1123 Jiang Feis Objective

    After Jiang Fei had kept the energy crystals away, Z0-11 finally spoke.

    "Jiang Fei, now that we have fulfilled all your requests, can we start working together?" Z0-11 asked.

    "Of course," Jiang Fei replied with a smile. Although Bella now seemed extremely intimidating, she did not actually have a lot of remaining battle capabilities. The Valium in her wristband would not be sufficient for her to enter the Berserk state again. Therefore, Jiang Fei did not want to upset the Unknowns right now.

    "Well then, I'll tell you the components that we need. I know that these components are all in your possession," Z0-11 said confidently. It was as if he knew everything about Jiang Fei.

    "Sure." Jiang Fei nodded. He had known all along that this was how their cooperation would work. Z0-11 must have wanted some of the Braveheart fragments from him.

    "We need Braveheart's vessel bridge, the Data Processing Center, the Ore Smelting Factory, and the Metal Experimental Laboratory." Although Z0-11 did not ask for a significant number of components, each of these were important Braveheart components.

    "Hmm..." Jiang Fei pretended to consider his request as he began to enquire with 0542.

    "If I give them the vessel bridge and the Data Processing Center, would you be affected?" Jiang Fei still did not bear any suspicion toward 0542.

    "Excluding the big data calculations, it won't matter too much," 0542 answered.

    I won't need these components for now, Jiang Fei thought. Since Braveheart's Intelligent Assistance System would not be affected, Jiang Fei naturally did not mind handing the components over.

    In all honesty, Jiang Fei was not keen on using the Ore Smelting Factory and the Metal Experimental Laboratory. With limited supply of energy, Jiang Fei could not possibly rebuild Braveheart on his own. Moreover, the large mining and smelting setups were not important to him.

    As for the Data Processing Center, Jiang Fei rarely used it. He would only use it when he needed to develop his own skills and to activate the super radar.

    And while Braveheart's vessel bridge was akin to its heart, Jiang Fei had little use for it as well. There were a bunch of galactic maps and vessel control systems that were beyond Jiang Fei's comprehension as a normal human being from planet Earth.

    In all honesty, to Jiang Fei, the most important Braveheart fragment was the Bio-Experimental Laboratory. This was a necessary component to revive the female NPCs. Secondly, Jiang Fei needed the Medical Bay to ensure that he and his allies could be recovered even after severe injuries.

    As for the other factories used to create weapons and soldiers, Jiang Fei did not view them as important either. While the Unknowns possessed the blueprints to rebuild these armies, Jiang Fei had no intention of taking over the world, not that he had the sufficient supply of energy to do so. Therefore, Jiang Fei had very little interest in creating a technologically advanced army.

    "Alright, I agree to give these components to you. However, what will you give me in return?" Jiang Fei nodded slightly.

    "Haven't we already given you 200 million energy crystals and the Core of Life?" Bennette Straz frowned.

    "No, no. That was only a gift from you to show how eager you are to cooperate. We have only just started working together." Jiang Fei waved his hands. Although he had promised to cooperate with them, he would not give them the components so easily.

    "What do you want then? Please don't ask for more energy. We need a large amount of it to rebuild Braveheart. Moreover, we don't possess all of the energy crystals in the engine room. We only have a quarter of it. Most of the energy crystals are still in the hands of our enemies!" Z0-11 exclaimed.

    "Do you have enough energy to rebuild Braveheart?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "Absolutely not." Bennette Straz shook his head.

    "What will you do then?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "Snatch them from our enemies, of course!" Z0-11 chuckled.

    "Interesting!" Jiang Fei smiled. He was initially worried that the Unknowns would never fight against each other. Now, he did not have to do anything to provoke them as they had initiated the war amongst themselves.

    "However, we will need your help when the time comes!" Z0-11 said. After all, the opposing Unknowns were much larger in number. Based on their own powers, Z0-11 and his clan of Unknowns would not be able to overpower their enemies.

    "Sure. However, my help comes at a price." Jiang Fei laughed.

    "We'll each take half of the energy we secure from our enemies." Z0-11 promised.

    "Great!" Jiang Fei smiled.

    "Let's put aside matters relating to the energy crystals. Tell us what you want." Z0-11 seemed to be losing his patience.

    "Fine." Jiang Fei nodded. "Firstly, since we are working together, I must be able to come by to check on Braveheart's rebuilding process at any time."

    "Hmm... Alright!" Z0-11 hesitated for a moment before agreeing. After all, it was a reasonable request since Jiang Fei was giving them the components for free.

    "Secondly, I must be present when the vessel is about to be completed." Jiang Fei continued.

    "Sure!" This time, Z0-11 answered almost immediately. He understood that Jiang Fei needed the assurance that they would not disappear right after the vessel was completed.

    From Z0-11's point of view, Jiang Fei's request was practically non-existent. After all, they were in charge of the vessel's rebuilding progress. Even if they did not inform Jiang Fei, he would not be able to do anything to them.

    Due to such considerations, Z0-11 willingly accepted Jiang Fei's request.

    "Very well! Those are my requests." Jiang Fei nodded satisfactorily. His true objective for making them was to wait until the Braveheart was nearly completed so that he could unseal 0541 at the vessel bridge.

    Previously, 0541 had been sealed for violating the rule of revealing too much information to Jiang Fei. However, as the interim captain, Jiang Fei did not have the right to unseal it. He would only be able to do so after becoming the true captain.

    In order to become the true captain, he would need to rebuild Braveheart.

    In essence, Jiang Fei did not have to rebuild Braveheart in its entirety. Instead, he would only need to ensure each data channel was connected to the vessel bridge. Although the vessel would be able to take off by then, it would still possess multiple defects which would require a longer time to fix. Therefore, when the vessel reaches this significant milestone, the Unknowns would still choose not to take off. As such, Jiang Fei could unseal 0541 during this period.

    From Jiang Fei's point of view, he wanted to unlock 0541 not because he had begun suspecting 0542. Instead, he genuinely thought that 0542 was far too weak. Its capabilities were much more inferior as compared to 0541. Therefore, Jiang Fei urgently wanted to unseal 0541 so that he could get rid of 0542.
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