1064 Isabella the Destroyer

    The attacks from the Unknowns were so powerful that even with everything she had, Ariel could only maintain her barrier. There was no chance for her to attack!

    "0542! Explain to me now! Why do these people have Namek's technology and weapons that are far more superior than anything that I have ever seen?!" Jiang Fei roared.

    "Captain, the weapons they are using were considered as Special Weapons used by Tactical Assault Team onboard Braveheart. None of your weapon's manufacturing factory can produce weaponry at such output."

    "That's not an explanation!" Jiang Fei snapped.

    "I calculated the possibility of them owning such weapons, and it was low. However, all possibilities can be traced down to the discovery of the Special Weapons Armory."

    "Urgh. No point in asking further. Do we have any means to produce such weapons?" said Jiang Fei. He knew that he would not be ascending to Level 5 anytime soon. Hence, having one of those weapons would be extremely helpful in case he encountered any Level 5 enemies. At the very least, he could fight instead of being dead weight to Isabella and Ariel.

    "Weapons at a similar power output can be produced, however, it would not be a portable handheld weaponry," 0542 explained.

    Jiang Fei's current collection of weapon factories could produce powerful weapons but nothing like those Special Weapons the Unknowns were using. It was possible for him to create weapons that could suppress Level 5 Metahumans, but they would not be portable. In fact, the only current weapon that could match or even supercede the Unknown's weapon would be the Anti-Matter Hyper Mega Particle Beam Cannon that was once used to vaporize an entire island. Unfortunately, those weapons required a long charging time. Another weapon at almost the same destructive power were torpedos. Using those weapons in nautical warfare would be optimal but not in infantry fights.

    "I... URGH! I need help!" Ariel cried. She was not going to last any longer. The enemies were using technological weapons against Ariel's mental strength. Sooner or later, Ariel would be the first to drop.

    "Maintain firing frequency and output. Initiating Spatial Confinement Prison," said the Unknown leader.

    "Locking target..."

    "Firing... Now!"


    Just as the Unknowns were going to capture Jiang Fei, Ariel, and Isabella, a blast of ominous energy surged through the sea, sending shockwaves that destroyed nearby rocks and corals.

    "Warning! Warning! Threat level increased! Current threat level: Destroyer!"

    "We are not strong enough to fight the enemy at this threat level! Z31 team, respond! Send a few men to hold her down. Everyone else are to retreat at this very moment!" said the leader of the Unknowns. His eyes gleamed with a faint blue light.

    "Come in, HQ. Come in, HQ! S06 Special Recon Team requesting immediate extraction! We have encountered a Destroyer-type enemy! Requesting immediate extraction!" said one of the Unknowns that was in charge of communication.

    At that moment, Isabella was glowing red.

    There was a barrier that was created by the Unknowns to protect the other non-combatants. When Isabella glowed red, she flashed herself away from Jiang Fei and Ariel and into the enemies' barrier. Everyone was startled by her sudden appearance but she was only just getting started.

    Bolts of blood-colored lightning flashed out of Isabella's fingertips, breaking the barrier and their formation.

    When their attack stopped, Ariel was able to regain her energy. Without the need to erect the barrier, she could now focused on attacking. In that instant, Ariel flashed herself to the closest infantry and unleashed her psionic attacks on them. At that moment, a large number of Unknowns were leaving the area while the others were being attacked by Ariel and Isabella.


    Isabella's voice was heard even though she did not open her mouth. Her voice was extremely eerie and cold, like the voice of a spectre from the depths of hell. A whirlpool appeared right in the middle of the deep dark waters and in the center of it was Isabella, unleashing her powers.

    "HQ, S06 requesting immediate extraction!"

    The communications officer had been trying to contact their base for help but nothing was working.

    "Commander, the enemy is releasing too much power. It is disrupting our communications signal!"

    "Confound it! Keep trying! Squad leader, have your men to fall in formation and keep attacking the strongest threat!" said the Unknown that was being addressed as the commander. All the other Unknowns that had a gun in hand quickly formed a line and started to attack Isabella.

    Unfortunately, all their attacks were unsuccessful as Isabella's powerful blood-colored whirlpool quickly dissolved anything that touched it, even particle beam projectile. There wasn't even any explosion!

    "Ariel, is it just me, or did Isabella become stronger?" said Jiang Fei.

    "She's... She is... She's so much stronger than before... I cannot even gauge her power level now," said Ariel as she quickly flashed herself to Jiang Fei.

    "This is bad..." Jiang Fei grunted. The stronger Isabella was, the more Valium was being injected into her body. The surge of power was proof that Valium was burning inside her bloodstream, triggering the Power of Berserk in her.

    "Commander, none of our attacks are working," said the Unknown that was shooting continuously.

    "Keep firing and do not stop."

    There was no other plan. The original strategy was to keep on firing to pin the others down and to capture them one by one. However, there was a mishap. The female human that was supposed to have only High threat level had suddenly became stronger and far deadlier. Their only means to survive was to rely on headquarters to open a Spacial Rift for them to escape.

    The continuous stream of beam attacks had only made Isabella angrier than before. All of a sudden, a bolt of blood-colored lightning blasted from the center of the whirlpool and killed one from the Z31 team.

    Jiang Fei was not able to hear the sound of the explosion but he was able to witness how violent it was. The Unknown that was struck by the crimson lightning instantly exploded into a coat of blue flames, illuminating the darkness of the sea. His armor, his weapon, and he himself were instantly set ablaze like flash paper. There was no smoke and no ash. Not a trace of his existence was left.

    "Increase the attack!" the commander roared.

    The frequency of the beam attacks were radically increased to its limit. Even so, none of their attacks could even survive the destructive power of Isabella's bloody whirlpool.


    This time, Jiang Fei was able to hear it. The flash of red lightning and its shockwave could be seen, heard, and felt reverberating through the waters. Nine bolts of lightning were blasts and nine enemies were disintegrated.

    "Coms! Have you contacted HQ?!" the commander roared, his voice suggesting desperation. Z31 was completely eliminated and there were only two infantries left beside him. The rest of the Unknowns that remained were non-combatants. They were likely just researchers that were meant to operate machines or even the ship fragment. Although they had identical weapons that the fallen Z31 had, they could not fire them properly.

    However, even if they could fight, even if they were good as the Z31 team, none of their attacks meant **!

    "S06 Recon Team. This is headquarters, we read you."

    In that moment of desperation, the monotonous voice that came out of the communication device was that of an angel to the commander.

    "We are under attack by a Destroyer-type threat! Requesting immediate extraction!" cried the commander as he yelled through the small communicator in his hand.

    "Emergency evacuation is on its way. Please standby for teleportation..."

    "Hurry up!"


    Another bolt of lightning flashed by and this time, the two infantry were killed.


    Isabella's voice was as loud as if she was whispering into their ears. Right at the moment, Isabella lifted a finger to send a bolt of lightning and a flash of white light beamed down and engulfed entire squad of Unknowns. Before the lightning could strike them, everyone was gone.
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