1113 Decided

    "Xiao Fei, I don't think we can make a decision immediately. Can you give us some time to think about it?" Bai Wanli hesitated. On one hand, he could not swallow his pride. On the other hand, he was reluctant to give up the compensation, so he was caught in a dilemma.

    "I'll leave it to you. This has nothing to do with me, but I think that it would be a complete waste if you don't accept the compensation." Jiang Fei smiled at the old martial artists. He clearly knew that they were tempted by it but their pride was at stake.

    Anyway, now that he had passed the message, Jiang Fei's job was done. He was too lazy to continue chatting with the martial artists. After he shared information about the location of the secret base of the Emperor's Capital, he left.

    It was a smooth journey back. Jiang Fei arrived at the secret base of the Emperor's Capital before evening.

    "Ariel, how's Bella?" After he returned, Jiang Fei did not go to see Yang Xiao and the others. Instead, he directly went to see Bella.

    "Sister Bella just fell asleep. Although her body is still weak, she has recovered quite a bit." Ariel whispered in Jiang Fei's ear.

    "Oh." Jiang Fei was relieved after listening to this. Bella had the support of Valium. The energy surge in her body was once again balanced. Considering the fact that Level 5 Metahumans had strong self-recovery abilities, she would be able to fully recover very soon.

    In order to not disturb the sleeping Bella, Jiang Fei and Ariel quietly left the room. In the room that the military had arranged for Jiang Fei, the both of them chatted for a while before Yang Xiao came in with a few old guys.

    "Xiao Fei, I heard that you're back. Did everything go smoothly?" Yang Xiao smiled. Although it seemed like he was concerned about Jiang Fei, everyone knew what he was trying to do.

    As Yang Xiao and the others had immediately come to Jiang Fei, they were definitely there to ask about the outcome. After all, the Martial Arts Alliance was filled with stubborn old guys. Even though they had suffered heavy losses, Yang Xiao and the others were unsure about the prideful martial artists.

    "Pretty smoothly." Jiang Fei smiled. Anyway, he was not the one in a hurry. Since Yang Xiao and the others were beating around the bush, he did not mind joining them.

    The group of old guys who had been involved in the political circle for half their lifetimes ended up spending more than two hours making small talk with Jiang Fei. In the end, they gave in because they realized that Jiang Fei would continue acting dumb as long as they did not take the initiative to ask, and this would probably go on until dawn.

    "Xiao Fei, how did the discussion with the martial artists go?" In the end, as they had no other choice, so an old man with a full head of white hair took the initiative to ask.

    "I didn't discuss anything with them. I just told them that you asked to meet." Jiang Fei shrugged.

    "Ah?" When Jiang Fei's voice fell, all the old guys present were dumbfounded. What were the virtues of those high-leveled martial artists? Did they not know? If all they needed to do was just to send a letter to make the martial artists come over, would the Chinese rulers have no sort of connection with the Metahumans for over thousands of years?

    "What do they mean?" asked Yang Xiao.

    "They're not coming, I guess..." Jiang Fei shrugged. Obviously, he was teasing the guys on purpose.

    "Can't these martial artists just swallow their stinky pride?" Yang Xiao and the others sighed.

    "They're really a bunch of idiots!" Another old man was even more disappointed.

    "But..." Jiang Fei started slowly, immediately attracting the eyes of the old guys.

    "What?" At this time, even Yang Xiao had stopped restraining himself. After all, if the martial artists were willing to cooperate, the military would not be as passive as they were now.

    "If you're willing to swallow your pride as well, they might be willing to discuss with you." Jiang Fei laughed.

    "How do we swallow our pride? Even a second-generation disciple from their side dares to be arrogant with us. How do you expect us to swallow our pride?" An old man exploded in anger upon hearing Jiang Fei's words.

    "Yeah! Even though they're all powerful, we're still a few decades older than them. They should at least have some basic respect for us, right?" Another old man laughed bitterly.

    "Damn!" Yang Xiao sighed. They could only have such a good relationship with Jiang Fei because he did not have the annoying virtues of a traditional martial artist.

    Although Jiang Fei's strength had reached the top among the martial artists, he had obtained his powers in a short duration of time. Moreover, he had never been immersed in the environment of the Martial Arts Alliance, so he did not have a sense of superiority. Hence, when he dealt with ordinary people, he gave them sufficient respect instead of looking down on them like the other traditional martial artists.

    "What I mean is that you admit that the chaos caused by the Supreme Android Soldiers was your fault, so you're willing to compensate for the loss of the Martial Arts Alliance." Jiang Fei smiled awkwardly. He did not expect the martial artists to have such a bad reputation.

    "That's a given! They just have to tell us whether they want money or materials." An old man next to him laughed. The Chinese government never lacked money!

    "You can discuss that among yourselves when the time comes." With that, Jiang Fei realized he did not have to worry about the rest of the matter anymore.

    After sending those old guys away, Jiang Fei was left with Ariel in his room.

    "We'll stay here for one more night. Tomorrow, you send Bella back," Jiang Fei said to Ariel after pondering for a moment.

    "What about you?" asked Ariel.

    "I'll go and meet Bennette Straz." In the end, he had come to a conclusion and decided to cooperate with the Unknowns.

    At that moment, even though Bella's condition had stabilized, they did not have much Valium left. Jiang Fei did not want to see Bella's life being threatened again, so he could only cooperate with the Unknowns.

    "Will you be safe if you go alone?" Ariel was a little uneasy.

    "If I were meeting someone else, there might be some risks, but if it's Bennette Straz, he won't hurt me." Jiang Fei laughed. Although the Dragon God had many shortcomings, he was very honest and kept to his words. Since he said that he wanted to cooperate, he would not deceive Jiang Fei halfway through.

    "No. I still don't trust him." Ariel shook her head resolutely.

    "Yeah, I'm worried about your safety too. Let Ariel go with you tomorrow." Nobody knew when Bella came to the door of Jiang Fei's room.

    "Mmm, okay then." Jiang Fei agreed after thinking for a bit.

    Even though Bella had not recovered yet, they were going to send her back to Winter Islands tomorrow before they went to look for Bennette Straz. He would not be worried if he left Bella with his family in his home on Winter Islands.

    In the evening, Jiang Fei entered the game once again. He was still helping the members of Empyreal Dragon level up by killing the cultists. Although there were more cultists attacking the Teleportation Point today, they were just there to give the players more Experience.
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