1128 Forceful Injection

    "Husband, are you alright?" Ariel asked worriedly.

    Unfortunately, Ariel did not get any response as Jiang Fei was in the process of advancing his powers. Therefore, he could not hear any external noise and thus could not reply to Ariel.

    Could 0542 be causing this? Ariel naturally began to suspect that 0542 was up to something. However, she did not have any proof of this. Moreover, she did not dare to disturb Jiang Fei right then as doing so might affect him negatively.

    On top of that, Jiang Fei was still being provoked emotionally. At the moment, he was filled with rage as a desire to become stronger could be felt within his body. Although Jiang Fei had stopped absorbing energy by then, he had already absorbed close to thirty-five million energy crystals. Rightfully, such a large amount of energy should have allowed him to advance to the Level 5 realm. However, Jiang Fei was still at the pinnacle Level 4 realm.

    "Enforce the injection program!" 0542 said in a robotic voice. As 0541 had already designed the program in advance, the procedures of the program was being carried out despite Jiang Fei not having advanced to Level 5.


    As more Energy Crystals were decomposed, a large amount of energy was injected into Jiang Fei's body by force. This time, Jiang Fei was not actively absorbing the energy. Instead, it was being forcefully injected into his body.

    "Arghhh!" Jiang Fei cried out in pain. It was a natural reaction from his body.

    In actual fact, Jiang Fei was entirely focused on his internal thoughts such that he would not actually sense any physical pain. As the strong energy flow caused multiple ruptures in his veins, another source of energy began to repair his body.

    Through the powerful energy flowing through Jiang Fei, his body started to get stronger. Just as Jiang Fei's source of energy was about to run out, 0542 began to speak mechanically.

    "The fusion procedure is about to begin..."


    A blue gemstone appeared from the mysterious ring. It was the Core of Will previously worn by Bella.

    Before Bella entered the Medical Bay, she had given the Core of Will to Jiang Fei. Her body would be fused with the Core of Life after her treatment was complete. If there was an energy core on her body, it would interfere with the fusion process.

    Right then, the Core of Will hovered above Jiang Fei's head as it slowly gravitated toward his forehead.

    "If anything happens to Jiang Fei, I won't let you off the hook!" Ariel said in a threatening manner. However, she had no idea that 0542 was merely carrying out an order. Therefore, its intelligent system was currently inactive.


    As the Core of Will emitted a blinding light, even Ariel who had Level 5 capabilities had to turn away.

    "Ughh..." Jiang Fei frowned as the Core of Will forcefully dug into Jiang Fei's forehead.

    As soon as the Core of Will disappeared, a scar was left behind on Jiang Fei's forehead. It looked almost as if he had a third eye.

    Complete silence.

    When the Core of Will had entered Jiang Fei's forehead, it felt as if time had stopped. Nobody knew what would happen when the energy core was forcefully fused with a person.


    The energy crystals were yet again detonated as the remaining 20 million energy crystals were injected into Jiang Fei's body.

    Hitherto, Jiang Fei had used up all the energy he possessed, with his own usage totaling up to 100 million energy crystals.


    As the glow around Jiang Fei gradually faded, everything appeared normal once again.

    "What happened?" Ariel looked at Jiang Fei with her jaws wide open. Right then, she could sense that Jiang Fei was still at the pinnacle Level 4 state.

    Crack! Crack!

    Jiang Fei woke up as he began stretching his limbs. Although the forceful fusion between him and the Core of Will had not increased his powers tremendously, he was at the very least unharmed.

    "I feel much better!" Jiang Fei sighed. "0542, scan my body."

    "Yes, captain!" 0542 carried out Jiang Fei's order right away.

    "Captain, the scan is complete!" Very soon, 0542 responded.

    "Tell me!" Jiang Fei nodded.

    "Physical Strength Level: Pinnacle Level 4 (slightly stronger than same tier individuals); Energy Level: Pinnacle Level 4 (close to Level 5); Spirit Energy Level: Core (enhanced by the Core of Will). Overall estimation: Pinnacle Level 4 (close to Level 5)." Came 0542's report.

    "Crap! What the heck?" Jiang Fei was dumbfounded. He had wasted 100 million energy crystals and even fused with the Core of Will. In the end, he had only advanced to a state closer to Level 5. What had happened to all of the energy crystals?

    "Captain, I've told you before that this plan is highly risky," 0542 replied.

    "Impossible! Do you think 0541 is as useless as you are? Is this the end of the plan? Did 0541 leave any other message behind?" Jiang Fei rolled his eyes. He did not believe that 0541 would trick him.

    "Folder 0214 activated!" 0542 sounded mechanical yet again. Clearly, Jiang Fei's words had triggered the message left behind by 0541.

    "Captain, according to my calculations, your best plan is to fuse with the Core of Life. Of course, each energy core is very rare. If you are unable to obtain the Core of Life, you could also fuse with other cores. However, if you fuse with the Core of Will, you must head to Tokyo on your own and kill Doomsday without any help! You must kill it on your own. Do so immediately!"

    0541 did not leave a long message behind. In fact, it sounded like a trap because Jiang Fei had only found out about this instruction after he had fused with the Core of Will.

    However, even if Jiang Fei had gotten this message in advance, he would not have taken the Core of Life away from Bella. After all, Jiang Fei would only become slightly stronger after fusing with the Core of Life. But for Bella, fusing with the Core of Life was crucial for her to stay alive.
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