1083 Surrounded, Outnumbered

    "Garland?! How are you here...?" said the Guardian Lion, scared.

    "Hmph. It's fortunate that I've suddenly thought of changing shift with Sator or I wouldn't know of your betrayal!" Garland sneered.

    "Is this guy strong?" Jiang Fei whispered. Something was wrong with the Guardian Lion and Jiang Fei could easily tell from the subtle ticks of his body.

    "Strong is an understatement," the Guardian Lion huffed before he quickly went through Garland's history and background.

    Although it was known that the Primordials possessed no sex, that did not stop them from producing offsprings. Garland was the son of Therazane the Earthmother. Therazene breathed life into one of her footprints of which she left on the Great Earth. Although not directly, Garland shared the same blood with Therazene, making him an important Celestial to Therazane and the realm. Not only did she placed Garland in the ruling cabinet, but she had also bestowed a Primordial Gear to him!

    "Because of that Primordial Gear, Garland is near invincible in this realm. Besides the four Great Elemental Lord, there are no entities in all of the realms that could harm him!" the Guardian Lion explained. He had never thought that Garland would have thought of participating as one of the Guardians of the Altar!

    "Sheesh... Things might really get out of hand."

    It was clear that Garland was strong, at least stronger than the Guardian Lion. The only unknown left was how strong was Miluya. Could she take him on? Jiang Fei was worried but as he had already made it this far, Jiang Fei was not afraid. Even if Garland proved to be too much for her, she could still summon Lucifer and Michael to fight! Even then! If the two powerful angels could not defeat Garland, there was still Azazel the Angel of Death! No matter how powerful Garland could be, Azazel only needed to speak his name to effectively kill him! She could even kill the Mother of the World, what more could the Son of the Earth do? Hence, with so many trump cards in play, Jiang Fei did not worry about any of the Primordial Celestials, only how to take advantage of the situation to score a kill.

    "Master, please allow me to fight Warrant. Please take care of the rest!" said the Guardian Lion before he leaped towards the wolf boss. Garland had proved too much for him to take on, leaving him to Jiang Fei and Miluya.

    "Kill them! Leave no one alive!" Garland commanded, sending a wave of Primordials to attack Jiang Fei and Miluya.

    Garland was over tens of meters tall. His steps alone could carry him a few meters away. Even if he attacked with his steps and missed, the shockwave of his steps would be more than enough to send a Lower Celestial off his feet!

    "Miluya, I'll leave them to you!" said Jiang Fei before running away. Garland was on a whole other level. Even without his Primordial Gear, the boss could literally stomp him to death!

    "Aiyayaya! Big brother! You're just lazy!" cried the girl as she angrily pouted at him. Back when she was still in her child form, Miluya was always hiding behind Jiang Fei as he took care of smaller monsters around. It was imprinted in her mind that Jiang Fei was the knight in shining armor sent to protect her. Little did she know that when she had actually "grown" stronger, Jiang Fei was seen as incredibly weak!

    While she was venting out, all the Intermediate and Lower Celestial split into three groups. One was led by Warrant to fight the Guardian Lion, one charging towards Miluya, and one led by Garland himself, chasing after Jiang Fei. This group of Primordial was smarter than the previous groups Jiang Fei had met. Instead of fighting alone while the other watched, these Primordials fought in large numbers, suppressing them with the advantage they had.

    Garland had made Jiang Fei his priority since out of the three intruders, Jiang Fei was Human. Killing a Human was the greatest thing anyone in the realm could contribute.

    "Eh?! What the hell? Why the hell are you chasing me for? I'm just a tiny insect! Stop chasing me!" Jiang Fei cried frantically when he noticed Garland himself had decided to come for him. He had even brought along the other Primordials with him!

    "Insolent Human! You shan't escape from my grasp! Stop resisting death! Surrender to its embrace!" said Garland as he chased after Jiang Fei. Even though Garland was a massive stone golem, its steps could travel far but Jiang Fei was too nimble for him. The other Primordials that were with him did not dare to snatch their boss' thunder by overtaking him.

    Just then, a loud cry of pain could be heard coming from where Miluya was.

    "Finally! My little girl is starting!" said Jiang Fei with relief. He did not need to turn back to know that Miluya had started her cleansing ceremony!


    "What fire is this?!"


    Cries after cries of agony were heard, so much so that Garland grew curious and finally stopped chasing after Jiang Fei.

    "Useless! How could you let a tiny girl destroy you!' said Garland with steam puffing from his stone-made nose. Miluya had killed four Lower and Intermedial Celestials and injured two High Celestials! That level of incompetence portrayed by his underlings had angered him.

    "Chase after him! Do not kill the Human! I will personally kill him myself!" said Garland before he turned back to deal with Miluya.

    Finally able to breathe normally, Jiang Fei ran slower to catch his breath. Even so, he dared not lower his guard just yet since there were a total of five vicious-looking Primordials chasing after him! It was then when Jiang Fei regretted his decision to run slower. When Garland finally gave up on Jiang Fei, the underlings had no need to worry to steal their boss' thunder. In a flash, they increased their speed and managed to get as close as a hair length away from Jiang Fei!

    "SHHIIIIEEEET!" Jiang Fei screamed frantically as he ran madly. Unfortunately, the Primordials were faster and effortlessly, they surrounded Jiang Fei from all corners.

    "No way to escape, time to fight!" Jiang Fei thought to himself and unsheathed Soulcutter. These Primordials that were surrounding him were all Lower Celestial. Which meant that Jiang Fei could fight them on even grounds without the need to worry about Level Suppression System.

    "Soulcutter?!" exclaimed the other Primordials when they saw the sword hovering above Jiang Fei.

    Even materialized, Soulcutter did not want to speak, the same reason why he did not want to speak to Guardian Lion, because of shame. The other Primordials knew Soulcutter as the realm of the Celestial was only so small and had only a handful of Primordials, to begin with.

    "Sword form!" Jiang Fei roared, unleashing the sword into an attack stance. Right now, Jiang Fei was on his own since Miluya and the Guardian Lion were preoccupied. If he wanted to prevent himself from being captured, he needed to fight off the five Primordials.

    With Jiang Fei's hand movement, Soulcutter split into 128 swords, gleaming with sharp edges as it flew around the air.

    "Human, it is best for you to just surrender. Save the trouble for later," said one of the surrounding Primordial. They were in a difficult position since Garland had ordered them to capture Jiang Fei. If Jiang Fei engaged them, it would most likely end up with death. Be it Jiang Fei or the Primordials, death was inevitable. If Jiang Fei died during the fight, Garland would kill all of them. If the Primordials died, Garland would still be able to chase after Jiang Fei and kill him. At the very least, Jiang Fei could still save effort and time. Or so they thought...
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