1093 Scanning Repor

    When everything was settled with the equipment fusion, Jiang Fei returned to Demon Dragon Fortress. He needed to have a grand meeting with all officers of Empyreal Dragon.

    Jiang Fei had completed the quest to destroy the altar in the Celestial Realm but Ou Yezi had not updated Jiang Fei with further information. Still, Jiang Fei had a gut feeling. The War of the Heavens was just around the corner.

    Before Jiang Fei was given the quest to enter the Celestial Realm, Ou Yezi always seemed to be busy. If Jiang Fei had not ascended into Celestial tier, Ou Yezi might have never talked to Jiang Fei again.

    On his desk, Jiang Fei had seen a large piece of paper that stretched as far as the table was big. With one quick look, Jiang Fei knew that the paper contained blueprints for a huge, mega-sized Teleportation Circle. Before he could confirm what it was, Ou Yezi's servants had come knocking, hauling so many materials that it confirmed Jiang Fei's presumption about it being a large Teleportation Circle. From there on, Jiang Fei could guess that Ou Yezi was planning to build a teleportation portal into the Celestial Realm to fight back. To prevent any damage done to the world, the War of the Heavens was planned to be in the Primordial Celestial realm.

    That was why he wanted to have a meeting with all officers of Empyreal Dragon, to inform and discuss plans about how to prepare for the coming conflict.

    "Guildmaster! Just how many surprises do you have up your sleeve?" said Seven Stars Warrior. From flying dragon mount, to a beautiful succubus pet, and even a Celestial tier equipment set, everyone then was mostly numb from all the overwhelming feats that Jiang Fei had accomplished.

    "Hmph. I'd like to see one trick. Appear every day and talk to your members. You've been gone for several days, sometimes even weeks! There are so many of your members that thought you have already given up on the game! It's bad for morale!" said Rosette Rose angrily.

    "Hur hur hur... I'll be more vigilant about that..." said Jiang Fei, shrugging nonchalantly as he took out the five Heavenward's Cores from his inventory.

    "I have been in the Primordial Celestial realm for some time and only managed to get this many from those stingy bosses up there. See that these cores go to those who are worthy," said Jiang Fei as he passed the cores to Seven Stars Warrior and Lady Casanova.

    "What are these?"

    "They look like abnormally huge marbles..."

    Neither Lady Casanova nor Seven Stars Warrior had ever seen the cores and thought they were merely minor upgrade gemstones.

    "It doesn't matter what they are! What matters is they're strong! Read the description!" said Little Rain as his hands slithered faster than a Thief and grabbed the Heart of the Magician core.

    "Hold your horses there, Little Rain. When I said find someone worthy, I meant guild members. These things are almost permanent and they will be destroyed upon removal. Be patient, I'll find even stronger cores for the lot of you," said Jiang Fei with a large grin. To be honest, even though these cores were epicly strong, Jiang Fei viewed cores that dropped from Lower Celestial bosses as trash.

    "For real?!" Little Rain gasped. He was only two steps away from fusing with the Heart of the Magician when Jiang Fei offered to give them better ones.

    "When have I ever broken my promises?" Jiang Fei raised his eyebrows.

    "Oh so many times... As I recall, someone here promised me to join guild activities but only attended 1 out of 100," said Lady Casanova with a narrowed gaze.

    "Well... that... I can explain. See I have urgent matters to tend to in the real world," said Jiang Fei awkwardly.

    "By the way, you mentioned about the Battle of the Heavens. Do you have inside information?" Seven Stars Warrior asked.

    "About that, it's almost time. That's actually why I've called for this meeting. Group up the best players you know and start grinding levels. The weakest monsters in the Celestial realm are Level 90 Overlord tier. If you guys cannot hit at least Level 85, you're not going to survive!"

    "That a big oof," Seven Stars Warrior sighed.

    Even though Jiang Fei had hit Level 110 and dropped down to Level 109, literally everyone else in the game had only hit around Level 80. The best players in Empyreal Dragon were only at Level 82. Not counting the officers of the guild, like Seven Stars Warrior and Lady Casanova.

    The guild's founding members were way above the curve. Seven Stars Warrior was the only one that hit Overlord tier while Lady Casanova, Little Rain, and a few others were stuck at Level 89. The quest for ascension was hard and it was harder to complete since those quests must be completed alone. Almost all normal players with normal gear set would never be able to complete them.

    "Good luck then. So let us start planning what to do with the guild," said Jiang Fei as he officially started the meeting to decide the future of the guild.

    The next two days were extremely relaxing, be it in the game or in real life. Jiang Fei could literally feel the burden on his shoulders being removed. There was nothing ongoing in the game that Jiang Fei needed to do. As such, he had so much spare time to spend with guild members and also flirt with female NPCs that were still "stuck" in the game in the Demon Dragon Fortress.

    On the other hand, the super radar system had yet to produce any results. Without a proper, well-pinned location, Jiang Fei could not make a move.

    On the second day, Han Tianyu was healed and got out of the Medical Bay. When Jiang Fei helped Han Tianyu to get used to his new feet, Jiang Fei was incredibly impressed with the superior technology of planet Namek. Previously, Han Tianyu's legs were completely crushed beyond any recognition from below the pelvis. Now, he was like a new man!

    From the perspective of a Metahuman, especially a martial artist, having new limbs was favorable but unproductive for them since losing their limbs was akin to robbing years of hard training. It would take the same number of years as they did before to train the strength of their new limbs. On the other hand, Han Tianyu was only a Level 2 greenhorn. His new legs were 99% similar to the legs he had before.

    Now that Han Tianyu was all well and healthy, he quickly settled down and informed him about the ambush in China.

    "Thanks for healing me. Right now, I need to find and hunt that f*cker that betrayed me. He's going to get it real good when I get my hands on him!" said Han Tianyu with the eyes of a killer. Han Tianyu was so certain that someone in his circle had betrayed him. So much so that he was willing to go all out to find out who it was. If it wasn't for the traitor, the military would never have found out about the exodus and Han Tianyu would not have lost his legs.

    "Well, off you go then," said Jiang Fei. He did not really care about what Han Tianyu was going to do, only his well-being. To be honest, Jiang Fei did not really care about being betrayed. At his vantage point, strength mattered the most. All schemes and plots would be easily crushed by having the superior strength.

    Two days later, nothing happened. At least for Jiang Fei. There was nothing to do in the game but Jiang Fei could no longer sit still as 0542 had only recently informed him about the completion of the radar scanning.

    "Captain. Here are the exact locations of several points of interest. I have highlighted them on the hologram. Please examine them and determine your next course of action."

    A miniature globe of the Earth was projected.

    "The red dots?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "Those are positions that emit the higher signal. They could be Level 5 Metahumans, high radioactive mineral deposits, or other events that could emit powerful energy."

    "Where is the Main Engine Room?!" Jiang Fei's voice increased in volume. He was excited for sure.
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