1073 Jiang Fei’s Master Skill

    "Ah! Big brother! You're here! I knew you wouldn't leave me alone!" Miluya cheered. Being a young girl at heart, Miluya had found herself emotionally attached to Jiang Fei even though she was physically approaching 15 to 16.

    "My, my. What have you become?" Jiang Fei jeered but laughed it off later. He knew that it was impossible for anyone, besides the Level 300 Mother of the World, to harm her. Even so, he was relieved to see Miluya unharmed. He too felt emotionally attached to the young girl.

    "Big brother! I did something awesome today! There were so many bad guys bullying me, one of them was even doing this," Miluya waved her hands around, trying to mimic the movement of the tentacles. "I beat them all up by myself!"

    As soon as she was done bragging about her feats, she jumped into Jiang Fei's embrace and hugged him tightly.

    "Uhm... Miluya, I'm happy that you could defeat the bad guys by yourself but... could you please stop hugging me for a moment," said Jiang Fei awkwardly. The little girl was growing and she was becoming a beautiful girl with perfect forms where most girls wanted to have. Jiang Fei, not used to touching a girl in those kinds of places, besides Si Tuying, felt embarrassed about that. It felt incredibly wrong since he knew the girl was only 5 years old, mentally.

    "Okay!" the girl squealed happily. She was still naive and had yet to learn about the dirty minds of men. She just wanted to share the happiness she felt with Jiang Fei. An innocent hug, that was it. After she was asked to let go, the girl went ahead to the crouching Guardian Lion and pointed towards it.

    "Big brother! See this? He was trying to bully me but I told him not to!" cried Miluya with her chest held up high proudly. She obviously wanted to be complimented again.

    Jiang Fei recognized that. He quickly clapped and praised Miluya and even pat her on her head. However, he understood that there should be more enemies since Miluya had mentioned about them. Besides the Guardian Lion, there were no corpses lying around, nor any indication that there was a fight.

    "Miluya, where are the others?"

    "Uhm... there... and there... and there... Oh! There too..." Miluya got busy and ran around the place, pointing out the ash remains of the enemies that she had burned.

    Jiang Fei traced her around, looking at the burnt ground that Miluya had pointed out. There were very little ashes remaining and they were extremely fine, as if they were burnt away in extremely high temperature.

    "Woohoo! Miluya is very strong!" Jiang Fei praised her again.

    At that moment, the Guardian Lion made a small noise, which prompted Jiang Fei to notice him.

    "Oh my f*cking god!" Jiang Fei gasped in horror.

    Ten-Headed Guardian Lion (Primordial Celestial, ???)

    Level: ???

    Health Points: ???

    Attack Power: ???

    Skills: ???

    Note: Unknown.

    Besides the name, Jiang Fei was unable to procure any information about the Guardian Lion. The only sensible explanation would be an exceedingly large level gap. That Guardian Lion must be Level 120 and higher! A High Celestial at least!

    When he understood that, Jiang Fei calmed down immediately instead of panicking. He knew the situation all too well. Why would a Primordial Celestial, capable of ripping him in half effortlessly, be crouching on the ground, like an obedient Chihuahua?

    "Big brother, how are we going to deal with him?" Miluya asked as she tugged Jiang Fei's armor.

    "Heh..." Jiang Fei smirked. He had guessed it right. It was the same reaction he got from an NPC when he had the Black Dragon Scale in his inventory a long time ago.

    "Please don't kill me! Spare my life! I'll do whatever you want!" the Guardian Lion squealed in horror when he noticed Jiang Fei's devilish grin.

    To be honest, the Guardian Lion had noticed the extremely faint aura of a Celestial coming from Jiang Fei. However, he felt the same thing with Miluya and had underestimated her until she had completely disintegrated his underlings. Hence, when Jiang Fei appeared and was treated like a big brother by Miluya, the Guardian Lion immediately assumed Jiang Fei was far stronger than the girl. Learning from his experience, the Guardian Lion decided to play ball with Jiang Fei, especially when he saw what the little girl was capable of. If Jiang Fei was stronger, who knew what he could do to him?

    "Are you telling me what to do? You?!" Jiang Fei started a farce, activating his master skill of intimidation! The man had already achieved Celestial tier. He had already learned and mastered the art of trickery and intimidation! Seeing that the Guardian Lion was already on all fours before he could even start talking, Jiang Fei knew very well to take full advantage of the situation. It was time to rev it up a notch!

    In real life, however, Jiang Fei was but a naive little boy that could never play in the same stage as the old foxes of the Martial Artist Alliance. In the game, especially against NPCs, Jiang Fei was the master of intimidation. He could pick up a dull-looking stone and claim it to be the Crystal Ichor of the Gods!

    "No! My lord! Please! I would never!" the Guardian Lion stammered as he buries all ten of his heads onto the ground.

    "Hmph! Prostate yourself properly!" Jiang Fei roared again, sending the poor, frightened Guardian Lion further. Jiang Fei took a step closer to the Guardian Lion, placing his hands on its furry head and said, "What would it take to spare your life?"

    "I-I-I'll give you everything! My treasure!" said the Guardian Lion. It was an offer that he had already made preparations for before Jiang Fei appeared. Greed was an emotion that was fundamentally rooted in everyone, even amongst the Primordial Celestial.

    "Treasures? I could kill you and take them all! It seems I don't have any reason to keep you alive," said Jiang Fei, scoffing coldly. Such an offer was basic of all. If he accepted what the Guardian Lion gave, he would be ashamed of himself for tricking the other NPCs in the past.

    The Guardian Lion was utterly scared for the first time in his life. This, and perhaps the other Primordial Celestials had thought that greed amongst Humans remained the same for over thousands of years. He had thought he was strong enough to stand against the test of time but he had realized he did not fully understand how Human's greed could evolve. He did not expect Jiang Fei was the kind of Human that could steal the fruit of a tree and even cut it down after!

    "Oy! What are you stammering about? As I said, give me one good reason to keep you alive," said Jiang Fei as he forcefully pulled the fur on his forehead.

    "I-I-I-I-I-I-" the Guardian Lion stammered, completely broken like a broken record. It was when the Guardian Lion was about to break into tears did he notice the weapon that Jiang Fei was carrying on his back.

    "Soulcutter?! Is that you? Think back to how I treated you a while ago! Please help me!" said the Guardian Lion as he tried to pull a favor from Soulcutter.

    "Hmph," Soulcutter materialized itself into a human form and scoffed at the Guardian Lion. Even though he understood that Jiang Fei was completely incapable of defeating the Guardian Lion, the Sword Spirit had already established a contract with Jiang Fei. He could not do anything that would directly, or indirectly, wronged his owner.

    "Soulcutter! Please! Help me a bit out here," cried the Guardian Lion.

    "Help you? I would help myself before I would help you! Or I would never have offered my soul contract!" said Soulcutter bitterly. If he had known that Jiang Fei was nothing but a common adventurer, he would have lasted a bit longer during the fight!
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