself in danger, courting with the God of Death every time he engaged someone stronger.

    The new Celestial tier ring boosted Jiang Fei's attack and gave a minor boost to his overall stats. To be fair, 3,000 Vitality was considered as god-like to other players. Jiang Fei, on the other hand, had gotten too used to having superior equipment. In his opinion, 3,000 Vitality was just a tiny boost. If he still had the Nine Treasured Cauldrons, he would not even bat an eye at the 3,000 Vitality points boost. However, since he did not have it with him, the 3,000 Vitality points was crucial for his survivability.

    50% Lifesteal effect and the Barrier skill were strong. However, compared to how overwhelmingly powerful Celestial bosses are, those two effects would only prolong his inevitable death unless some deus ex machina appeared again.

    Mirrored Attack was nothing but an attack skill. Strong, but nothing out of the ordinary. The one skill that Jiang Fei had his eyes on was Dream Realm. The skill was the ultimate Crowd-Control skill that would disable the enemy for one minute as long as Jiang Fei did not engage. With that skill, Jiang Fei might have a chance to run away if he was unfortunate enough to encounter a High Celestial.
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