1125 Leveling Plan

    Jiang Fei was no longer a young kid who could easily be tricked. In the past, 0541 had clearly explained to him about using the energy injection method. There was an obvious example who was none other than Ariel.

    Indeed, the energy injection method was the safest and most efficient way to reach Level 5 at the fastest pace possible. However, there was a clear downside to it which was that the Level 5 expert would be forever stuck as a fake Level 5.

    By now, Jiang Fei had almost fully comprehended the Power of Conqueror. If he became a fake Level 5 now, he would not be satisfied. Moreover, Jiang Fei had enough energy for him to become a true Level 5. Therefore, Jiang Fei naturally would not sacrifice the opportunity.

    "I had only just complimented you for improving. It seems that you are still a horrible team member!" Jiang Fei yelled at 0542. He still did not suspect that 0542 might have an ulterior motive. He merely thought that he was extremely inferior.

    In actual fact, 0542 had made the suggestion because it wanted to limit Jiang Fei's capabilities. As Jiang Fei possessed the Core of Will, and a fake Level 5 expert could not fuse with the core, 0542 wanted to make sure he would fail.

    Once that happened, Jiang Fei's power would be capped at fake Level 5 and he would never be able to progress. Even when Bella fully recovered, she would not be able to enter the Berserk state again. By then, Jiang Fei's overall capabilities would be weakened tremendously. Hence, he would no longer have the ability to dominate over others.

    "Captain, this is the most stable plan." 0542 urged. Although it was the most stable plan, it was also the most mundane and least useful one.

    "Only if 0541 were here. I'm sure it could give me a better plan." Jiang Fei complained. However, his words accidentally triggered a program hidden within the Intelligent Assistance System's data.

    "Plan 07548 has been activated!" 0542 sounded mechanical all of a sudden. This was a sign that the Intelligent Assistance System had been forced to execute an order.

    Although the Intelligent Assistance System was capable of evolving and possessing human traits, their limitations were much more complicated than normal artificial intelligence. For example, 0541 had already evolved to the point of possessing human thoughts. However, it was still sealed for helping Jiang Fei.

    0541 had been sealed not because there was a higher level system which overpowered it. Instead, it was the inherent program which possessed related limitations that would cause it to seal itself away once the regulations were violated.

    As 0541's replacement, 0542 was limited by similar regulations. When Jiang Fei activated 0541's remnant plan, 0542 was forced to execute it even if it diverged from its own value judgment.

    "Give me details of the plan!" Jiang Fei commanded. Right then, Jiang Fei truly believed that 0541 was much more powerful than 0542. Therefore, whatever 0541 left behind, Jiang Fei would treat it with high importance.

    "Plan 07548 is as follows..." Thereafter, 0542 reported in detail the plan left behind by 0541 on how Jiang Fei could level up.

    When 0541 came up with this plan, Jiang Fei had only just advanced into pinnacle Level 4. Back then, Jiang Fei had very little resources. However, 0541 had never planned for Jiang Fei to advance into Level 5 through the energy injection method.

    According to 0541's plan, Jiang Fei needed to cleanse himself with new energy repeatedly whilst receiving various kinds of stimuli to provoke his emotions. In doing so, Jiang Fei would be forced to reach the breaking point. Once Jiang Fei's emotions had reached their peak, he would naturally advance to the next level.

    Based on this plan, an even larger amount of energy would be injected into Jiang Fei's body before he reached Level 5 so that he could instantly break through to the Intermediate Level 5 state. Thereafter, he would fuse with the Energy Core.

    Although Jiang Fei had not yet acquired the Energy Core back then, 0541 was aware that Braveheart possessed three Energy Cores. This meant that after Braveheart crashed on Earth, there were at least three Energy Cores present. 0541's plan was devised to bring Jiang Fei to his strongest state and not just to make him Level 5 as soon as possible.

    In other words, 0541 had formed a long-term plan for Jiang Fei. As a highly evolved Intelligent Assistance System, 0541 no longer adhered to pre-existing programming while assisting the interim captain. Instead, it was helping Jiang Fei as a friend.

    According to 0541's plan, Jiang Fei would not only need to expend the Core of Will for his advancement. He would also need to use up all of his existing energy, including Doomsday which was still being kept in Tokyo. This would cost much more than the plan provided by 0542. On the other hand, 0542's plan would only cost Jiang Fei less than twenty million energy crystals. However, the lower cost also meant a less satisfying outcome.

    "Execute the existing plan from 0541!" Jiang Fei did not have a shadow of doubt.

    "Captain, there's a lot of risk in doing so..." 0542 had been freed from the limitation right then as it tried to persuade Jiang Fei yet again.

    "Cut the crap and do as I say. Also, please try to learn from 0541. Do you know how embarrassingly useless you are as an Intelligent Assistance System?" Jiang Fei rolled his eyes. While he had never suspected 0542 for having ill intentions, he was determined to think of 0542 as an inferior existence.

    "Yes, captain!" 0542 had no right to reject Jiang Fei's clear orders.

    Very soon, Jiang Fei had sorted out the details related to his leveling progress. However, the energy injection and fusion with the Core of Will would only take place much later. The initial stages would require the preparation of ingredients to stimulate Jiang Fei so that he could reach the breaking point yet again.

    Although Jiang Fei was executing multiple tasks at the same time, none of these required his personal involvement. Therefore, after everything had been planned accordingly, Jiang Fei had a lot of unoccupied time.

    By nightfall, as he waited for 0542 to make the required preparations, Jiang Fei entered the game. Meanwhile, Ariel had quietly snuck into Jiang Fei's room.
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