1088 Miscalculated

    As time went by, Miluya's Health Points reduced further. However, Jiang Fei who was watching the battle, was not worried at all.

    "It's about to fall to 50%. Lucifer will probably come out and help, right?" Jiang Fei muttered to himself.

    "Aren't you going to help?" The Ten-Headed Guardian Lion turned to Jiang Fei. He had seen Jiang Fei kill five Ancient Gods instantly. Although all five of them were Lower Celestials, Jiang Fei was one too. Jiang Fei's strength was far beyond that expected of a Lower Celestial. So, the Ten-Headed Guardian Lion thought that Jiang Fei was actually an unimaginably powerful being disguised as a Lower Celestial.

    "Me? There's no hurry!" Jiang Fei shrugged. If he went up now, there was nothing he could do. Even though the Dragon's Bane could ignore Defense, it was impossible to kill Garland who still had full Health. Now, Jiang Fei could only hope that Miluya's Health would continue to decrease, so that she could summon Lucifer to kill Garland.

    "No hurry?" The Ten-Headed Guardian Lion was very confused. As he was an NPC, he could not see the Health bars above Miluya and Garland's heads. However, he could tell that his master was not really winning the battle.

    "You'll find out soon." Jiang Fei smiled. Miluya's Health Points was now very close to 50%.


    Boundless darkness enclosed the area. Within the darkness stood something even darker. Lucifer had appeared!

    "This is..." The Ten-Headed Guardian Lion's eyes suddenly widened. The pressurizing atmosphere clearly shocked him.

    "Big brother, he's bullying me!" Seeing that backup had arrived, Miluya immediately began to complain.


    Lucifer was still the same. Without any questions, he started attacking!

    The black energy ball exploded on Garland's body. Lucifer was so strong that even Garland who had his Primordial Gear as protection was knocked back a dozen steps. Jiang Fei noticed that the Health bar above his head had been reduced by nearly a quarter!

    "Damn! It's no wonder Lucifer's a big boss!" Jiang Fei smiled. Although Lucifer failed to kill Garland instantly, five more energy balls would be more than enough to send him to the death gate!


    Garland's body illuminated with the obsidian light. The next moment, something shocking happened!

    Garland who was originally already a rock giant grew taller once again, and his Health Points were back to full!

    "What's going on?" Jiang Fei's eyes widened.

    "The Primordial Gear has been triggered..." The Ten-Headed Guardian Lion's voice was shaking.

    "Primordial Gear? What are the effects?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "I don't know. Everyone who has seen the effects of a Primordial Gear is dead..." said the Ten-Headed Guardian Lion.


    Lucifer became serious. A mysterious circle appeared in front of him. The black energy ball was continuously strengthened in the circle, until the energy ball reduced from the size of a basketball to the size of a shot put metal ball!


    Lucifer fired the compressed energy ball out directly at the enlarged Garland.


    An explosion sent Garland flying. From Jiang Fei's perspective, it could be seen that Garland had suddenly lost half of his Health Points!


    Once again, Garland's body illuminated with obsidian light. This time, Garland grew even bigger. Even though his Health Points were not back to full, he recovered up to 80%. Moreover, his Health Points were regenerating quickly!

    "Don't worry, just do it a few more times and he'll be dead!" Jiang Fei shouted. Obviously, the Health Points that Garland would gain back from each attack was not unlimited. As long as Lucifer's attacks kept exceeding this limit, Garland's Health Points would slowly reduce and he would eventually die!

    However, after he gave his words of encouragement, Jiang Fei inadvertently glanced at Lucifer and his heart sank. After that last attack, the black fog around him had become way thinner. Obviously, that attack was supposed to be fatal and it had consumed a lot of his energy. So, there was no way he could use it continuously!


    Sure enough, Lucifer did not summon the strengthening circle once again. However, when his next normal energy ball hit Garland, it failed to reduce Garland's blood. It also triggered the Primordial Gear's effect once again, which allowed Garland to grow once more. At the same time, he had also recovered all of his Health Points!

    "Sh*t!" Jiang Fei rolled his eyes. Lucifer could not kill Garland. The short interval between his powerful skills was long enough to allow Garland to recover. Moreover, Garland grew bigger and get stronger every time the Primordial Gear was triggered!


    Garland stomped his heavy foot and the shockwave that radiated from that attack was enough to take away 20% of Lucifer's Health.

    "Holy sh*t!" Jiang Fei's eyes widened. He also had a Celestial Equipment, but his Dream Crystal Ring was simply rubbish when compared to Garland's Primordial Gear!

    "What now? Are you still not gonna help?" The Ten-Headed Guardian Lion looked at Jiang Fei anxiously.

    "It's fine... don't worry!" Jiang Fei looked relaxed. Even if Lucifer could not beat Garland, there was still the Angel of Death, Azazel. The little loli's ultimate form could kill anyone in an instant.


    When Lucifer realized that he could not help the little loli, he turned into black light and returned to Miluya's body.

    "Ahh?" Miluya was also very surprised. In her heart, her big brother Lucifer was invincible. She never expected him to ever lose a match to someone else.

    Boom boom boom...

    The reinforced Garland continued to attack Miluya. However, due to the effects of Miluya's Strength, the little loli still only took 1 damage from each attack.

    After about twenty minutes, the little loli's Health Points finally dropped to 20%!


    A holy light flashed and Michael appeared!

    "Why do I have a bad feeling?" Jiang Fei muttered to himself.

    "What?" The Ten-Headed Guardian Lion looked at Jiang Fei, confused.


    Michael waved her hand after she appeared. A holy light shone down and the little loli's Health was back to full!

    "F*ck! Why didn't I think of this?" Jiang Fei was going mad. Originally, he planned to wait for Miluya's ultimate form to appear and kill Garland. He did not expect such a thing to happen.

    It was impossible when a super Healer like Michael was paired with the effects of Miluya's Strength. Even if people who were way stronger than Garland came, they would not be able to force the Angel of Death out, let alone Garland himself!

    The battle was once again in a stalemate. The little loli Miluya could not damage Garland. On the other hand, after Garland spent so much effort trying to reduce Miluya's Health Points, her Health was now back to full thanks to Michael.

    After several stalemates, Garland tried to kill the Healer first. However, Michael had too many defensive skills. She had a variety of dodging and Invincibility skills. So, even if Garland managed to hit her once occasionally, she would heal herself back to full Health the very next second. It was harder for Garland to kill her than to go to heaven!
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