1104 Isabella In Danger

    When Jiang Fei, Ariel, and Isabella left the facility, Yang Xiao was escorted back into the confinement room, together with the rest of the officials. When Z12-7 and Z12-8 had received the confirmation that Jiang Fei was at the exit, they immediately changed their attitude. They were no longer the bodyguards that were supposed to "keep" Yang Xiao safe. The door to their confinement room was flung open and the middle-aged man was tossed inside. A completely different treatment before Jiang Fei left.

    The room was filled with many other officers of the same age as Yang Xiao. They were once very important people, working for the government, treated with the utmost respect. Yet here they are, squandering in a small dormitory that was transformed into a confinement room.

    The others saw how Yang Xiao was treated but neither one of them dared to do anything about it, merely a look of pity. Everyone was quiet. Everything was so tightly monitored that even a glance at each other would result in an electrifying punishment. If they were not allowed to, no one dared to speak, making the entire confinement room feel extremely gloomy and solemn.


    When 0542 had informed Jiang Fei about Yang Xiao's location, he stopped his tracks and patted Lieutenant Wang on his shoulders.

    "Thank you for sending me off," said Jiang Fei with a smile.

    "You're most welcome. I'll have Mr. Jiang Fei to walk himself out. Here is where I stop. I am needed back at the office," said Lieutenant Wang.

    "Heh. I get it. Office work, right? It must be nice to be wanted. That being said, I advise you to walk out of here for a bit. Get outside and feel the air. In fact, I urge you to do it now," said Jiang Fei, grinning as he did.

    "Huh? What do you mean?" Lieutenant Wang stammered. He was so confused that he did not know how to respond to such comments.

    "Heh..." Jiang Fei scoffed but gave Ariel a nod.

    Ariel nodded back and waved her hand, teleporting everyone but Lieutenant Wang.

    "What do you mean by that?! Mr. Jiang Fei! Come back! What's outside? Mr. Jiang!" Lieutenant Wang cried out, trembling in fear. He was completely oblivious to the fact that he was just saved by Jiang Fei.

    When Jiang Fei reappeared, he was standing next to Yang Xiao, as well as the other important officials.

    "Y-You?! How did you--"

    "Do it! Ariel!" Jiang Fei roared before Yang Xiao could finish his cries.

    Ariel clapped her hands together and released a powerful electromagnetic barrier that interfered with any other radio waves from coming. The barrier extended outward, encasing the entire room and slightly further. The barrier was meant to protect everything inside it, especially the officials that had implants inside their bodies. Now, even if they wanted to, the Androids could not do anything to them since their remote signal could not penetrate the barrier to trigger the device.

    "Fei! How could you be so reckless? You could have got us all killed! Nevermind that now, you need to leave!" said Yang Xiao even though he knew Jiang Fei was there to save them. Even though they knew Jiang Fei was strong in his own way, they were still oblivious to many other feats that he could do.

    They knew Jiang Fei from the alliance and because of that, they assumed that Jiang Fei shared the same arrogance that all martial artists shared. They would not expect someone of Jiang Fei's position to understand anything about robotics and Androids. They knew how strong a Level 5 Metahuman could be but they could not accept the fact that someone like Isabella could handle all Level 5 enemies, single-handedly.

    "Relax, I've got this under control. I am here to defeat those Androids!" said Jiang Fei confidently.

    As soon as he said that, alarms in the entire base went off. It was triggered when the Androids had detected conversations in the room. They tried to activate the device in their bodies but they noticed negative feedbacks from it.

    "Ariel, maintain the barrier. Leave the rest to me!" said Isabella as she fiddled with the lackluster bracelet that was running low on Valium.


    A powerful wave of red hot energy could be felt when Isabella injected herself with Valium. Her eyes glowed with intense red as she flashed out of the confinement.

    "Is that normal?" Yang Xiao asked. Even a normal human like Yang Xiao could feel that intense bloodlust. Everything about Isabella screamed of abnormality.

    "She's fine. She's got it under control. For now... I'm trying my best to cure her," said Jiang Fei as he sighed.

    "Report. Current Omega level Machine Lifeform counts are: 20!"







    The numbers dropped quickly as Isabella went through her killing phase. Based on the dropping rate, Isabella had either instantly killed those Level 5 Androids or several of them at the same time. It only took her less than a minute to kill 20 Androids. The last surviving Level 5 Android should be the strongest one.

    "Is it just me... or did Isabella get stronger?" Jiang Fei asked. It was an observable phenomenon. The more she tapped into Berserk mode, the stronger she would be after each attempt. Jiang Fei had even thought whether it was possible for Isabella to actually transcend into Level 6 via the same method.

    "Captain! Warning! Isabella's life force is declining rapidly!" said 0542. Its voice reverberated into Jiang Fei's soul, like a thunderclap that rang in his ears.

    "She must have ran out of Valium!" Jiang Fei thought after he had snapped back into reality. There was almost no way anyone else could defeat Isabella during her Berserk mode. The only reason she was in trouble must be due to the lack of Valium!

    "Ariel, take me to her!" Jiang Fei cried. There was no time to care about maintaining the barrier. The lives of these old farts did not matter to him as much as Isabella's.

    With a flash, both Jiang Fei and Ariel teleported to where Isabella was. The others were left behind as they were more of a hindrance than a help. Not to mention, their frail bodies would be ripped into shreds for flowing through the fabric of spacetime.

    "BELLA!" Jiang Fei cried when he saw the poor girl convulsing on the ground. After losing Valium, her body was unable to control the immense flow of energy. The violent convulsion was the result of it. She longer she was in this state, the more damage would be done to her mind and body. If that was only the case, Jiang Fei would only feel worried, not the world-ending wrath that he was feeling then.

    Someone was playing with a knife, tracing along her fair skin, as Isabella was convulsing without control.

    "Little b*tch! What's wrong? Get up now! Hehehehe! You're nothing but a little b*tch now, aren't cha!"

    The man's attention was completely focused on teasing Isabella. He failed to realize that Jiang Fei and Ariel had teleported in.

    Without saying a word, Jiang Fei flexed his muscles so hard that it ripped his shirt apart. With the highest energy he had ever gathered in his entire right arm, he leaped towards the man to deliver the strongest punch he had ever delivered. He did not care if the man was a Level 5 Android or even a Metahuman. All he knew was that he was going to bust his face in for causing Isabella to suffer like that.

    Unfortunately, Jiang Fei's full power was only that of a Level 4. No matter how hard Jiang Fei tried, he would never be able to come close to that of a Level 5. Knowing that, Ariel did not sit idly to watch Jiang Fei lose. She flashed to his side and delivered a thunderbolt the size of a tree and hurled it towards the Android.

    "Huh?" the Android noticed the incoming attack and quickly dodged it. He did not care about Jiang Fei's incoming fury at all.
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