1062 Aspects of the Primordial

    The Minotaur continued to stomp itself toward its lair, or in his own words, royal chambers. From the looks of it, Jiang Fei was about to be devoured like a lollipop!

    "F*ck this! If I can't fight you properly, I am not going to play along with your charades!" Jiang Fei snapped disgruntledly. At this point, Jiang Fei had stopped expecting the little girl to help him. This gay-man-human loving Minotaur was not at all bothered by Miluya's feeble attempt at stopping him. Without the threat of being attacked, Michael or Lucifer would not be bothered to come out.


    A black shadow flashed around Jiang Fei, instantly causing him to disappear. That was the power of an adventurer, being able to log out at any time.

    "NOOOOOOO!" Kain roared in utter sorrow as the delicious-looking male on his shoulder had disappeared without a trace.

    One aspect of the Primordials that Jiang Fei could not understand, which was similar to Beowulf in the real world, was their asexual status. Both were considered as sexless.

    Before the first beings became Primordials, they had their specific gender. However, once they had ascended into godhood, their biological function had lost its meaning, making them genderless. That was why the Romeo Title did not activate when he was in the Primordial Celestial Realm. None of them were female, or male, to begin with.

    It was all good when the overall concept of a genderless race was suggested. Yet, somehow, a particular developer managed to sneak in a prank design. Thus, a gay Minotaur, craving for men, was born.

    The setting for the Celestials was designed to be unvisited for thousands of years. A gay Minotaur that loved men had just caught his first prey after so many years. Like a famished man being offered a pizza, the Minotaur would want to devour Jiang Fei as soon as possible.

    Jiang Fei's decision was final. Whether or not Miluya could save him, he would log out once he was carried into the... chambers.

    "Whoever designed that punk ass bison must be out of his mind!" Jiang Fei was pissed. Even though he was out of the game, he was still frustrated by what had taken place.

    "F*ck! I'd better take a long shower! Might as well wash my eyes too!"

    Jiang Fei was not a homophobic person but he could not stand the fact that he was about to be wedded to one. By the time Jiang Fei was out of the hot tub, the sun had only just risen from the horizon. When he entered the game, it was only just 4am in the morning. He had only managed to spend a couple of hours in there before the incident happened. He took his own sweet time in the shower and spent a far longer time in the hot tub, where he emptied the body shampoo to wash away... the scent of the Minotaur.

    After he was clean and dried out, Jiang Fei was greeted by Han Tianyu when he was going to meet Ariel.

    "What's up?"

    "Let's talk in your room. I've got something to tell you. Might want to sit down," said Han Tianyu, gesturing to the mahogany chairs that were laid out in the corner of his room.

    Han Tianyu took a seat first and started to ponder. He took his time thinking about it quietly which made Jiang Fei a little restless.


    "Huh?" Han Tianyu hummed.

    "What was it that you want to tell me?"

    "Oh, right. About that... Look, China has restricted all the remaining martial artists that were in China from getting out of the country. Thing is... there are many more that wanted out and... Well, I was hoping to plan out an escape route for them."

    The current situation in China was complicated, at best. Most of the second rate sects were rattled. Unlike other top tier sects, they did not have any Level 5 master sitting deep in their private lounge, relaxing about. They could never have a face off with the vast army of the China military. Even if they could, they dared not. They extended their hopes to Han Tianyu, which was to request for Jiang Fei's assistance in helping them escape.

    "Is that it? I thought you could handle that sort of problem," said Jiang Fei nonchalantly as he brushed it off. He had no time to care for the other martial artists, which he had almost zero connection to, when he was busy dealing with Isabella's ailment. There was still the Main Engine room and the other parts of Braveheart that he needed to find.

    "Yeah. That's really all I wanted to say. I'll be off then. Good luck with... whatever you're up to right now," said Han Tianyu before he kicked off the chair and walked away with a large pace. To be honest, Han Tianyu might not know what Jiang Fei was doing but he knew that he was busy with something. That aside, he wanted to talk to Jiang Fei, just to seek acknowledgement about it. Jiang Fei helping out or not did not matter.

    Now that Jiang Fei had "given his blessings", Han Tianyu went ahead in kick-starting his plan, the plan which he had strategized for a long time. One of the sects that wanted out of country was his own sect, the Green Willow Height.

    After Han Tianyu went away, Jiang Fei wasted no time and headed off to the sea with Ariel. This time, his destination was the Atlantic Ocean, at the region known as the Bermuda Triangle. There were two points of interest there.

    The Bermuda Triangle was a triangular region of the North Atlantic ocean said to be abnormally prone to both Aeronautics and Nautical vanishments.

    "Bring me along!" said Isabella sternly. Ever since Jiang Fei had woken up from the abruptly unfortunate event, Isabella awoke as well. Since then, the girl had been restless. Something was going to happen and she could not explain how she knew about it. It was the mythical sixth sense that almost all Metahumans, even martial artists, had. A Level 5 Metahuman's sixth sense was even sharper than those of other levels. That was why she persistently insisted on following Jiang Fei.

    "Bella, be nice. Bermuda is but very close. We will be back even before dinner," Jiang Fei tried comforting her.

    "No! You either bring me along, or you don't go at all!" Isabella was adamant. Her temperament had been rather well these few days, but it was about to become rowdy all of the sudden.

    "Well... even if you say that..." Jiang Fei squirmed.

    The thought of waiting for a day or two before taking off had crossed his mind. However, the super radar system of Braveheart was almost ready to deliver the scanning data. He wanted to finish as many tasks as he could because once the results come in, there would be more places to visit. He was afraid that he would not have enough time to finish his work as it would keep piling up.

    "Big sister Bella... you're still..." Ariel could not finish her sentence.

    "I'm fine. I've been on bed rest for two whole days and I've never been better. Please. Bring me along. I can't stand the thought of letting darling go off alone into the open sea. Something bad will happen and I would not be able to live my life if I were not there with you when something happens."

    "Bella..." Jiang Fei sighed. He paced slowly toward Isabella and cupped her head before kissing it.

    "Are you sure you're alright?"

    "I'm fine. Really," Isabella assured him.

    Jiang Fei sighed once more before he gave Ariel a certain look.

    "Very well," he said. "I think you're ready. But, if there's an enemy, promise me to let Ariel take care of them. I don't want you to fight. Not when you've got that Valium stuck in your wrist."

    Ariel came in and cupped isabella's hands in her.

    "I promise to fight harder and better to protect hubby."

    "I know you would," said Isabella as she hugged Ariel gratefully.

    "Off we go then," said Jiang Fei, telling Ariel to teleport them all. Ariel had only managed to teleport everyone to the coastline of America since she could not teleport to a destination she had never set foot on. Teleporting to the edge of America was only a means to reduce the total travel distance.

    One point out of the three that made up the Bermuda Triangle was Fort Lauderdale, the southern part of Florida. It took them two hours or so to finally reach the exact point where 0542 had detected a signal.

    "0542, are you sure we are at the right place?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "We are here. The signal is coming from below us."

    "Are you picking up on any powerful energy reading here?" Jiang Fei asked. He was checking to make sure that there weren't any Level 5 fighters to disrupt them.

    "No, captain. There are no signals beside the initial signal detected by the radar."

    "Good. We're alone. Let's go diving," said Jiang Fei as he dove headfirst into the cold blue waters.
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