1122 Energy Acquired

    After several seconds, Bella finally calmed herself down. Although there were moments when she nearly lashed out at the escaping Unknowns, she eventually calmed down with Jiang Fei's calming words.

    As Bella gradually descended to the ground, her eyes returned to normality. The Power of Berserk in her body gradually stabilized.

    "Bella, how do you feel?" Jiang Fei asked worriedly after he rushed over to Bella's side.

    "I feel great!" Bella nodded as she gently pushed Jiang Fei away. She did not want outsiders to see how weak she was.

    As the period of being in the Berserk state was very short this time around, Bella's body was not greatly affected. Although she would usually suffer greatly after entering the Berserk state, she was at least able to portray herself in a strong manner in front of outsiders this time.

    "Leader..." Seeing that the enemy Unknowns had all evacuated, Bennette Straz walked over to Z0-11.

    "Alright!" Z0-11 nodded as he walked forward in an attempt to pretend he had not been fazed earlier.

    As Bella descended to the ground, Jiang Fei had displayed himself as being overly concerned. This had made Z0-11 suspect if Bella was in a relatively weaker state.

    Since Bella was not in a good state, the only capable person around Jiang Fei would be Ariel. As she was only a fake Level 5, Z0-11 was confident that he could defeat Jiang Fei. Even if Ariel had tankish attributes, Z0-11 had more subordinates on an equal level.

    After all, Ariel was not Bella and therefore did not have the ability to enter the Berserk state. On her own, she could not possibly overpower thirty Level 5 Unknowns. Therefore, in that instant, Z0-11 had the intention to rob Jiang Fei.

    However, as Z0-11 had unintentionally revealed his ill intentions, Bella was able to pick up on it after getting out of the Berserk state. Hence, Bella had rejected Jiang Fei's offer to hold her. She had done it to show the Unknowns that she was still very capable.

    Not only that, the Berserk energy in Bella's body was still circulating around. Although she was no longer in the Berserk state, the insanely powerful aura was able to keep Z0-11 at bay.

    As Z0-11 had personally witnessed Bella's invincible state earlier, he immediately gave up on his plan to rob Jiang Fei. After all, Bella was too strong of an opponent. Even if she only entered the Berserk state for a second, it would be enough for her to wipe out the thirty of them. Therefore, Z0-11 finally decided not to take the risk.

    "Jiang Fei, let's proceed as planned. Please follow me!" Z0-11 decided to cooperate with Jiang Fei after giving up on his intention to rob the Braveheart's fragments.

    More importantly, Z0-11 and his subordinates had already broken ties with the Unknowns' organization. Therefore, they would need Jiang Fei as their ally. Otherwise, if the Unknowns' organization attacked them again, Z0-11's clan would have nobody to call for assistance.

    "Alright!" Jiang Fei nodded as he signaled for Ariel to remain alert. The three of them followed after Z0-11 to a nearby occupation point which belonged to the Unknowns.

    In actual fact, the location where Jiang Fei and the others were at was also an occupation point. However, the place had already been destroyed along with the teleportation core.

    After half an hour of flight, Jiang Fei and the rest finally arrived at one of the Unknowns' bases. This base probably belonged to Z0-11's clan as they were not faced with any resistance upon their arrival.

    "Let's go in!" Z0-11 gestured as he strode into one of the nearby buildings.

    When Jiang Fei and the rest had entered, they noticed that the building was empty. It was akin to an abandoned warehouse. Apart from a simple control machine in the corner, there was nothing in the building.

    "Teleportation core is being initiated for target location..." Bennette Straz pressed several buttons on the control machine as a large platform rose from the ground.

    "Let's go!" Z0-11 glanced at Jiang Fei as if he was hesitating. Right then, Bella willfully triggered the Berserk energy in her body. Thereafter, Z0-11 turned around and went onto the platform without saying a word.

    "Let's get up there too." Seeing that Bennette Straz and the others had gone onto the platform, Jiang Fei gestured for Bella and Ariel to follow him as they all did the same.

    "Teleportation will start immediately. Charging..."


    As soon as the charging was complete, a white light flashed as Jiang Fei and the rest were teleported away.

    When Jiang Fei opened his eyes, they were already in another secret base.

    "Ahh!" Jiang Fei stretched his arms. The teleportation process had put a lot of pressure on his body as it was nowhere near the gentle method Ariel used while teleporting him around. The large spatial tension had also cost him a lot of energy.

    "Please give us a moment. The energy crystals will be ready soon!" It appeared that Z0-11 had no intentions of bringing Jiang Fei around. Instead, he intended to let Jiang Fei remain near the teleportation core. Meanwhile, Bennette Straz and the others had left to retrieve the 200 million energy crystals they had promised Jiang Fei.

    "0542, scan the surroundings!" Although the Unknowns had no plans of bringing Jiang Fei around, he still attempted to find out more information on his own.

    "Captain, this is at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. I am unable to carry out a detailed scan as the interference is too strong," 0542 replied.

    "You are practically useless!" Jiang Fei frowned. 0542 had recently let him down far too many times.

    As 0542 was unable to provide any detailed information on the base, Jiang Fei had no choice but to give up.

    After approximately half an hour, Bennette Straz and the rest finally returned. There were several zero-energy levitation vehicles behind them and each one carried a large container.

    "Ah Fei, have a look," Bennette Straz said as he opened the containers.

    "0542, count!" Jiang Fei immediately ordered.

    "Yes, captain!" 0542 immediately carried out his order. Although 0542 had been performing poorly in recent times, it was still capable of counting. Very soon, 0542 verified that there were exactly 200 million energy crystals.

    "Very well." Jiang Fei nodded as he waved his hand. The large containers of energy crystals were instantly moved into his spatial ring. Jiang Fei did not feel the need to hide his powers in front of these Unknowns. After all, these people knew about his capabilities as well as he did.
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