1092 Equipment Fusion

    Once Jiang Fei bade farewell to Ou Yezi, Jiang Fei thought about how to further enhance himself.

    Jiang Fei had several powerful items on him. The strongest one would be the Celestial tier equipment set, the Radiant of the Umbral Daystone. However, there was no way Jiang Fei could melt down all seven pieces of equipment and upgrade his character because that would take up more slots that he had. Furthermore, he had to first fuse with the Heart of the Earth if he wanted to equip that equipment set.

    It was a decision that Jiang Fei did not need to think twice about. Heart of the Earth was the most powerful Heavenward's Core and the Strength and Vitality double-buff effect was extremely suitable for Jiang Fei. As for equipment, the two strongest weapons he had were the Culling Blade and the Dragon's Bane. He had no problem melting down Culling Blade since he was unable to use it and it would be a while longer before anyone he knew could. Dragon's Bane was selected to be melted down for its restriction in battle. It could only be used as a last-hit attack since failure to kill the target might allow the target to pick up and use Dragon's Bane against Jiang Fei.

    "No use thinking so much about it. Might as well get it over quickly. Let's start with Heart of the Earth," said Jiang Fei to himself.

    The fusion process was not hard. He had only needed to hold it in his hand and execute the command. The core sublimated into air particles before seeping directly into Jiang Fei's chest. Once that was done, Jiang Fei had fulfilled the condition to equip Radiant of the Umbral Daystone equipment set.

    "Alright now, time for the dagger!"

    He had initially thought of handing it over to the guild. However, Jiang Fei had no reason to give it to the guild since he could now use it for himself.

    Somewhere in the Heaven's Realm, Jiang Fei found himself a blacksmith's forge and started his fusion process with the dagger. It only took Jiang Fei five minutes to break down the dagger and fuse its attribute with himself.

    "Your turn," said Jiang Fei, as he took out Dragon's Bane and placed it on the metal forge.

    "Ding! You are about to destroy Dragon's Bane. Do you still wish to continue?"

    "Ding! Dragon's Bane is a ranged weapon and since you're not a ranged class player, its effect cannot be applied on your character!"

    "Oof!" Jiang Fei grunted. The hammer he was holding was only inches away from knocking on Dragon's Bane when the system notification had popped up.

    The first notification was nothing out of the norm but the second notification was alien to Jiang Fei. From what Jiang Fei understood, Dragon's Bane itself, as an equipment, had no attribute that he could apply since the effect of the weapon lied with its ranged capability. He would have wasted the entire weapon itself if he had hammered it down!

    "Sheesh... Almost gone there..."

    Although he could not break it down to fuse with himself, he could at least have the spear in his inventory and use it in the future. Since he could not use Dragon's Bane to upgrade himself, he tried to think of another item that he could use. Since he was already at the Blacksmith's forge, he might as well finish the job. At that moment, there was one more item that he had placed in the corner of his inventory, collecting dust-Abraham, the Destroyer of Kingdoms.

    Abraham was the sword that Jiang Fei had used for some time before he acquired Soulcutter. Initially, Jiang Fei had wanted to return the sword to the Demon race since the Holy item brought nothing but trouble to those who wielded it. A sword that came from Ulysses. To be honest, Jiang Fei was already a Lower Celestial himself. With the Nine Treasured Cauldrons, Ulysses, the Intermediate Celestial, would not be a challenge to fight against. And since there was no reason to worry about Ulysses, Jiang Fei could use the sword for another something else.

    The sword itself might have been replaced with Soulcutter, but that did not mean it was weak. In fact, the sword's attributes were great. Its 300% increase in Attack Power and other AoE attack boost was a package deal. As such, it was worth to have it destroyed!

    A few minutes after, Jiang Fei broke down Abraham, the Destroyer of Kingdoms and fused it in one slot. There was one more slot for Jiang Fei to use, but there were no other good weapon that was worth breaking down just yet. Upgrade slots were limited and Jiang Fei did not want to waste them on garbage effect.

    Once everything was done, Jiang Fei stood up, stretched up a little, and felt so much stronger that he could take on the world! Excited, Jiang Fei opened his character window and examined his properties.

    Player: Verdure Glider

    Class: God of Crafts (Lower Celestial)

    Health Points: 28,108,992

    Attack Power: 19,121,440

    Physical Defense: 1,309,507

    Magic Defense: 749,304

    Skills: Ruthless Barrage, Demon Rage, Lifesteal Demon Form, Angel of Revenge, Battle Form, Earthen Growth, Sword Form: Sword Burst, Blade Dragon, Reflect, Riverflow Mountain Cutter.

    To be honest, Jiang Fei had not gone through his own character's attributes for quite some time. However, that did not matter because no matter how strong he was before, he was much stronger now. Besides having almost double attribute bonus, his skill set had shown a massive improvement. Active Skills might not have expanded that much but Passive skills had definitely improved both his offense and defense.

    Because of the Passive Skills he had acquired, Jiang Fei's Health Points had almost reached the 30 million mark. Best of all, his Attack Power was reaching 20 million, without Ruthless Barrage applied!

    Passive Skills aside, Jiang Fei had a plethora of Active Skills and even three Morphing skills! Battle Form was Jiang Fei's Covet Demon race's Morphing Skill. Once activated, Jiang Fei would gain Chaos Attribute attacks, other powerful Defensive skills, and race-specific skills set that would serve as Jiang Fei's ultimate trump card.

    Lifesteal Demon form increased Jiang Fei's attack speed and granted Lifesteal while Angel of Revenge granted double Attack and Defense stats, which served as a temporary boost of offensive power.

    Fusing with Abraham, the Destroyer of Kingdom had granted him a new skill, Demon Rage, which would later have a side effect. Even so, a 500% increase in Attack Power was more than enough to make others weary to even go up against him.
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