1089 All Mine!

    According to Jiang Fei's previous plan, he just had to wait for the little loli's ultimate form to appear and kill Garland. Now, however, it seemed like his plan was not going to work. With Michael present on the battlefield, the little loli's Health Points would never be emptied.

    "F*ck! What now?" Jiang Fei frowned. Even though Garland could not kill Miluya, they could not kill Garland too!

    "There's no way we can kill Garland. His Primordial Gear is too powerful! You should find a way to help them get out of the battle. Otherwise, we'll be in deep trouble if other Ancient Gods came to help Garland!" warned the Ten-Headed Guardian Lion.

    "Hmm?" Jiang Fei raised an eyebrow. The Ten-Headed Guardian Lion reminded him of something. Looking at the current situation, there was no way they could kill Garland. However, Jiang Fei realized that he did not even have to kill Garland!

    Jiang Fei came here for a very simple reason-to destroy the Altar. As for Garland, of course, it would be best if they could kill him. If they could not, it did not really matter at all!

    After thinking about this, Jiang Fei immediately stopped hesitating!

    At that moment, all the Ancient Gods who guarded the Altar had been killed except for Garland, and Garland was busy fighting with Miluya. So, if Jiang Fei secretly climbed the Altar, no one would notice at all.

    "Go take cover somewhere further, your job here is done!" Jiang Fei smiled at the Ten-Headed Guardian Lion, then quietly set off. He crept behind Garland to get out of Garland's sight, then ran toward the Altar.

    Garland was fully focused on the little loli Miluya and the Holy Light Angel Michael. He was not bothered about a small fry like Jiang Fei. So, even though Jiang Fei was quietly rushing toward the Altar, this did not catch his attention.

    A few minutes later, Jiang Fei climbed up the Altar without any hindrance. Strange energy surrounded the middle of the Altar, so Jiang Fei was unable to get close. This energy was probably the energy that the cultists collected from the Overworld. If the Altar was maintained for long enough, these energies would be enough to open the portal that connected the Ancient Celestial Realm and the Overworld!

    "Come on! I can go home after I finish this Quest!" Jiang Fei took the Ginseng Fruit out of his backpack!

    The Ginseng Fruit melted in his mouth and his Level soared to 110!


    Jiang Fei's Level had exceeded the Lower Celestial Level range. As he had advanced to an Intermediate Celestial, this immediately summoned Intermediate Celestial-tier thunder!

    The next moment, the originally clear sky was shrouded in thunderclouds that formed very quickly. In a blink of an eye, they almost touched the top of Jiang Fei's head!

    "Damn! When did this abominable human climb the Altar?!" Garland finally noticed that Jiang Fei was on the Altar!

    "Big brother, you're awesome!" Miluya still cheered for Jiang Fei even though she did not know what was happening.

    "Damned human being!" It was obvious how important the Central Altar was to the Primordial Celestials. This was the only way for them to invade the Overworld. So, when Garland saw that Jiang Fei had ascended the Altar, he immediately let go of Miluya and rushed toward Jiang Fei!

    "Big brother, it's dangerous! Let me help you!" Miluya screamed. However, before she could set off on her rescue journey, she was stopped by Michael.

    Even though Michael and Lucifer had never ever said anything, this older sister was definitely way more clear-headed than Garland.

    The thunderclouds in the sky were ready and the thunderstorm was about to come. If they rushed into the thunderstorm area at this time, it would be equivalent to suicide.

    Since ancient times, only two kinds of creatures have managed to survive the lightning strikes during a Celestial's ascension. The first kinds of creatures were the people going through ascension. These people were just like challengers to be tested, so the lightning itself would not be too powerful. As long as their strength was up to standard, they would be able to survive the lightning strikes.

    The second kind of creature was the Mother of the World that appeared not long ago! Since ancient times, this Level 300 big boss was the only one that had managed to survive and even stop the thunderstorm with its invincible power!

    Additionally, anyone else that broke into one's ascension thunderstorm would be identified by the thunder as a provocateur. In such situations, the thunder would automatically increase its strength according to the provocateur's strength and eventually kill them!

    Precisely because she knew how powerful the thunder was, Michael immediately stopped Miluya when she saw that the little loli was about to rush into the minefield.

    The little loli was fortunately stopped by Michael, but Garland did not have such good luck. He was worried that Jiang Fei would destroy the Altar, so he did not think straight. He did not realize that he had broken into a minefield!


    The first lightning struck Jiang Fei. As he was the one going through ascension, Jiang Fei definitely had to take the first hit!


    Jiang Fei was only accepting the thunder's test, so the thunder did not deal too much damage to him.


    However, when the second lightning struck, Jiang Fei was no longer the target. Obviously, the pinnacle High Celestial, Garland, who was more than ten meters tall at this time, was the next target. No matter from which angle, he was the perfect lightning rod!


    As the strength of the thunder was still at the Level of Jiang Fei's test, it could not break through Garland's Defense. Precisely because of this, the thunder was angered!


    A golden light flashed and the Intermediate-Celestial-Level thunder rose to the Level of a High Celestial!



    Lightning struck again, but the High-Celestial-Level thunder still failed to break through Garland's Defense. With his Primordial Gear to protect him, Garland's Defense was terrifyingly high!


    Golden light flashed once again, signifying that the thunder's Level was increasing. The next moment, it turned into a Supreme Celestial's Kapla!


    Golden lightning struck Garland's head, instantly smashing him to the ground!


    A damage figure of eight billion appeared above Garland's head, instantly reducing his Health Points to around 50%!

    "Damn! Thank god I didn't rush in to fight him!" Jiang Fei muttered to himself. He did not expect a High Celestial boss to have that much Health Points.


    An obsidian light flashed and Garland grew taller again. His Health Points returned to 80%!

    The Primordial Gear's effect had been triggered again, but this did not put Garland at an advantage. The protection offered by his Primordial Gear had made the thunder even angrier!

    After being provoked several times, the thunder directly leaped to its strongest Level!


    Another golden red lightning struck Garland and he fell to the ground. From Jiang Fei's point of view, Garland's Health bar was already empty. However, his name was still bright red, so it seemed like he still had a small amount of Health Points left.

    "F*ck! You're all mine now!" Seeing that the thunderclouds in the sky were still recharging before they could launch their next attack, Jiang Fei immediately took out the Dragon's Bane. This time, there was no one who could steal his kill!
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