1131 Dire Weakness

    As Jiang Fei had always faced opponents that were much stronger, he needed to be protected by the women around him.

    Under such circumstances, his ego would always be affected. This was very much the case for Jiang Fei who was still in the prime of his youth. Initially, Jiang Fei's comprehension toward the Power of Conqueror was to make him infinitely more powerful. With such a Unique Domain, Jiang Fei could continually enhance his capabilities. Regardless of how strong his opponent was, Jiang Fei would always be stronger still.

    In order to support such a powerful Domain, he would need to be supported by an energy core. Based on one's own powers, not a single Level 5 expert could do such a thing. Therefore, 0541 had suggested Jiang Fei to fuse with the Core of Life which was most beneficial for enhancing one's powers.

    Although Jiang Fei had acquired the Core of Life, he needed to use it to save Bella's life. Therefore, he could only go for the second best energy core which was the Core of Will. As such, although the enhancement would not be as effective as using the Core of Life, Jiang Fei would still be able to obtain the kind of Unique Domain he imagined according to 0541's plan.

    However, an unexpected outcome had transpired. Whilst 0541's plan was being carried out, Jiang Fei had been unable to advance to Level 5. In other words, the Core of Will had been forcefully implanted in Jiang Fei's body. As a result, despite not being destroyed by the powerful core, Jiang Fei's Unique Domain had also been modified.

    As the Unique Domain had been formed out of discontent with Jiang Fei's own weakness, the idea to be more powerful than his enemies remained. Therefore, instead of becoming infinitely powerful, Jiang Fei could now make his opponents infinitely weaker.

    "Hahahaha..." Although Jiang Fei could barely move on the ground, he continued to laugh loudly.

    "Captain, would you like me to contact Ariel to pick you up..." 0542 said. As it were, Jiang Fei could barely even walk. Moreover, he had also not advanced to Level 5 and could not teleport on his own.

    "Hmm... Yes, please get Ariel to come for me!" As Jiang Fei's body was extremely weak, and after having expended a lot of energy in laughing, he definitely needed someone to get him home.

    "Alright, captain!" 0542 began sending a message back home. However, as it sent the message, it had also sent another stream of energy wave in another direction.

    As Jiang Fei was extremely weak and had not advanced to Level 5, he was not particularly good at picking up such energy. Therefore, Jiang Fei had no idea 0542 had done such a thing.

    In less than two minutes, a white light flashed before Jiang Fei's eyes. Thereafter, Ariel appeared in front of him.

    "Husband, how are you?" Ariel asked when she saw Jiang Fei lying on the ground.

    "Hehe. I'm fine. Just a little tired..." Jiang Fei smiled when he saw Ariel. In all honesty, he had been protected by women for far too long. On this rare occasion, Jiang Fei managed to stand up for himself and he wanted nothing more than to brag about it.

    However, Jiang Fei barely had the strength to even get up, let alone activate his Unique Domain.

    Jiang Fei was not in such a dire situation because of expending too much energy to activate his Unique Domain. Instead, it was a side effect of Bloodrage. Had he only activated his Unique Domain, the energy consumed would have come from the Core of Will rather than his own physical energy.

    "Husband, as long as you are fine!" Ariel carefully examined Jiang Fei. After making sure he was alright, she felt much more relaxed. Although Ariel had returned to Winter Islands on her own, she had never stopped worrying about him. After all, it was nearly impossible for a Level 4 fellow to defeat a Level 5 alien beast on his own.

    "Where's Doomsday?" Ariel looked around. Although there was a pool of blood on the ground, Ariel did not believe that Jiang Fei could kill Doomsday on his own. In her mind, Jiang Fei could at most heavily injure Doomsday but not kill it. After all, a Level 5 expert could not be killed thoroughly with normal methods.

    "Of course I've killed it!" Jiang Fei laughed as he explained his Unique Domain to Ariel.

    "Is that true?" Ariel was overjoyed.

    "Of course! I'll protect you and the others from now on!" Jiang Fei said confidently. Although he had not been able to advance to Level 5, he was capable of turning Level 5 experts into Level 4s with his Unique Domain. Thereafter, he would be able to defeat them in his own territory.

    In the realm of Level 5 experts, Jiang Fei was indeed undefeatable. In the past, 0541 had claimed that Jiang Fei was the strongest among Level 4 experts. If the Level 5 experts did not overpower him with their might, they would not be able to hurt him at all.

    "Hmm. Husband, don't be too confident. After all, you can't keep your Unique Domain active all the time. If you get assaulted by a Level 5 expert, you might be killed before even activating your Unique Domain." Ariel immediately pointed out Jiang Fei's dire weakness.

    "That's true. After Bella recovers, you must still be on guard for my sake." Jiang Fei nodded. He knew that he was still vulnerable until he became a Level 5 expert.

    "Let's go home!" Ariel carefully helped Jiang Fei get up. Right then, 0542 activated the protective shield around Jiang Fei so that he would not be hurt by the power of teleportation.

    However, just as 0542 activated the protective shield, Jiang Fei's mysterious ring blinked several times. A series of data had appeared on the surface of the ring. However, the data was not sent out in the end.

    0542 was afraid of being caught by Ariel whilst sending the data out. However, it had already sent a message out before she arrived.

    When Ariel brought Jiang Fei back to Winter Islands, everyone was already worried sick. In particular, the women around Jiang Fei freaked out when they saw the terrible state he was in.

    Jiang Fei's parents were equally worried. Even Han Tianyu rushed over to see him. After all, Jiang Fei was his only patron. If anything were to happen to him, Han Tianyu would have nothing left.

    "I'm fine. Just a little exhausted." Jiang Fei was touched by the expressions of affection around him. At the same time, he thought it was rather funny.

    "Ah Fei, your world is different from ours. However, there is something I want you to remember. Please think about the people who rely on you. There are certain risks that you cannot afford to take on!" Jiang Fei father said with a serious tone after glancing at the group of women around Jiang Fei.

    "I understand." Jiang Fei nodded with a serious expression on his face.
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