1084 Gamble

    Soulcutter was ready and waiting. Before Jiang Fei engaged, he studied each and every Primordial Celestial to properly formulate his battle strategy. They were all Lower Celestials but not every one of them was similar-everyone had a different Attack Power and Health Points.

    The one that came in from behind was an Assassin. He had a powerful Attack Power but lacked endurance. He could dish out attacks but unable to take a hit for a living. Even with that, he still had at least 500 million Health Points. One of the "softest" ones out there.

    The one that was facing Jiang Fei head-on was a regular fighter, brawler-defender type. His Attack Power was considered to be the average and had over 1.2 billion Health Points. Both of his Attack and Magic Defense was rather high. Killing him would be harder than the others.

    Jiang Fei thought for a bit before he tried to buy some time for himself to examine the others. He needed more time to find a perfect spot to start the fight.

    "If I surrender, promise that I would not be harmed!" said Jiang Fei.

    "I promise that neither one of us would harm you! Only if you surrender to us!" said the Tank, delighted. If they were to fight, neither one of the Primordial Celestial were afraid of losing to Jiang Fei. He could run but he could never truly escape. On the other hand, if Jiang Fei was accidentally killed during the fight, Garland would have their heads squashed! Having Jiang Fei to surrender was the best outcome they could ask for. The Tank was not the only one that had the same thought. They knew just how ruthless Garland could be. No one had dared to stand against him since he was the beloved child of Therazane the Earthmother.

    "Very well, I will surrender, but I have conditions!" said Jiang Fei with a sudden twist.

    "Speak your mind, Human," said the Tank. They had already considered Jiang Fei trapped in the bag. No matter what sort of trickery Jiang Fei could pull off, he would not be able to change his fate. He could buy as much time as he wanted but Garland would have his way with Jiang Fei sooner or later. They did not really care about Jiang Fei escaping, only if he was still alive to be killed off by Garland.

    "I will surrender if anyone of you dares to take 10 skills from me!" Jiang Fei grinned.

    "I have your word, Human?" questioned the Tank.

    "My word is gold," Jiang Fei retorted.

    "Your word means nothing. Put your life on the line. Make a contract!" said the Tank, knowing that Jiang Fei might be planning to do something and would not want to risk it.

    "So be it," Jiang Fei snorted.

    "Good, let's get it done."

    Out of the blue, a golden envelope appeared between the Tank and Jiang Fei. The contract would be made if Jiang Fei agreed to its terms and conditions.

    Ding! The Primordial Celestial Alastair would like to make a contract. Content of the Contract are as follows: If Alastair survives after taking 10 hits from player Jiang Fei, player Jiang Fei would surrender to Alastair unconditionally. Do you accept the terms?"

    "Yes!" Jiang Fei nodded.

    The envelope flashed into nothingness and the system had registered the contract had been made.

    "Haha! The contract has been made! I always knew that Humans were cunning and sly but I'd never know they were as dumb as they look!" the Tank, Alastair, laughed from the top of his lungs.

    He glared at Jiang Fei condescendingly and said, "Human the condition of your surrender was 10 hits, not 10 skills! I will survive 10 hits easily! You will surrender at the end of the day! Hahaha!"

    "Oh no! I've been fooled!" said Jiang Fei as he made an overly nervous expression. It was merely a farce, Jiang Fei's heartbeat remained the same. Since the start, he had always been as calm as a cucumber.

    "Let's get this over with, Human! You will honor the contract!" the Tank roared and stood in front of Jiang Fei to take his attacks. Both Jiang Fei and he were at the Lower Celestial tier. It was impossible for Jiang Fei to kill him in just 10 hits.

    "Very well... I shall honor the contract..." said Jiang Fei, hanging his head defeated. All 128 swords in the air were shrunk back into one.

    "First strike!" Jiang Fei roared as he sliced the boss when Soulcutter returned into his hand.


    It was a decent amount of damage but merely a prick for the Tank.

    "Second strike!"


    Ruthless Barrage had started to work its way, increasing Jiang Fei's attack by 20%.

    "Interesting! So you have a stacked Attack boost effect. Unfortunately, I know about your scheme. 10 hits would not do you any good!" said the Tank, laughing condescendingly as he did.

    "Surely you jest. Be patient and wait for the tenth strike!" said Jiang Fei.

    "Third strike!"





    Jiang Fei's eighth strike dealt over 8 million damage.

    "Two more and you're done! Haha! You will surrender as I said you will!" said the Tank. Jiang Fei's attack had only managed to boost his attack to only 8 million. Even with the accumulated damage, the Tank was completely unfazed!

    "Ninth!" Jiang Fei grunted but grinned at the last second, He shifted the direction of the sword, intentionally hitting the air and quickly activate the Helm he was wearing!


    A powerful laser beam blasted out and hit the Tank directly in his face.


    A 400 million damage popped right then, sending the Tank into a fit of surprise.

    "What is going on?" Deranged, the Tank was incredibly scared. 400 million damage was nothing serious but it was so much more than the previous strike!

    "Phew! That worked!" said Jiang Fei. He had intended to use his Morphing skill if the Gnome Adventurous Goggles had failed to proc. Now that the goggles had worked, he did not need to waste his Morphing skill.

    As the last strike, Jiang Fei thought of using the one weapon that he had been longing to use since a while back.

    With only over 700 million health points left, the boss would never be able to handle Dragon's Bane hundred times damage!

    "Time to eat your words!" said Jiang Fei as he hurled out the spear.
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