1115 Mysterious Leader

    "Hmm?" Jiang Fei raised an eyebrow. Although he was still no match for those who were experienced, he was no longer young and dumb like before. Now that Bennette Straz had put it that way, how could he just ignore it and drop the subject?

    "Us?" Jiang Fei repeated carefully, sounding like he was deep in thought.

    "Yes, us." Bennette Straz nodded and smiled. It seemed like he did not mind Jiang Fei knowing that the organization was internally divided.

    "Interesting. Deal." Jiang Fei agreed after he stared at Bennette Straz for a moment.

    In Jiang Fei's view, even though some of the robots were former acquaintances of Bennette Straz, it was in their nature to turn away from those who did not have the same beliefs.

    Therefore, the internal dissonance among the Unknowns was a good thing for Jiang Fei. If they fought among themselves, it would become easier for him to snatch Braveheart from them after they rebuilt it.

    Although it was said to be a cooperation, regardless of whether it was Jiang Fei or the Unknowns, everyone had hidden motives. Jiang Fei was planning to take Braveheart away when the time was right, and the Unknowns were planning to get rid of Jiang Fei and leave as soon as Braveheart was built. As for the Braveheart equipment that Jiang Fei was going to provide, did he really think that the Unknowns would return them?

    Precisely because of this, Jiang Fei was not bothered about the internal division of the organization. He was even looking forward to them fighting among themselves. That would really be good news for him.

    "Then, about our cooperation..." Bennette Straz wanted to talk about some details, but was interrupted by Jiang Fei.

    "We'll get to the specific details after you get the Core of Life." Jiang Fei waved him off. If Bennette Straz could not bring him the Core of Life to save Bella, he would not cooperate with them.

    "Hmm... alright!" Bennette Straz agreed after some consideration. Then, he pulled a communicator out and said to Jiang Fei, "Let's keep in touch. Once I get the Core of Life, we'll start cooperating."

    "Forget that, let's use mine." Jiang Fei did not accept the communicator handed over by Bennette Straz. Instead, he handed Bennette Straz one.

    Even though Jiang Fei knew Bennette Straz pretty well, he could not bring himself to trust those Unknowns completely. If the communicator was bugged, it would cause him a lot of trouble. He would probably be dead even before he knew it.

    "Hoho, it's good to be cautious!" Bennette Straz did not get angry with Jiang Fei being wary. Instead, he casually accepted Jiang Fei's communicator.

    "That's all for now, I guess. After you get the Core of Life, we'll start to cooperate."

    Jiang Fei left the island with Ariel after he finalized things with Bennette Straz.

    After returning to Winter Islands, Jiang Fei daydreamed away in his room. Today, he got to know some interesting news from Bennette Straz.

    The Unknowns' organization was not in harmony. However, they had not reached the point where they were going to fight among themselves yet. From the conversation with Bennette Straz, Jiang Fei could feel that the Dragon God and his people were not planning to bring the other Unknowns on board.

    This meant that if everything went smoothly, the Dragon God and his people would board Braveheart alone after they rebuilt it. Jiang Fei was not sure what would happen to the Unknowns of other factions.

    Maybe, Bennette Straz would leave in advance and ditch the others on earth. Of course, it was also possible that the Dragon God and his people would end up fighting with the others and killing all of them.

    "Interesting..." Jiang Fei smirked. Although he had promised to cooperate with Bennette Straz, both of them had completely different goals. So, Jiang Fei was going to try to trip his partner a little while they cooperated.

    How can I make them fight each other? Jiang Fei pondered away at home.

    At the same time, however, Bennette Straz teleported to another stronghold.

    "Leader, I've met Jiang Fei." Bennette Straz was very respectful toward the person in front of him.

    "How did it go?" The mysterious leader who was wrapped in a cloak actually sounded mechanical. He did not use a human voice like the other Unknowns.

    "He asked for the Core of Life and a hundred million crystal lattices worth of energy blocks," Bennette Straz answered truthfully.

    "Mmm! The energy blocks won't be a problem, but the Core of Life is a bit of a hassle!" The leader wrapped in a cloak nodded and continued. "The Core of Life is only a collectible to us, but it is extremely valuable to humans. Could it be that Jiang Fei wants to use the Core of Life to advance to Level 5?"

    "That's very likely. According to our investigations, Jiang Fei has been stuck at pinnacle Level 4 for a long time. Moreover, with his current strength, he's no match for his enemies. Before we appeared, he completely relied on lying and deceiving to maintain his status." Bennette Straz gave his analysis. It was clear that the Unknowns had misunderstood Jiang Fei and his need for the Core of Life, and they did not know about Bella's condition.

    "Alright. Even if he advances to Level 5, it will not pose any threat to us. If it's not because of that powerful Bella, we wouldn't have to spend this much effort!" The leader sighed. If it were not because of Bella, they would have already attacked Jiang Fei directly.

    "Leader, could it be that the artificial humans created through Bio-Enhancement technology are more powerful than the Supreme Androids made by Mechanical technology?" Bennette Straz wondered.

    As Bennette Straz knew Jiang Fei well, and was also the Dragon God himself in the game, the Unknowns' organization was familiar with the origins of Bella and Ariel.

    "They both have their own merits, so I can't say which one is stronger for sure. Bella is an exception. You're similarly no match for Ariel who was also made through Bio-Enhancement technology." The leader shook his head.

    "By the way, leader, we've gained enough energy now. How should we deal with those Level 5 powerhouses that we captured?" asked Bennette Straz.

    "Continue to let them attack the barrier and provide us with energy. Maybe, they'll be of some use later on," the leader said after thinking for a moment.

    Currently, the Unknowns' organization had captured more than ten Level 5 Metahumans. They were all being detained behind a barrier, and were being forced to attack the barrier. By absorbing the power of their attacks, they could gain energy.

    Similarly, this was the logic behind Jiang Fei's act of raising those Alien Beasts. Before they got their hands on the engine room, the Unknowns had a limited amount of energy. So, they had to limit the scope of their activities. These Level 5 Metahumans were their main source of energy.
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