1110 Unholy Desire Ground

    Looking at the cultist troops that were charging over like a tidal wave, Jiang Fei smiled.

    "Unsheathe! Scatter!" Following Jiang Fei's command, the Soulcutter automatically flew out. After it hovered above Jiang Fei's head for a moment, it instantly split into one hundred and twenty-eight sharp blades!

    Ever since Jiang Fei advanced into the Celestial tier, the Soulcutter had also become more powerful. Or, rather, it could be said that the Soulcutter's true power had finally been unleashed.

    Previously, before Jiang Fei became a Celestial, the Soulcutter would need a few seconds to split completely. Now, however, it was almost instant!

    Sword Form: Sword Burst!

    Following a change in command, all one hundred and twenty-eight blades charged towards the huge cultist army like a heavy rainstorm!




    Red damage figures filled the sky, almost blinding Little Rain and the others. Originally, Jiang Fei's Attack Power was already extremely high. Now, he had the Soulcutter which had a special attribute that ignored the Defense of all equipment below Holy Grade. He also dealt a hundred times more damage to enemies below Celestial tier. So, when all of these were combined, he dealt more than 1.9 billion damage to these cultists!

    With such high damage, even a high-leveled Overlord boss would be killed instantly, let alone Level 80 Elite monsters! Other than bosses who had Invincibility skills, no other cultist would be able to stand in front of Jiang Fei!

    "Warrior, do you think he'll be fine?" Although Lady Casanova had also seen Jiang Fei's godly Attack Power, she was still worried.

    "I don't know. I don't think he'll make rash promises. He probably still has some killer moves up his sleeves." Seven Stars Warrior shook his head. Honestly, he was a little unconfident too.

    After all, this time, Jiang Fei said that he wanted to help 100,000 people level up. This was not something that could be achieved just with high Attack Power.

    If the cultists only sent out bosses like a large group of Overlord bosses, Jiang Fei should be able to deal with it easily, considering how powerful he was. However, there were now more small monsters and fewer bosses. Jiang Fei was not a Magician that had a lot of Area of Effect skills, so it would be hard for him to fight millions of these cultists all by himself. Hence, Seven Stars Warrior was a little worried.

    "The show's about to begin!" After killing the cultist army's small leading group, a smile crept up on Jiang Fei's face. There was a battle plan that he had been wanting to try for a long time!

    Boom! A bolt of red lightning struck and Jiang Fei's appearance changed!

    After advancing into a Celestial, Jiang Fei's Lifesteal Demon form had changed significantly. He looked extremely cool at this time. His body was surrounded by pinkish mist. If he was a girl, he would have appeared to be somewhat flirtatious. However, as he was a guy, it made everyone around him feel a sense of danger!

    Swoosh! After entering his battle form, Jiang Fei immediately activated Shadow Clone. The next moment, five Clones appeared!

    After he became a Celestial, Jiang Fei's Shadow Clone skill had also been strengthened. The number of Clones had increased by two!

    "Let's go, my brothers!" Jiang Fei smiled at the Clones around him, even though he knew these Clones had no intelligence at all and they could not respond to him.

    Sudden Charge!

    Jiang Fei and his five Clones quickly teleported forward. Indeed, Jiang Fei was not the only one teleporting. All his Clones were using the same skill.

    After Jiang Fei advanced into the Celestial tier, the number of Clones had not only increased by two, but these Clones could also use his skills now.

    These Clones could only use the skills that Jiang Fei had during his Lifesteal Demon form. Even so, their strength had multiplied!

    As Jiang Fei was now a Celestial, these non-Celestial cultist troops only dealt one percent of damage to him. So, Jiang Fei and his Clones were basically invincible. In just a short time, they had rushed into the depths of the huge cultist army!

    Unholy Desire Ground!

    Jiang Fei and all his Clones activated the skill at the same time. The pinkish mist which originally surrounded them quickly dispersed and anyone who touched the pinkish mist was left dazed on the spot.

    The mist spread extremely quickly over a huge area. The mists of Jiang Fei and his Clones had drifted to more than 2,000 meters around the place. The six of them were also scattered as far away as possible to maximize the mist range, so the covered area was even larger than an NPC's curse area!

    The cultists who were affected by the pink mist did not stay dazed for too long. After a few seconds, these cultists screamed like animals!

    Following the screams, the eyes of these cultists became bloodshot, then they started to slash their former comrades!

    The next moment, chaos arose among the huge cultist army that was originally charging towards Jiang Fei. All the troops were killing one another and even the small Overlord bosses were being surrounded by their former subordinates!

    Unholy Desire Ground, this was also a skill that Jiang Fei acquired after he advanced into a Celestial. This skill could only be used during his Lifesteal Demon form. After this skill was activated, the enemies touched by the pink mist would lose their senses and start to frantically attack anyone around them until they die. These people could also recover their senses if Jiang Fei was killed.

    However, this skill was only this powerful when used against NPCs. If enemy players were contaminated by the pink mist, they would only be controlled for ten seconds, then the mist would become ineffective.

    Moreover, the mist was not effective on all NPCs. Only NPCs that were lower in tier compared to Jiang Fei would be affected. NPCs of the same tier or higher than Jiang Fei could ignore the pink mist.

    Currently, Jiang Fei was a Lower Celestial. Although he was Level 109, a Level 100 Lower Celestial would not be affected as long as he or she had ignited the Godly Flame.

    Obviously, this skill was a typical skill that one could use to bully the weak. When faced with a strong enemy, it would have no effect at all. However, if Jiang Fei combined its effect with his Clones, it became a magical skill that could be used to get rid of these small soldiers easily!

    Ding ding ding... As the small soldiers died in battle continually, many of the players behind Jiang Fei began to level up.

    Although these small soldiers killed each other, they only acted this way because of Jiang Fei's skill. So, Jiang Fei and the others could gain Experience.

    The pink mist dispersed by Jiang Fei and his five Clones covered six circular areas with a radius of two kilometers. Countless small soldiers were trapped within, which allowed the members of the main team who were standing behind him to gain a huge amount of Experience Points.

    "F*ck! You'll become that powerful after becoming a God?" At this time, even Seven Stars Warrior who had always believed in Jiang Fei's strength and abilities was shocked.

    "Damn! I wanna become a God too!" Little Rain cried out loud.

    "Why don't you finish your Overlord Quest first?" Lady Casanova sneered. However, after witnessing Jiang Fei's godlike strength, a strong desire to become a Celestial had also ignited in her heart.
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