1087 Final Battle

    Previously, when Jiang Fei's Level was still low, he had to rely on the powerful Chaotic Attack mode after his transformation to fight strong bosses. This time, Jiang Fei could defeat these five Ancient Gods all by himself because he had the Dragon's Bane with him. This weapon was especially lethal as it could deal special damage that completely ignored the enemy's Defense.

    At the later stages of the game, Invincibility skills were common among both high-end players and NPCs. Every player would have at least one or two pieces of equipment that had Invincibility skills attached to them. After all, Invincibility skills were amazing as they could prevent players from dying.

    Therefore, in the current era where Invincibility and Damage Reduction skills were extremely common, it was especially important to have special attacks that could ignore the enemy's Defense.

    "It's a pity I can't wear it. I'll pass it to someone else when I get back..." Jiang Fei muttered to himself. Although the Culling Blade had great attributes, he already had the Soulcutter. So, he could not equip this Main-Hand Dagger.

    After he kept the Dagger, Jiang Fei also picked up the remaining items and placed them in his backpack. The five Celestial bosses gave him one Holy Dagger and five Hearts of the Heavens.

    After Jiang Fei placed all the drops away, there was a change on the other battlefield next to him.

    The little loli Miluya was still fighting with Garland. Both of them could not really damage each other, so the battle was pretty equal. However, the wolf boss was about to kill the Ten-Headed Guardian Lion!

    The Ten-Headed Guardian Lion was trying his best. However, the wolf boss was equal in strength and was accompanied by a group of little minions that encircled the Guardian Lion. So, the Guardian Lion gradually became weaker as the battle continued. At this time, there were bruises all over his and it looked like he was close to death.

    "Miluya, stop fighting that huge idiot! Your little lion is about to be killed!" Jiang Fei noticed that the wolf boss still had more than 50% of his total Health Points, so he did not want to risk his life and join the battle. So, he could only ask Miluya for help.

    "Ah? Who's bullying my little lion!?" Miluya immediately became anxious when she heard Jiang Fei. This little girl was quite protective. Even though she always bullied the Ten-Headed Guardian Lion, she would not allow anyone else to touch her little lion!

    "You meanies, don't bully him!" Miluya screamed, then directly ditched Garland and charged at the wolf boss angrily.

    "Damn! I'm your opponent!" Garland had to stop Miluya from helping the Ten-Headed Guardian Lion, but Miluya's Defense was way too godly. If the little loli did not want to fight with him, there was nothing he could do.

    "Master..." This was the first time the Ten-Headed Guardian Lion called out to his master so heartily. When he saw that Miluya was coming over, his tears were about to flow. Although he was always bullied by the little loli, at that moment, Miluya was definitely the loveliest person in the entire world to him.

    "All of you, go away! Don't bully my little lion!" Miluya screamed at the Ancient Gods who surrounded the Ten-Headed Guardian Lion.

    "Kill! Kill that traitor!" The wolf boss completely ignored the little loli. The Guardian Lion was already close to dying. They had to kill him now. How could a girl that popped out of nowhere stop a group of Ancient Gods with just a few words?

    "Hmph! I'm angry now!" Seeing that the Ancient Gods were actually ignoring her, Miluya lost her temper!

    "Burn you!" Miluya casually waved her small hands and countless gray balls of flame flew toward the Ancient Gods, immediately igniting a few unlucky ones.


    "Damn! What kind of demonic flame is this?"


    In a blink of an eye, all the Ancient Gods except the wolf boss were burned to ashes. Although the wolf boss fortunately survived the attack, he was now more heavily injured than the Ten-Headed Guardian Lion who was encircled previously. From Jiang Fei's perspective, the wolf boss probably only had one percent of his total Health Points left!

    "Bastard! You actually killed all my men right in front of me!" Garland had rushed over. Although he chased after Miluya quickly and had managed to enter the battlefield, Miluya's gray flames were too powerful. Those Ancient Gods were killed before they could even do anything.

    "Ahh..." Miluya screamed and was once again trapped by Garland.

    The Son of the Earth, Garland, had figured out how to defeat Miluya. Although this little girl had godly Defense and would only take 1 damage no matter how he attacked her, she only had around 2000 Health Points. It was too low, completely incomparable with the other Ancient Gods.

    Although 2000 Health Points made it appeared like a lot as she had such godly Defense, he would be able to empty her Health bar sooner or later. Compared to Miluya, Garland, who could use his Primordial Gear to defend himself, had more of an advantage in this battle!

    "Hmph! After I kill you, your companions will be dead too!" Garland growled.

    "Hmph! You meanie! I'll make my brother teach you a lesson!" Miluya pouted. As she now had much more Health Points than before, Michael and Lucifer would no longer appear as soon as she was attacked. Garland had dealt more than 200 damage to the little loli, but it was clear that he had not triggered the conditions for Lucifer to appear yet.

    "This is my chance!" As the little loli was once again restrained by Garland, Jiang Fei rushed toward the wolf boss with his Dragon's Bane. This pinnacle High Celestial boss only had one percent of his total Health Points left, so Jiang Fei felt like it was now or never!

    "Hmph! Did you have a lot of fun beating me up just now? Now, it's time for you to die!" Someone was one step ahead of Jiang Fei this time too. Seeing that the wolf boss was seriously injured, the Ten-Headed Guardian Lion that had been suppressed for a long time immediately charged toward him.

    "F*ck! Let me deal the final blow!" Jiang Fei roared, then rushed toward the wolf boss at full speed. Unfortunately, however, he could not stop the Ten-Headed Guardian Lion whose anger was filled to the brim.

    The Guardian Lion who had been encircled for a long time had suppressed his anger for too long. With the wolf boss who was the chief culprit extremely weak now, how could the Guardian Lion not want to kill the enemy by himself? So, even the little loli Miluya could not stop him now, let alone Jiang Fei!

    Rip... rip...

    Before Jiang Fei could even get in range to use the Dragon's Bane on the wolf boss, he watched the Guardian Lion shred the wolf boss into pieces.

    "F*ck! What a waste! You're recklessly wasting precious gifts from God!" Jiang Fei clenched his teeth in anger. As the Guardian Lion took the kill, Jiang Fei lost at least one High Celestial Grade Heart of the Heavens, not to mention the Ascended Equipment that could have possibly dropped.

    As the wolf boss had died, only the little loli Miluya and the Son of the Earth, Garland, were still fighting on the battlefield. Jiang Fei and the Ten-Headed Guardian Lion could not help her. Jiang Fei was way too weak, so he would instantly die if he went up to help. Also, the Guardian Lion was left with too little Health Points that if he went into the battlefield, Garland would probably trample him to death.
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