1086 Heart of the Heavens

    Celestial Slayer, the title that Jiang Fei first obtained when he had killed Solan the Evil God. It was merely a title, flaunting the color red. Now, after killing five Primordial Celestials, the title had received an upgrade.

    Primordial Celestial Slayer: All damage received from Primordial Celestials is reduced by 10%, Increase damage dealt to all Primordial Celestials.

    Bloodmark of the Celestial: 6

    Note: When Bloodmark count hits 10, you will receive a new title: Anti Primordials


    The bonus stats that came along with the title was not much but it was still better than nothing. It was only useful against Primordial Celestials, which was still a bonus for Jiang Fei. It would have been better if its bonus attack and damage mitigation was applied to all instead of only Primordial Celestials.

    The battle had ended for Jiang Fei and after he had retrieved Dragon's Bane from the corpse of the Magician boss, he glanced at the other side. Miluya was just done killing the last of the Intermediate Celestial and was now dealing with Garland himself. The Ten-Headed Guardian Lion was not doing so well since the fight was between him and a few more Primordial Celestials. Warrant, the wolf Primordial was not alone when he was fighting with the Guardian Lion. Thus, the Guardian Lion was utterly suppressed.

    "Just how strong are the High Celestials?" said Jiang Fei to himself, feeling guilty for not being able to help out. To be honest, he could give it a shot but their Health Points had proved to be too much since Jiang Fei could only see the percentage count instead of its numerical value. It was due to the great level gap between Jiang Fei and the High Celestials. To help the Guardian Lion was similar to a huge gamble. The only way he could truly help was to deal as much damage as he could. Soulcutter would probably be dealing a minuscule amount of damage that would not be too significant. Using Dragon's Bane might still work but if his strike did not kill the target, he would be dealing so much damage in just one hit, drawing in the attention or aggro of the target. The result would be instant death as Jiang Fei could not fight a High Celestial.

    "Meh, I'll just do my thing..." said Jiang Fei, shrugging the problem away.

    The fight between Miluya and Garland was at a complete stalemate. Neither one of them was sustaining damage-Garland was not taking any damage while Miluya was only taking 1 damage per hit.

    Garland was not taking any damage due to the effect of the Primordial Gear he had. Moreover, the effect of the Primordial Gear was able to completely nullify the destructive effect of Miluya's gray flames. Garland himself was not doing any well either since all of its godly strength could only inflict just 1 damage to Miluya.

    The current Miluya was almost at her late adolescent period, almost reaching 20s. Her health points were no longer just two but at the thousands. It would literally take ages for Garland to hack away her health points at the rate of 1 damage per hit.

    As for the other battle, the Ten-Headed Guardian Lion had over 60% Health Points while the wolf boss had slightly over 80%. It would still take some time before the battle ended so Jiang Fei did what every player would do after the end of a boss fight, looting time!

    Jiang Fei had already lost count of how many Primordial Celestials that had been killed when he had first entered this realm. He had even fought and survived the strongest boss in the entire game, the Level 300 Mother of the World boss! Unfortunately, they were killed by Michael and Lucifer, hence, neither one of the boss fights had dropped anything. This time, all five Lower Celestials were killed by Jiang Fei alone! He saw the shiny loot box that was dropped when the bosses were killed. He would be lying if he was not excited about it.

    "Argh, dang it! If only I had the Luck Cauldron on me!"

    The drops of the five Lower Celestials were beyond what any other players could obtain but Jiang Fei was just being Jiang Fei. If there was a way to earn more than he could, he would want it. To be honest, the effect of the Cauldron of Luck was beyond luck. 100% rate of dropping three of the most valuable items upon death! Imagine forcing the boss to drop three of the highest rarity item in his item roster...

    The first corpse that he went through belonged to the Tank.

    Heart of the Defender (Heavenward's Core, Lower Celestial)

    Fusion Effect: Reduce all incoming damage by 20%. Increase 50% of maximum Health Points.

    Note: Each player can only fuse with one Core at a time. The fused core will be destroyed upon removal.

    "Well... well... Surprise, surprise."

    That was the first time Jiang Fei had seen a Heavenward's Core. It must be an item that had only been implemented in the game after the Battle of the Heaven's game patch. To be honest, Jiang Fei was impressed at how the game introduced new items. It was perhaps too early to introduce percentage-based bonus stats but it was more than worth since it was a Celestial tier item! The Heart of the Defender alone would be coveted by all Tank class players. 20% damage mitigation and 50% increased in Health Points was a buff that would make a Tank almost invincible.

    "Are there more of these?" Curious, Jiang Fei quickly made his way to the other bosses.

    Heart of the Warrior (Heavenward's Core, Lower Celestial)

    Fusion Effect: Increase 30% Physical Attack. Reduce AoE Magic Attack damage by 50%.

    Note: Each player can only fuse with one Core at a time. The fused core will be destroyed upon removal.

    Heart of the Magician (Heavenward's Core, Lower Celestial)

    Fusion Effect: Increase 20% Magic Attack. Reduce 30% skill Cooldown duration.

    Note: Each player can only fuse with one Core at a time. The fused core will be destroyed upon removal.

    Heart of the Sniper (Heavenward's Core, Lower Celestial)

    Fusion Effect: Increase 20% Physical Attack. Reduce Disabling effect time inflicted on you by 50%.

    Note: Each player can only fuse with one Core at a time. The fused core will be destroyed upon removal.

    Heart of the Assassin (Heavenward's Core, Lower Celestial)

    Fusion Effect: Increase 20% Critical Chance. Increase 50% Critical Damage dealt.

    Note: Each player can only fuse with one Core at a time. The fused core will be destroyed upon removal.

    All bosses dropped a Heavenward's Core based on their class. Only the Assassin boss had dropped an extra weapon.

    Culling Blade (Main-Hand Dagger, Holy)

    Attack Power + 10,240

    Critical Chance +50%

    Critical Damage +500%

    Equip: Upon attacking a target for three consecutive times, the fourth attack will have 100% Critical rate.

    Equip: A Critical Hit will reduce 50% of the target's Defense value.

    Equip: After three Critical Hits on the same target, gains Culling effect, all attack inflicted on the same target will have Chaos attribute.

    Level Requirement: 90

    "What the f*ck! OP! OP as f*ck!" Jiang Fei roared out in excitement after he was done examining the dagger. The dagger itself did not have powerful Attack Power for a Level 90 dagger but its effect was beyond god-like. The user would gain Chaos attribute only after three successful critical hits on a single target! As expected of a Holy tier weapon!
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