1119 Jiang Fei’s Proposal

    Since the martial artists insisted on maintaining their so-called pride, the negotiations quickly came to a deadlock. Although the military had promised them certain compensation, if the Martial Arts Alliance was going to continue being so arrogant, the military could easily cut down on it. Then, the major Sects could bid their resources goodbye.

    F*ck! What the hell is wrong with these people? Jiang Fei thought to himself. He could not stand it anymore. They kept talking and talking, but there was no progress in the negotiations at all.

    Jiang Fei was not the only anxious one. The young martial artists who came with their elders were too. They were still young, so they did not really mind cooperating with the military. They only thing they cared about was the fact that they had been starving for about two weeks now!

    However, the elders were not as realistic. They cared about their pride and dignity way too much. They were afraid of carrying an eternal bad reputation, so they were very cautious about working with the military.

    "How annoying!" After two or three hours, Jiang Fei could not take it anymore. At this rate, this would end up taking a few days! Did he have to accompany them for that long?

    Although Jiang Fei wanted the Martial Arts Alliance to owe him, he did not intend to waste his time here.

    "Can I say a few words?" Jiang Fei finally took the initiative to interject.

    "Sure, younger brother Jiang! Tell us what you have to say!" When Bai Wanli saw Jiang Fei speak up, he felt relieved.

    Although these martial artists wanted to protect their pride, they were really reluctant to give up the compensation. Now, even though the major Sects could still make ends meet, they were almost out of resources. The worst thing was that some of the equipment and resources they needed for training were almost used up.

    There was not enough food to replenish their physical strength, and they had no good equipment and weapons. How were they supposed to train? Therefore, the major Sects were in a tough situation. However, in order to protect their pride, they had to stay arrogant. Now that Jiang Fei had opened his mouth, all the leaders of the major Sects shifted their gaze onto him. They were all hoping that he would break the deadlock.

    "Pfft..." Jiang Fei could not help but sneer, looking at these martial artists. He obviously knew what they were thinking. They wanted him to be the "black sheep."

    Jiang Fei did not really mind being the black sheep. He did not have the virtues of a true martial artist, and he did not mind cooperating with the military. Therefore, if he had to do the deed, he was not bothered at all.

    "Well, isn't Green Willow Heights near the Emperor's Capital? For now, why don't the military give the Martial Arts Alliance some money to rebuild Green Willow Heights? Then, the Martial Arts Alliance can move their base there. We can talk about the rest later." Jiang Fei put forward his own ideas.

    "Sure." The military representative immediately nodded. Although it was not mentioned in Jiang Fei's proposal that the Martial Arts Alliance would help defend the military's base if something happened, the two bases would basically be next to each other. If the robots launched an attack on the military, would the martial artists sit back and ignore it?

    Although the ultimate goal of the military was to integrate with the Martial Arts Alliance, they knew how these martial artists were like. It was impossible for them to change their attitudes in a short time, so the military wanted to adopt a slow step-by-step approach to change their attitudes, and also change the views of the younger martial artists toward the country.

    The young martial artists were not as old-fashioned as their elders. Although their current influence on the Martial Arts Alliance was very small, their elders would pass away eventually. When these young martial artists obtain power over the Alliance, they would naturally be more willing to cooperate with the country.

    Although a few decades or even a hundred years was a very long time for a person, a country could absolutely afford to wait.

    The politicians would definitely try every possible way to recruit the young martial artists. Fame, fortune, power, and sex. The country could easily provide all of these, and frankly speaking, saintly individuals that could resist all of these were already extinct.

    Therefore, as long as the martial artists were willing to put their pride aside and interact with the people who worked for the country, the politicians were not worried about the martial artists continuing to maintain their isolation.

    "That's a good idea, but..." Ganyang Zhenren frowned. In actuality, Jiang Fei's proposal was quite in line with the wishes of these martial artists. They also knew that if they did not give in, the military would not provide them with many resources.

    However, they could not bring themselves to actively cooperate with the military. With Jiang Fei's proposal, the martial artists would just be living next to them, instead of working with them directly. If they were invaded by foreign enemies, it was only natural for the Chinese to stand united and fight against them. This way, the Martial Arts Alliance could both protect their pride and obtain the benefits.

    However, Ganyang Zhenren was hesitating because Green Willow Heights was gone! When the Androids rebelled, Green Willow Heights was the first victim. In order to eliminate hidden dangers, the Androids attacked Green Willow Heights before attacking the military base.

    As the strongest person in Green Willow Heights, although Ding Tianqing had advanced into pinnacle Level 4 with Jiang Fei's potion, he was faced with thousands of Androids. Even though the Androids did not have Level 5 power at that time, Ding Tianqing still died on the battlefield as he covered for his disciples while they retreated.

    When Han Tianyu snuck the small and medium-sized Sects in, there were only a few Green Willow Heights disciples left living in the base of other Sects. The others had either died or fled, and even Ding Tianqing's daughter, Ding Menghan, was still missing.

    "It was that bad?" Jiang Fei was shocked after listening to Ganyang Zhenren. Although Han Tianyu had once mentioned that Green Willow Heights had suffered heavy losses, he had not expected it to be this serious.

    Jiang Fei established communication with Han Tianyu on the spot. After some confirmation, he got to know that only Han Tianyu's master, Mao Gongsui, was managing the affairs of Green Willow Heights. Even though Han Tianyu was taking good care of his master, Green Willow Heights with only had a few people left was left in a state of stagnation.

    "Even the Ding family members can't be found. How are we supposed to rebuild Green Willow Heights?" Bai Wanli sighed, his voice filled with misery and pain.

    "Yeah, yeah..." The other martial artists nodded. These martial artists looked upon inheritance with the utmost importance. A Sect like Green Willow Heights had been passed down from generation to generation. If it was rebuilt in the name of outsiders, it would not reflect the essence of the Sect.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "If that's the case, can we move the other Sects here?" Jiang Fei frowned. He did not want to complicate the issue. He simply wanted to do the Martial Arts Alliance a favor. If things got too troublesome, he did not want to be involved anymore.

    "Actually, we don't have to go through that much trouble."

    Just then, Zhu Tianfei suddenly stepped out from the crowd.
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