1072 The Wolf in Sheep’s Skin

    "Don't disturb me! Go away, ugly beast!" Miluya snarled like a frightened kitten when the Guardian Lion approached her.

    "You dare talk to me like that!?" the Guardian Lion roared. Never in its life had anyone treated him with such disrespect. He was the infamous Ten-Headed Guardian Lion. His strength was formidable and known throughout the Celestial Realm. Even though he was not as strong as the Four Elemental Primordials, he was still a Primordial Celestial. No one could hope to match his strength, not even the other Primordials, lest the Four Elemental Primordials.

    Enraged with such treatment, the Guardian Lion stomped towards Miluya, wanting to teach the insolent little girl a lesson. At that moment, a smaller NPC appeared beside him.

    "My lord, there's no need to sully yourself for this small matter. Please allow this one to teach her in your stead," said a Primordial Celestial that looked like a squid.

    The NPC was an Intermediate Celestial, at Level 118. He most certainly had no problem dealing with Jiang Fei but not Miluya. The man was staring at Death herself and yet he failed to realize it. Then again, it could not be helped. NPCs never had the ability to identify others like how players were able to, with name tags and status checks. The squid NPC did not know who it was going up against.

    "Come now, little one. It takes two hands to clap. Or in this case, 10 limbs to slither you around..." said the squid NPC as he walked towards Miluya with eyes that gleamed with lust. Even though they do not have a gender, they still have a certain preference when it came to... personal interest. Anyone that had seen enough would know where this was going...

    Repulsed by the NPC but not the lustful and suggestive moves, Miliya retreated back. The girl might still be young but she was intelligent enough to know that anything that was coming towards you with such movements was bad! Stranger danger!

    "Eww! Get away from me! I'm warning you! I will beat you up!" Miluya shrieked.

    "Come at me, little beauty! I shall thoroughly enjoy it! Nyeh hehehehe!"

    The squid NPC laughed menacingly before extending its limbs towards her.

    "No! Go away!" Miluya screamed. At that moment, Miluya's entire body burst in a grayish flame. The flame was large and strong, yet it did not harm her at all. The squid NPC, on the other hand, did not manage to retract its tentacles in time and got its tentacles caught in the flames.

    "Urgh! What is this sorcery!?"

    The NPC quickly tried to put out the flames by slamming its tentacles on the ground. However, no matter how hard it tried, the flames kept on burning. It did not take long for the flame to spread throughout its entire body.

    "Help me!" cried the squid NPC.

    "I'll save you!" the Guardian Lion responded. Unfortunately, before the Guardian Lion could do anything, the squid NPC went poof, turning into a pile of ash.

    "You killed him!" the Guardian Lion roared furiously, glaring at Miluya with all of its ten heads. His low solemn voice reverberated with the air, sending chills to all that were intimidated by it.

    "I- I told him not to come close!" said Miluya, defending herself even though she knew she was at fault. She was, after all, a little girl at heart. Being threatened by a huge ten-headed lion was terrifying.

    "Kill her," said the Guardian Lion before turning his back. The rest of the underlings jumped forward to attack. '

    Miluya's appearance was a little girl at the age of 12 or so. Besides the perverted squid NPC, the rest of them were merely jumping at her with the sole intention to kill her. Nothing else. As mentioned, Primordial Celestials had no lust in their spectrum of emotions. Only a few were special but most of them were completely... sexless.

    The rest of the Guardian Lion's underlings jumped in quickly, but they retreated just as fast. The gray flames on Miluya were still burning. Besides the Ten-Headed Guardian Lion itself, all nine of the other Primordial Celestials were burned into ash. All of them tried their best to put out the flames before they died but none of them succeeded.

    The Ten-Headed Guardian Lion did nothing but stood silently when his underlings were writhing in pain as they were burned to death. He had only managed to put out the flames that had accidentally spread to him when he tried to attack Miluya. If Miluya had intentionally tried to burn him, he might not be able to put out the flames...

    From the start, besides retreating from the perverted squid NPC, Miluya had barely moved. Without actually moving, she had single-handedly defeated nine Primordial Celestials! And that was not done intentionally! When the Guardian Lion realized that truth, he started to question his position then. What sort of situation did he put himself into? Just who was this girl that had just burned all his underlings without even lifting a finger? Was she just as strong as the Four Elementals?

    Alone, the Guardian Lion tried to pace backward, away from Miluya as slowly as possible. Right then, she was distracted. When the giant Guardian Lion approached her with powerful killing intent, she squirmed and started to cry whilst squatting. When the wails of pain were over and even the Guardian Lion had retreated a few steps back, she came to and looked up. This time, instead of a gaze fueled with killing intent, Miluya saw the Guardian Lion's eyes, shivering with fear.

    "Hmm? Where are the rest of the ugly beasts?" Miluya asked, standing up.

    The Ten-Headed Guardian Lion stopped pacing when Miluya stood up. At that moment, he had only managed to get a few meters away from her. When she stood up, the frightened Guardian Lion was frozen stiff. The powerful aura that the girl was giving off made his legs weak, rendering him immobile.

    "How unlucky of me! What kind of monster is that?! She's literally a wolf in sheep's skin! If I knew just how strong she was, I would have run!" thought the Guardian Lion. Looks can be deceiving. It was one of the life lessons he had learned but completely forgot about. The display of power by the girl was just... instead of defeating her, running away might be a problem now.

    "Ah! You!"

    "Heeeeeee!" the Guardian Lion shrieked when Miluya was addressing him.

    "Could you please move aside. I'm walking here," said the girl politely as the Guardian Lion was peeing on the ground!

    "I'm sorry! Forgive me!" cried the Guardian Lion as he had misunderstood what the girl was conveying. He even knelt on all fours!

    "Eh?" Miluya gasped. She was surprised at the sudden change of attitude. How could one expect to see a giant lion monster begging for its life to a little girl?

    At that moment...

    "There you are! Miluya! I'm glad you're alright! How could you walk around without me?" said Jiang Fei, appearing from behind. He had spent too long thinking about what to do next. It was when he realized Miluya was missing did he quickly descend the mountain to search for her. Currently, Miluya had grown slightly older again. However, Jiang Fei understood that such a phenomenon was nothing out of the ordinary. Or, in a crude way of saying, Jiang Fei did not give a f*ck anymore.
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