1126 Follow Me for Benefits

    After entering Jiang Fei's room, Ariel looked at Jiang Fei silently for a while. By then, Jiang Fei had already entered the game and was fast asleep. When he was in the game, it was the equivalent of being in a deep state of sleep. Therefore, he would not have his usual sense of vigilance.

    "I know you can hear me," Ariel said after a while. "I also know that you have secretly sent a message externally. Although you can keep it a secret from Jiang Fei, you can't keep it a secret from me."


    There was complete silence. Ariel did not get any response at all.

    "Alright. You can continue to act your part. I know that Jiang Fei trusts you a lot. However, I do not want you to hurt him by taking advantage of his trust toward you." Ariel waited for a while. There was still no response. "Fine. I don't care if you don't want to speak to me. However, I will continue to observe you. If you secretly send another message, I will kill you immediately!"

    If someone else had said this, it would have been an empty threat. However, Ariel was different as she was well-trained in electromagnetic abilities. Although 0542 was powerful, he was only a series of programming that did not have any actual capabilities. If Ariel forcefully used her electromagnetic abilities to wipe 0542 out of existence, it would not be able to defend itself at all.

    In actual fact, Ariel was confronting 0542 mainly because she did not really understand what kind of existence it was. Although Jiang Fei had briefly mentioned the Intelligent Assistance System to the women around him, it was an alien technology that even humans on Earth could not understand, let alone Ariel and Bella who were female NPCs from Dawnlight City.

    Therefore, Ariel did not know that 0541 had been sealed or that 0542 had replaced it as Jiang Fei's Intelligent Assistance System. To Ariel, 0542 and 0541 were the same being. Moreover, Ariel was unaware that 0543 would appear after 0542 died. Therefore, 0542's death would not affect Jiang Fei.

    Due to such misunderstandings, Ariel was concerned that Jiang Fei would lose his Intelligent Assistance System if she killed 0542. She was also concerned that Bella's treatment would be delayed, not to mention her two sisters' revival. Even more so, she was worried that Jiang Fei's advancement to Level 5 would be affected. As such, Ariel decided to confront 0542 instead of killing it right away.

    To be honest, Ariel had wanted to raise her suspicion toward 0542 to Jiang Fei. However, she did not have solid proof for her suspicions. Moreover, she knew that Jiang Fei greatly trusted the Intelligent Assistance System. Hence, Ariel did not want to alert others before obtaining solid proof.

    After having confronted 0542, Ariel did not walk away. Instead, she sat on the couch in Jiang Fei's room.

    Meanwhile, Jiang Fei remained silent as he was still in the game. 0542, on the other hand, was either pretending not to have heard Ariel or pondering something else as it did not reply to Ariel's confrontation.

    Jiang Fei who was now in the game had no idea what was happening in the real world. He continued to bring players to fight against the Cultist armies. The attacks from their enemies seemed to be extraordinarily powerful today. Two of the middle-sized guilds had already lost their defensive zones. Fortunately, Jiang Fei was powerful enough after transforming to defeat the monsters with his Celestial capabilities.

    As such, the Empyreal Dragon had managed to absorb two more defensive areas which made the players in the guild extremely happy. Not only could the main groups gain experience by following Jiang Fei around, even the secondary groups were able to gain some benefits.

    When Jiang Fei logged out of the game the next day, everything seemed normal in his room apart from Ariel who was smiling at him on the sofa.

    "Ariel, you're up early today!" Jiang Fei smiled. He sthought Ariel was there because it was already noon due to the time difference.

    In the past, Ariel would normally accompany Bella after waking up. However, Bella had entered the Medical Bay, and Ariel was unable to get along with Si Tuying and Shang Guanqi due to her status as a Level 5 expert. Therefore, it was understandable that she would want to be in Jiang Fei's room.

    Although Jiang Fei did not have any suspicion toward 0542, Ariel was quite the opposite. In fact, she had made the decision to be around Jiang Fei at all times so that she could keep an eye on 0542 in case it tried to send another message externally.

    After getting out of bed, Jiang Fei went through his morning routine. He was relatively free for the rest of the day. As most preparations were still being made, he did not have to be personally involved yet.

    In the afternoon, Han Tianyu came over to update Jiang Fei on recent news. The members in his sect had already moved away from Winter Islands. Now that the Martial Art Alliance and the military wanted to rebuild Green Willow Heights, these people had to hurry back to China.

    Although the Martial Art Alliance had intentions for Green Willow Heights to become the scapegoat, the latter did not oppose it as they considered this a great opportunity to rebuild their sect. Therefore, they immediately brought their remaining disciples back to China.

    This time, Green Willow Heights was not the only sect that moved away from Winter Islands back to China. Some of the middle-sized and small-sized sects had also left Winter Islands. Regardless of the grand offers Han Tianyu had made, these martial artists prioritized reclaiming their own land. This was especially true of the older and more traditional martial art sects. Therefore, regardless of how great the conditions were in Winter Islands, they still preferred their original territories.

    Now that the misunderstanding between the martial artists and the military had been resolved, and the Androids that betrayed the humans had been expelled, the martial artists naturally wanted to return home.

    "What a bunch of heartless fellows. We should not have saved them back then!" Han Tianyu cursed. He had risked his life to save these people and had even lost his legs for them. If not for Jiang Fei's strong capabilities, Han Tianyu would have been permanently incapacitated. Therefore, when he saw the martial artists choosing to leave, Han Tianyu felt a great sense of injustice.

    "Don't mind them. To each their own!" Jiang Fei chuckled as he handed an electronic tablet to Han Tianyu.

    "What's this?" Han Tianyu asked curiously.

    "The pinnacle martial art techniques from each of the major sects." Jiang Fei laughed. He had managed to acquire them through his potion trades.

    "What do you intend to do with these?" Han Tianyu still seemed a little confused.

    "Let's wait for a few more days. Find out who are the ones who firmly choose to stay with us. By then, you can give these martial art techniques to them. Thereafter, I will give you some potions. I want them to know that they will all benefit if they follow my lead." Jiang Fei chuckled.

    "Amazing! Truly amazing!" Han Tianyu gave him two thumbs-up. He was certain that the sects who had moved away would be upset once they found out about this.

    After bidding farewell to Han Tianyu, Jiang Fei decided to spend some quality time with his family, especially Si Tuying. He felt that he owed her far too much.
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