1109 Babysitting At His Bes

    After informing his parents about his safety, Jiang Fei got ready to sleep. Fortunately, even when he had nothing to do, there were still things for him. By staying over in the base in China, Jiang Fei was able to log into "Dawn Break" following the local time. It had been a while since he had properly logged into the game at 10pm.

    There was one thing that had been eluding his mind. When the Androids took over the base, they also took over the game and its servers. Unbeknownst to most, the servers and the Android production facilities had been moved elsewhere. The military had no interest in further developing the game but the Unknowns still had their eyes on the game. It was the same as the military motives, to develop and capture highly evolved artificial intelligence. The thing that caught Jiang Fei's attention was the fact that he could still play the game, even when the Unknowns and the rebellion knew who he was. With everything they knew about him, surely they would do something to stop Jiang Fei from playing, or even try to limit his movements. The fact that he could still do anything he wanted in the game spoke volumes. Something was going on.

    With so many things that were going on simultaneously, Jiang Fei ended up logging in to the game, with the purest intention to enjoy it without thinking of any problems. Even so, there was one mission that he needed to accomplish. In accordance to 0541's "will", he needed to kill all Celestial tier NPCs.

    In the game, Jiang Fei noticed there was hardly any living soul in the Demon Dragon Fortress. It was so deserted that Jiang Fei thought something might have actually happened when he was away.

    He opened the guild main window and found most of his members were online. They were just not gathered at the Demon Dragon Fortress.

    "Where's everyone?" he asked Seven Star Warrior.

    "Hey, boss! The scenario quest has started! The War of the Heavens! We are all doing it!" said Seven Star Warrior. He had no clue that the game had underwent a major update when he was missing for just one day.

    The High Human Council, led by Ou Yezi, had built a Super Teleportation Circle. Even though it was not yet activated, the main scenario quest line was released to the general public. Players would now work together to protect the Teleportation Circle from being destroyed by the Cultist of the Primordial Celestials.

    Before the main scenario quests could even begin, the Teleportation Circle was attacked twice by the Cultist. Players were abruptly gathered there to fight. Many had died during the defensive war but the rewards were lucrative.

    Dying in Faction maps would not incur the experience penalty. Hence, even after dying numerous times, players kept on returning to the same place because of the experience rewards. At this point, the average player level in the entire Region map had reached Level 85. Elitist had rushed the quest lines had was at Level 89, just waiting to complete the task required for them to receive Overlord status.

    "I'll be right there!" Jiang Fei replied. Excited, Jiang Fei summoned the Skygliding Dragon and shot into the sky. He had been waiting for this main scenario quest to start for as long as he could remember!

    "Oof! That's awesome!" Jiang Fei gasped when he arrived where the Teleportation Circle after one hour. The entire thing was several times larger than the one he saw in the Primordial realm. Players could be seen scurrying around, talking to NPCs to pick up the quest. Their quest was to stop all incoming Cultist attacks and protect the Teleportation Circle.

    "How long would this take?" Jiang Fei asked when he grouped up with Seven Star Warrior and the others.

    "We were told to guard this place for at least seven days," Lady Casanova explained.

    "How has it been? Could you guys handle it?"

    "Can't complain so far. The monsters were mostly Level 80-ish. There are mini-bosses from time to time. Although they usually never drop anything good, the experience points are more than enough to compensate for that!" Seven Star Warrior interjected.

    "Sounds like you guys are having a good time grinding levels here," said Jiang Fei. Guarding missions were usually easy enough. Enemies would arrive by themselves in the form of waves. Players would only need to stay alive at the same place to defend the objective. One would only be able to finish the quest when the last wave spawned.

    "Incoming!" someone cried out from the top of the Teleportation Circle.

    "Alright, the Cultist is here. Guildmaster, what do you want to do? We are going to lead the other members to charge in," said Lady Casanova. Judging from the tone, it could not get more obvious that she had gotten sick and tired about Jiang Fei not present during any guild activity.

    "Haha. I'll be there. Just give me a second," said Jiang Fei as he adjusted his chat channel to region-based.

    "Level 109 player looking for a party! Strongest DPS in the game looking for a party!" Jiang Fei shouted. His message popped up instantly the public channel where everyone in the region could see. In that instance, all eyes were locked to him.

    "Oyy! What are you doing?" Lady Casanova rolled her eyes and grunted, not before sending a party invitation to him.

    "Fufufufu. I'm only trying to get people to notice our guild," said Jiang Fei as he laughed sinisterly.

    Seven Star Warrior grunted as well.

    "You don't have stick out like a sore thumb."

    "That reminds me. Can you adjust the experience sharing mode to Equal?"

    "Why? Are you going to babysit all of us?" Little Rain teased.

    "Can you even handle it?" Lady Casanova interfered. She was afraid that Jiang Fei might eat his words. She would be fine with it but what about the other members? If Jiang Fei could not bring the entire guild, the radiant halo that he was wearing would be overthrown.

    "Not to worry. I got things under control," said Jiang Fei, bragging confidently.

    "Alright then."

    Seven Star Warrior saw how confident Jiang Fei was and changed the party settings.

    The party Jiang Fei was in was an Expedition type party. While the Raiding party has a member limit, Expedition would not since open-field could house almost unlimited number of players. Dungeon Raiding mode limited the party member count, depending on which dungeon they were raiding. Expedition mode's maximum player count was at 100,000 players.

    Even though Jiang Fei was so sure of himself, Lady Casanova and Seven Star Warrior were still worried about him. They knew he was strong as he had survived the test of Celestial Kapla. They were worried he might be biting something that he could not chew.

    Jiang Fei arrived at the front lines, with the rest of the guild following behind him. The entire quest had started one day before and other players, guilds alike had already established their camp zone to mark their own territory. Everyone was tasked to guard a certain area to prevent overlapping in one and severely lacking somewhere else.

    "Come now, everyone! It's time to cheer for the guildmaster, for he is going to babysit all of us!" Little Rain shouted, not knowing that Seven Star Warrior and Lady Casanova was trying to calm things down.

    Worried, Lady Casanova hurried to Jiang Fei and asked, "Are you sure you're going to be fine?"

    "Don't worry about me," Jiang Fei reassured Lady Casanova. Right now, his AoE attacks were likely the strongest in the game. More importantly, the enemies were around Level 80. With his dominating status as a Celestial tier, his attack would be increased by a hundredfold!
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