1068 The Chosen Maiden

    "Miluya, is that really you?" Jiang Fei asked doubtfully as he stared at the girl in front of him.

    Although Jiang Fei logged off midway last night, only a day had passed. How did the little loli who was originally only eight or nine years old become a big loli that was around twelve or thirteen years old?

    "I don't know. Big brother, I thought you didn't want me anymore! Boohoo..." Miluya cried and laughed after she saw Jiang Fei, obviously emotionally overwhelmed.

    "It's okay, I'm here now. Tell me, what happened after I left yesterday?" Jiang Fei comforted her first, then asked for information.

    "After you disappeared so suddenly, that ugly thing became very angry. Then, he bullied me..." Miluya then described what happened after Jiang Fei went offline yesterday.

    "I see!" Jiang Fei nodded. Although Miluya did not go into detail, he could still figure out what had happened.

    Yesterday, after Jiang Fei logged himself out, the Tauren boss Kain Hoove immediately went crazy as he had not seen a man for thousands of years. His eyes, the size of two bronze bells got enlarged with rage, looking bloodshot!

    To make things worse, the little loli Miluya was crying uncontrollably at the side, which made the Minotaur even more irritated. As he could not trace Jiang Fei at all, he ended up using the little loli as a punching bag.

    The angry Kain Hoove immediately kicked Miluya far away. At the same time, he also ended his life.

    Due to the presence of Miluya's Strength, although Kain had high Attack Power, the little loli only suffered 1 damage upon being kicked. However, this 1 damage was enough to summon the big boss Lucifer.

    This Fallen Angel was not kind and forgiving at all. After he appeared, he instantly killed the gay Minotaur that dared to bully Miluya!

    After getting rid of the danger, Lucifer naturally returned to the little loli's body. Jiang Fei did not come back online after that, so Miluya was left all alone once again.

    After she waited for Jiang Fei for a while, the little loli left the underground hall while crying. However, Miluya was afraid that Jiang Fei would not be able to find her after he came back online. So, every time she walked a certain distance, she made a mark with pebbles.

    However, it was a pity that Jiang Fei did not notice these marks. He only found Miluya because he was lucky. Anyway, it was a good thing that they managed to meet each other again.

    Miluya herself had no idea why she had changed from a little loli to a big loli overnight and why her name and attributes were now hidden. Even though she had grown into a big loli, she was still eight or nine years old mentally.

    "Well, it doesn't really matter that she's grown up..." Jiang Fei shrugged. It was in the game anyway. Maybe it was because Miluya's growth rate was fast. He was too lazy to get caught up in this.

    "Do you remember the way?" Jiang Fei switched the topic.

    "I do! I remember how to get around the entire Celestial Realm now!" Miluya said with confidence.

    "Ah?!" Miluya was full of confidence, but Jiang Fei did not believe it. This little girl had absolutely no sense of direction before this and she would even lose her way along the way. Hence, Jiang Fei found it quite hard to believe that she remembered everything now.

    "I'm serious, big brother. I'm not lying. When I woke up this morning, my mind suddenly became clear. I suddenly remembered a lot things from the past, including the places I have been to before and how to get there!" Miluya said with a serious face.

    "Really? Are you sure?" Jiang Fei confirmed again.

    "Of course!" Miluya nodded.

    "Then, how do we get to the Central Altar?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "That way!" Miluya pointed her small finger toward Jiang Fei's left.

    "How long will it take?" Jiang Fei asked again.

    "If everything goes smoothly, we can reach by tomorrow," Miluya said after she pondered for a moment, her head tilted to one side.

    "That's pretty long..." Jiang Fei sighed. Judging by how serious Miluya looked, she was probably not lying. As she grew up so suddenly, even though Jiang Fei did not know the reason behind it, she definitely did not look quite the same as before.

    "Let's go!" After he shook it off his mind, Jiang Fei decided to believe in Miluya.

    He chose to believe in Miluya because they had been together for quite some time. Even though she would do bad things at times, she still had the heart of a child. She would not subjectively harm anyone. Previously, although Miluya had gotten Jiang Fei into trouble at Birthplace, it was also just an accident caused by the little girl's playfulness. After all, Miluya did not know that there was a Level 300 big boss there.

    Moreover, Jiang Fei had no other choice now. He did not know the way at all. If Miluya was at his side, he would also have a bodyguard. There were three powerful bosses hidden inside this little girl, so it was definitely better for him if he stayed with her, especially if he was being chased down by all the Primordial Celestials.

    After they set off, Jiang Fei soon realized the benefits of bringing a small bodyguard with him. Wherever Miluya went, those monsters would flee. Although Miluya had grown up, her aura had not changed. The monsters who have been taught a lesson by Lucifer would run away without a trace as soon as they see her, as if they had seen a ghost.

    Without the monsters harassing them, Jiang Fei advanced quicker toward his destination. It was only when they were near the center of the Celestial Realm did an Ancient God obstruct them!

    "A human?! A human has actually managed to break into the Celestial Realm!" The boss that rushed over to stop Jiang Fei was an Intermediate Celestial Harpy. It was superior in strength and even more so in speed, so Jiang Fei had absolutely no chance of escaping!

    "Damn! Why are these bosses always so powerful?" Jiang Fei's brows furrowed. Now, he could only hope that Miluya would summon her Accompanying Angels.

    "Haha, I haven't tasted the blood of a human being for a long time. Go to hell!" This Harpy boss was way more straightforward than that gay Minotaur. He did not bother talking nonsense with Jiang Fei at all. Instead, he directly launched an attack.

    "Unsheathe!" Jiang Fei commanded his sword. He had to fight for his life this time.

    "No! Don't you dare hurt my big brother!" Jiang Fei did not expect Miluya to actually take the initiative to stand in front of him, blocking the attack. One had to know that Miluya, who used to be a little loli, would always hide behind Jiang Fei whenever there was a battle.

    After Jiang Fei's sudden disappearance, Miluya began to cherish her playmate even more. Also, after she grew up, she was not quite the same as before. The next moment, a green name appeared above Miluya's head!

    Miluya (The Chosen Maiden, High Celestial)

    Level: 129

    Health Points:

    Attack Power: ???

    Skills: ???

    Remarks: Miluya's second form.
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