1101 Return to the Capital

    As soon as the clip ended, Jiang Fei was reminded of how Fan Yao talked to him when Jiang Fei visited the underground facility base. Back then, he had four bodyguards with him. Now that he thought of it, those were not bodyguards, those were escorts. They were assigned to Fan Yao to watch his every move and interfere if he did something that he wasn't told to do.

    "No wonder he was babbling nonsense to me back then!" said Jiang Fei to himself.

    Jiang Fei had gravely mistaken Fan Yao's childhood stories as supplementary information that serves absolutely no purpose. Everything from mistakes he made when he was a young kid, setting fire to his bed and was scolded for it. Everything he said was coded! Fan Yao meant to say that he played with fire and got burned by it.

    It was incredibly unfortunate for Fan Yao as Jiang Fei had not put any serious thought about what he said. It was inevitable since when Fan Yao called Jiang Fei to meet him, the tension between America and China was at its breaking point. The war took place in Japan soon after and even Han Tianyu got caught in it. Since then, Jiang Fei had decided to stay far away from the military.

    "I believe that my imprisonment by the military was all planned by the Androids. They might want to keep me there to question what I know about you!" said Han Tianyu, providing additional information to piece things together.

    "Dammit. What can we do now? Fan Yao got himself burnt but the fire had spread too far and wide!" said Jiang Fei.

    Jiang Fei had already felt that something was wrong when he knew that the military had something to do with "Dawn Break". The moment he knew they were extracting in-game NPCs as A.I programs to be inserted into Androids, 0541 started to lecture him about the danger and uncertainty of artificial intelligence. Something happened on planet Namek when Namekians tempered with A.I far too much. They were lucky since they were able to put out the rebellion and even establish strict laws in their society. All artificial intelligence were prohibited from being used in war, making contact with weaponry, design, and even development.

    As a result of that law, 0541 had concluded that the best way to get involved with artificial intelligence was to have them fall in love with Jiang Fei. That was the only way 0541 had determined would benefit Jiang Fei even when they were revived as human beings.

    Humans are infallible creatures. Without first learning the dangers of what they were doing, they would not be able to understand the consequences of their actions.

    They had assumed that an artificial soul would be harmless, thus granting them the authority to control their own mechanical bodies. Those that pioneered the first Supreme Androids were satisfied with the result as long as the program was stable. They had failed to assume the worse. In this case, the worst that could happen will happen and had happened. The rise of the Androids was just the start.

    With this new information, Jiang Fei could finally piece something together. He had always wondered why the military would even fight martial artists. Their strongest Androids were not even strong, to begin with. It made no sense why they would strike the Martial Artists Alliance so soon.

    It turns out that Androids had taken over the military. Those that had gained self-awareness had ambitions of their own. They did not want to serve humans any longer and decided their greatest threat would be those that had supernatural powers, which were the martial artists. Eliminating all potential threats was then set as the highest priority.

    "Is it possible... are the unknowns related to the military's rebellious Androids? Both sides are Androids..." Jiang Fei asked himself. He then recalled how Straz reacted during the reclaim of the Main Engine room. Straz left the place even before the military had arrived. If they were related and or shared the same goal, Straz would have done something to stop Isabella from tearing all the Androids apart. It almost felt like Straz did not care about them. If that was the case, they might not be related after all!

    "Is it just me... or is it just getting crazier out there," said Jiang Fei.

    "What would you do?" Han Tianyu asked. He might be a man with thoughts that would scare the norm, but the situation was out of his mental capability. It was beyond what he had dealt with in the Metahuman society. Even when strength meant everything, Han Tianyu could still survive with the power of the mind. Now, when dealing with artificial intelligence... Han Tianyu had run out of cards to play.

    "I'll go to the capital... I think it's something I need to do," said Jiang Fei after a moment of silence.

    Jiang Fei was not worried about what the military could do. The threat they posed to him was minuscule at best. Although they had the ability to produce Level 5 Androids, they were so weak that even Ariel could fight five of them alone. Isabella would have ripped them to shreds with only one finger. Most importantly, Jiang Fei knew that he had something the Unknowns wanted. Even if the rebellion had something to do with the Unknowns, they could not do anything against Jiang Fei.

    With that thought in mind, Jiang Fei decided it was best to pay the military a visit. It would be best if the Unknowns had nothing to do with the military rebellion. In the worst-case scenario, he would unleash the destroyer and crush everyone. The military was no longer considered as the protector of the country. Jiang Fei had nothing to hold back if they decided to attack him.

    "Be careful. In case of trouble, you can always ask for Rainbow Longsword Sect or the Snow Mountain Sect for help," said Han Tianyu. There was literally nothing he could do but to provide advice and suggestions.

    "Alright," Jiang Fei replied nonchalantly. Although there was an option given to him, Jiang Fei would most likely not ask for help.

    "Ariel, Bella, let's roll," Jiang Fei called out to the two girls that were relaxing in the living room.

    The two girls headed back to their rooms and got ready. Si Tuying, who was at the living room, stared at Jiang Fei, solemnly and sad.

    Without even asking, Jiang Fei knew that Si Tuying wanted nothing more than to go with Jiang Fei, to fight side by side. He knew but could only pretend to be oblivious about it. The dangers he faced in the open were too much even for himself. It would be extremely cumbersome for Ariel and Isabella if Si Tuying tagged along.

    "0542, use the Zhanlu Sword and melt it down. Take whatever Valium that is left..." said Jiang Fei, extremely reluctant. The sword was important to him. To protect himself and to slay those that were hard to kill. However, the bracelet on Isabella's wrist was getting thinner. It was only natural since Isabella had been fighting for his stead. It all came down to whether Jiang Fei was willing to risk going in without Isabella's full potential...

    "Yes, captain," 0542 immediately complied.

    "Am I out of options here? Should I really cooperate with those thieving bastards?" said Jiang Fei to himself. The amount of Valium he had left was too little. Even though Isabella got stronger every time she tapped into the power of Berserk, it would soon come to an end when there was no Valium left.
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