1061 Screw that Developer!

    "You... YOU! YOOOOOUU!" the Minotaur's cries became louder and louder before it became incoherent screaming. The odd thing was... it was not screaming in anger nor agony... but in arousal.

    "That's... not right..." said Jiang Fei when he understood that the boss was not going to attack him. The boss had a red tag on his name yet it did not seem like it wanted to attack him.

    "Oh no... is the Romeo title affecting it?"

    Jiang Fei began to feel scared. Cold sweat dripped down his forehead as he prayed hard.

    "Please don't be a female... DON'T BE A FEMALE!"

    The Minotaur had a normal physique of a male Minotaur; a nose ring, horns, and even muscle that was incredibly ripped. No matter how he tried, Jiang Fei could not see how the boss was a female! The only female Minotaur that Jiang Fei had seen was Lady Casanova's character. She still had those female characteristics on her character; boobs and all! However, the footnote of this NPC had specified that it was "a prank designed by the developers". The possibility of it being a female Minotaur was there!

    "Oh sweet baby Jesus! Please do not be a female!" he cried. The thought of a huge, muscular Minotaur being infatuated to him was so horrifying to even imagine.

    "What a minute..."

    Jiang Fei realized something. Kain was not affected by the title because the system would notify him about it through Reputation announcement. The only way a female NPC could be infatuated to him was through the Reputation system.

    "What is going on?" said Jiang Fei as he lowered his sword, studying Kain's situation.

    "YOOOUUU! You are a man, yes?" said Kain as he huffed and puffed out loud.

    "I am..." said Jiang Fei. He was not sure if he should have answered him but when he did, he regretted his decision immediately

    "GOOD! MooooOO!" Kain roared excitedly when Jiang Fei had given him the answer he wanted to hear. With a quick swing, he bounded Jiang Fei with a thick rope. Even Soulcutter was trapped in its sheath.

    "The f*ck?"

    Jiang Fei tried to struggle but all was in vain. The ropes were as thick as his thighs. There was no way he could force himself out of it.

    "Fate had finally answered my prayers!" said the Minotaur before he hauled Jiang Fei up to his shoulder and carried him away just like that.

    "Hyah! Don't take big brother away!" cried the little girl as she ran in front of the Minotaur and stood in his way.

    "Good one, Miluya! Show him who's boss!" Jiang Fei cheered. Everything would be over as long as the boss attacked her!

    "Sheesh! Move away, little one! I have no business with you!" said Kain as he walked around her instead.

    "Miluya! Save me! Do something!" cried Jiang Fei desperately. Something was incredibly wrong. The boss should have attacked her for standing in his way yet... he just walked away from her!

    "Hey hey hey... Mr. Kain. It appears that we might have a misunderstanding. Could we just talk? Set me down at least? What are you doing capturing me like this? Let's talk! Please!" Jiang Fei pleaded profusely.

    At that moment, Jiang Fei was incredibly nervous. He had no idea what Kain would do to him. The only worry he had right then was whether there was a "beautiful", "lonely" daughter at home, waiting for a handsome groom to be wedded to.

    "You might be a little small but in time, you could become like me! There's nothing to worry about, I am going to make you family!" said Kain, laughing madly.

    "EXCUSE ME?!" If Jiang Fei had been drinking water, he would have spat it all out. He might be right all along. There could really be someone that he would be forced to marry! Jiang Fei was so scared of the thought of marrying a Minotaur. Perhaps, the only person in the world that could really accept that was Billy Boy! Jiang Fei was just a normal boy with normal sexual needs.

    "Mr. Kain, I think I'm not suitable to be your son-in-law... I'm too weak. See, I'm all skin and bones."

    "Huh? Son-in-law?"

    "Whaa... Didn't you say something about making me your family... Aren't you going to make me marry your daughter?"

    Without expressing it, Jiang Fei was relieved. If there were a trapped princess or even kidnapped female NPC, he would not have minded being married of. But absolutely not a Minotaur.

    "What are you blabbering about? I'm the one that you are going to marry," said Kain, averting his gaze bashfully like a maiden in love.

    If he could, Jiang Fei would have knocked himself on a wall and bled himself dead. What the f*ck was that expression? Shy? Bashful? You're a motherf*cking bull for god's sake!

    Who the f*ck designed such a foul route? F*ck them! F*ck the developer! Whoever designed this piece of ** Minotaur is going to get it!

    Jiang Fei could not even think straight then. The Minotaur was not affected by his Romeo Title because he was not a female. A male Minotaur wanting to marry him! There was now way Jiang Fei was going to go along with that. Remove the ring and Jiang Fei was just a typical young man with typical sexual urges. He could never accept the fact that a gay Minotaur was going to marry him. A muscle head at that!

    "Screw that guy! Whoever designed this scenario!" Jiang Fei grunted.

    "Miluya! I'm begging you! Please save me!" Jiang Fei cried for help. At such a desperate time, there was one other way to save himself. If he were to be captured and brought into... whatever chamber Kain had, and Miluya could not save him, Jiang Fei would just log out forcefully. He would rather lose his progress than have his chastity lost to a raging homosexual Minotaur.

    "Big brother! Here I come!" Miluya cried as she ran like the wind and stopped once more in front of the Minotaur. As soon as she did, Kain merely pushed her away with his gigantic foot. However, since the little girl was too small, it was akin to being hit by a massive log.

    "Grrr! Stop! Give me back my brother!" she cried angrily as she got up to her feet. She ran pass Kain once more and decided to do a jump attack.



    The little girl did her best but she was too short to do anything. Her jump had only allowed her to reach Kain's waist and hit his hard abdomen.

    She tried and tried again but failed nonetheless. It was a scene that was both touching and disappointing.

    After a while, at her last attempt, she hit Kain's belt buckle and knocked her head against the metal hock. The poor girl slipped and fell hard, after which she ended up crying her eyes out. Although she did hurt herself, she did not take any damage. That was why neither Lucifer nor Michael came out.

    "Why... Why am I being treated like this... F*ck me..."

    Jiang Fei could not take it anymore and literally cried. An almost similar thing happened back in the Underwater City, when he was held by the Naga Sirens and was being pressed to marry them. That he could accept since they were female, but not this lump of testosterone!
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