1081 Forgotten Almighty Weapon


    "That's a human!"

    The cries of Miluya had caught the attention of the other Primordials. To be honest, the two of them were exposed and clearly seen by all. However, the others did not care about the two of them because of their masked presence. The other Primordials had only thought that they were lackeys of the Ten-Headed Guardian Lion. After all, they had a tendency to take in Humans or Elves as their servants. However, when the Primordials paid attention to Miluya and Jiang Fei, their masked presence was discovered. Especially Jiang Fei, being a Celestial tier Human in the realm of the Primordials was unforgivable.

    "Guardian Lion! What have you become? Why are Humans here? Are you helping them?" the giant bear scoffed whilst attacking the Guardian Lion.

    "You've said enough!" the Guardian Lion roared. He did not want to reveal anything more as the fact that he became the girl's mount was a laughable matter.

    "Stop watching and get rid of them!" said the bear to the other Primordials.

    "I knew there's going to be trouble," said Jiang Fei. There were at least eight Lower and Intermediate Celestial bosses and two Primordials which he could not see their levels. The two of them, without a doubt, were High Celestials.

    "Miluya, I leave all of them to you!" said Jiang Fei before he pushed Miluya to the front and hid behind her.

    "Hyaaah!" the girl gasped in surprise after being pulled and pushed to the front. She had never expected Jiang Fei to actually do something that shameful. Was that not the best situation to show how manly Jiang Fei was? How could he just push all the trouble to her? Unfortunately, before she could say anything about it, the Primordials were already charging towards her.

    "No! Get away from me!" cried the young lady. Although she was strong, she was still a young girl at heart, having to face a large number of scary looking... things were terrifying at best.


    The gray flame ignited and her entire body was on fire. The Guardian Lion jumped at the sudden whoosh of the flame and quickly diverted the fight between him and the bear further away. He knew how strong the fire was and how scary it could be.

    "Finally, you're going to regret looking down on me!" albeit still being scared, the Guardian Lion could still cheer happily. He knew that he would be dragging down the bear with him down the gutter. The jubilant feeling he felt was akin to having someone who laughed at you, falling into the same outcome as you did.

    "Get away! No!" cried the little girl as she waved her arms and hands, trying to chase away the Primordials as if she was chasing flies from a plate of a freshly cooked dish. However, it sent out flames that were in her hands and arms towards the incoming Primordials.

    "Third brother, Fifth brother, you guys take care of this pipsqueak, the rest and I will handle the other!"

    Everyone besides the Guardian Lion was severely underestimating Miluya's powers. They ignored the girl's flames and focused on trying to kill Jiang Fei.

    One of the Primordials did not bother to dodge the gray fire that Miliuya had thrown out and got burnt by it. Before he could even open his mouth to scream in pain, the fire completely engulfed the Primordial, turning it into dust before the burning process could even start! It all happened in an instant!

    "Fourth brother!" the other Primordials who noticed cried out in horror.

    "What's going on?"



    Before anyone could make sense of the situation, two more Primordials were burnt to ashes.

    "Damn it all! Kill that girl first!" said the one that was heading towards Jiang Fei. he quickly stopped his tracks and turned towards Miluya. Three of his comrades were killed in a blink of an eye. Even though they were all Lower Celestials, the girl had proved herself to be formidable to have killed all of them with just a swing of her arm!

    "What a shame..." Jiang Fei sighed. Those Primordials that Miluya had killed off would not drop anything.

    "Could I sneak in a kill?" said Jiang Fei to himself. Since all the Primordials then were fully focused on trying to stay alive and kill Miluya, Jiang Fei, being ignored, thought of trying to kill at least one of them.

    "It's been too long since I've used this," said Jiang Fei as he took out Dragon's Bane.

    Dragon's Bane (Projectile Weapon, Nephilim's Holy Weapon)

    Use: Throw Dragon's Bane to target, dealing damage equal to 100x Attack Power.

    Note: Automatic Homing capability. Ignores all Defensive properties with 100% accuracy. Requires the user to manually pick Dragon's Bane up after using it.

    Dragon's Bane had long been forgotten since using the weapon was a huge gamble. If Jiang Fei failed to kill the enemy after using it, the enemy could pick it up and use it against Jiang Fei himself. It was a double-edged sword that Jiang Fei needed to be extra careful when using it.

    Before he reached the rank of Celestial, Jiang Fei was already more than capable of killing all NPC bosses weaker than Celestial. That was why he had no use for the Dragon's Bane. Against Celestial tier boss or higher, using Dragon's Bane would only be for naught. He might even permanently lose the weapon! Today was different! Today, he shall dust off the Dragon's Bane and use it to kill a Primordial!

    Jiang Fei was prepared to attack but instead of joining forces with Miluya, he chose to get far away from her. The girl was blindly throwing out her flames. As much as he wanted to utilize that to his advantage, he would not want to die due to friendly fire. Another factor was Miluya's sure-kill hits. Dragon's Bane attack attribute was considered to be Chaos type but it was still impossible for it to instantly kill a Celestial boss. His current Attack Power was only around 3,000,000, a hundred times that was only 300,000,000, powerful but not enough to properly kill a Celestial. There was no chance that Jiang Fei could land a minor blow to any of the Primordials around Miluya since her attacks would instantly kill her targets. He had zero chances... On the other hand... the bear that the Guardian Lion was fighting could be a potential target.

    The fight between the Guardian Lion and the bear was far away from where Miluya was. Moreover, boss NPCs were fighting with their fists instead of throwing out powers that might cause wide-area damage. Jiang Fei could literally stand beside the bear without worrying about getting caught in the fight. The best part, both sides were attacking, trading blows slowly. Jiang Fei could easily find the right moment to throw out Dragon's Bane and kill the bear boss!

    Right then, there were two battles happening at the same time. The first being between the Guardian Lion and the giant bear. The other was between Miluya and the remaining 6 Primordial Celestials. Both sides were ignoring Jiang Fei's existence, allowing him to sneak out of one into the other.

    "Sword form!"

    Jiang Fei called out Soulcutter into the air. Even though he wanted to use Dragon's Bane as the final killing blow, he would need to build up his Attack Power with Ruthless Barrage.
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