1080 Hard-Headed

    When Jiang Fei appeared in the game, Miluya was standing right in front of him, waiting.

    "Big brother! You're here! I've missed you so much!" cried the no-longer-little girl as she jumped to him and gave him a hug.

    "Eh? How... Why... Did you waited for me here, all this time?" said Jiang Fei. The little girl had always been on her own and Jiang Fei would take some time before he could even find her. Today, oddly enough, she was waiting for him.

    "Tch! It's because of that little lion! He's not fun to play with anymore!" Miluya vented.

    "Oh no... what did you do..." said Jiang Fei nervously, thinking that she might have killed the Guardian Lion.

    Miluya had the appearance of a young adult, perhaps the same age of Jiang Fei now, yet her mental age was still that of a child. With Jiang Fei, Miluya completely lowered her guard. She saw Jiang Fei as someone as close as her own brother. She then proceeded to tell everything about the Ten-Headed Guardian Lion and how he had managed to piss her off.

    After she was done venting everything, Jiang Fei pitied the Guardian Lion. To think that the girl had actually learnt to be angry... Jiang Fei could empathize the Guardian Lion of what he had been through.

    Jiang Fei knew that the girl might have grown physically while still behaving like a child, the Guardian Lion did not! Everything that the girl said or told was treated as the truth by the Guardian Lion. He was already scared stiff to how Miluya grew and when she started to lash out words when she was mad, the Guardian Lion, even as a High Celestial tier boss, was afraid to go against her. How could he still play around with the girl that had killed all of his underlings? The unfortunate part, besides being forever bound to Miluya, was his silence and stoic demeanor around Miluya. To more careful he was, the more Miluya felt he was boring. As such, Miluya could not stand to even look at him until the point where the girl would not want to play with him anymore. Which led to where Jiang Fei was now.

    The Guardian Lion was still there, standing majestically by her side but not daring to stand too close. To become Miluya's mount was a fate far more cruel than actual death. At least he would be spared from days of being in constant fear.

    "Big brother! Where are we going to play today?" said the girl as she tugged his sleeves. The girl was not contented with playing with the Guardian Lion and wanted to play to her heart's content with Jiang Fei.

    "Let's go to the altar!" said Jiang Fei.

    "Oh yeah! To the altar!" Miluya cheered happily. She had been to the altar before but it was when she was only a little girl no taller than the base of a chair. She was chased away before she could even get close to the altar. Now that Jiang Fei was taking her there, her mood was immediately better.

    "Oh yeah! Let's go!" said Jiang Fei matching her enthusiasm. The Ten-Headed Guardian Lion remained quiet even when Jiang Fei was already there to lighten the mood. He was still afraid of Miluya and what she might do. In the end, as his servant, he needed to follow wherever she went.

    After a short walk, Jiang Fei realized that he was being surrounded by Primodials. Not purposely but merely position. They were all unaware of his current position but if Jiang Fei tried to move forward, he would be stepping into their aggro range. There was no single open path for him to move.

    Jiang Fei sighed heavily before he opened the bad news to Miluya.

    "Miluya, we need to stop here. If we go any further, the bad guys will know and come and stop us."

    "What?! No! I don't want to stop! It's the same as the last time!" said Miluya disgruntledly. She clearly remembered what happened the last time she came.

    "Let's go back. I'm sure there's other places we could go," said Jiang Fei. There were so many Primordials then. With only three of them, it was impossible for Jiang Fei to open a path into the heavily guarded altar. He was actually secretly hoping that Miluya could do something about it.

    "No! I don't want to! I'm here now! Let's go! I don't care if they come!" Miluya grunted madly before she turned to the Guardian Lion behind her. The poor Guardian Lion froze stiff when the girl turned to look at him. He knew that the girl was going to ask him to do something that was not going to end well for him.

    "Go, little lion, open a path for us! I want to see the altar!"

    "Well... I..." stammered, the Guardian Lion could not bring himself to disobey his master yet he dared not move forward. He was actually one of the four Great Guardians of the altar. He knew who were the other three Great Guardians well enough to know never to fight them head on.

    After thinking it through, the Guardian Lion swallowed whatever pride he had left in him as a Primordial Celestial and decided to obey his master's order. He had already made a soul binding contract with Miluya and was no longer part of the Primordials!

    The Guardian Lion roared, sending a wave of power throughout his surroundings. He then grew so large in size that he was at least three times larger than before. Now, he stood at least 10 meters tall. After transforming into his feral form, the Guardian Lion stomped loudly as he made his way towards the altar, not wanting to be covert about it anymore. His roar was so loud that the other Primordials must have heard it.

    "Let's go!" said Miluya as she pulled Jiang Fei's hands.

    When the Guardian Lion was close to the altar, he roared deafeningly once more and charged towards the group of more than ten Primordials.

    Those Primordials had odd appearances. One looked exactly like a rock golem and one was literally a pool of moving dirt water. While the others shared the same odd appearances, there was only one that had a human form. The one that looked no different than a middle aged man came forward to face the Guardian Lion.

    "What are you doing? Have you finally gone mad?" said the man. Due to the massive size of the Guardian Lion, its aura completely blanketed Jiang Fei and Miluya's aura, masking their presence from the other Primordials.

    "Hmph. Enough of your fake grandiose posture. I am here to fight you fair and square, dumb bear!" the Guardian Lion roared. Naturally, he would never reveal that he had already became someone else's servant. Without giving the other time to prepare, the Guardian Lion leaped towards him with his jaws wide open to bite.

    "Please... If it's violence you want, then it's violence you'll get," said the man before turning into a huge bipedal bear that was the same height as the Guardian Lion.

    The two Primordials started their fight. Beastkin were different then other beings as to how they fight. Usually, they would resort to the most primitive means of fighting, a simple brawl, even for a Primordial level.

    "Wow! There's a fight! Go! Lion, go!" cried Miluya when she reached.

    "Sheesh... Why are they still fighting one-on-one? What era are they still stuck in?" said Jiang Fei when he noticed the other Primordials were sitting by the side, spectating the brawl as if the fight was nothing of their concern.

    When the massive brawl between two giants continued, Jiang Fei took the time to examine the other Primordials. Beside the bear, and two others that Jiang Fei could not access their level range, perhaps due to being in the High Celestial tier, the rest of the spectators were Intermediate Celestials and Lower Celestials.

    "Go! Lion, go!" Miluya continued to chant even when they could be seen and heard by the other Primordials. Miluya's naivety was so profound that sometimes, Jiang Fei could see Miluya not fear anything in the world and yet still be afraid of tentacle monsters. Unfortunately, her cheers had caught the attention of the other Primordials.
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