1135 Saharan God of Death

    "Verdure Glider, come out right now!" The Ancient God cried out after killing an entire group of players from Empyreal Dragon.

    "Eh? He knows who I am?" Jiang Fei was surprised that his name had been called out.

    "Guild master, are you going out there?" Little Rain asked in a soft voice.

    "Of course I am!" Jiang Fei nodded. He had to and must face his opponent since his name had been called. If he did not, his reputation would be tarnished.

    "Guild master, please be careful!" Seven Stars Warrior warned.

    "Alright!" Jiang Fei nodded as he began walking out of the Suppression Region.

    Although Jiang Fei did not know exactly what kind of capabilities his opponent possessed, he had a rough idea. After all, Jiang Fei possessed the Nine Cauldrons of the Ancient Kingdom. Since they were both Celestial tier beings, without the 100x boost in damage, the opponent would not be able to kill Jiang Fei instantly even if he was a High Celestial.

    Moreover, Jiang Fei also possessed the Undying Aegis from the Token of the God of Crafts as well as three instances of Damage Resistance from the Shadow Barrier skill. Therefore, Jiang Fei was not concerned that he would be killed instantly. If his opponent was too strong, Jiang Fei could easily retreat into the Suppression Region.

    As soon as Jiang Fei stepped out of the Suppression Region, a white light flashed as a giant man with the head of a dog appeared in front of him.

    Saharan God of Death Anubis (Ancient God, Intermediate Celestial)

    Level: 115

    Health Points: 2,500,000,000

    Attack Power: 4,500,000 (Deals 100x damage to targets below the Celestial tier)

    Remark: Therazane the Stonemother's servant.

    "I see!" He finally understood why this fellow had called him out. Apparently, he was a subordinate to Therazane the Stonemother.

    Previously, Jiang Fei had killed Garland, Son of the Earth. As Garland was Therazane's son and was also formed from her toe, he was the equivalent of Therazane's clone, which meant that Jiang Fei had committed a serious crime against her.

    As Therazane thoroughly hated Jiang Fei, her subordinate took it upon himself to get rid of him.

    "Intermediate Celestial?" Jiang Fei pondered for a while. Although Anubis was an Intermediate Celestial, he was not one of the stronger experts among his tier. If Anubis had come alone, Jiang Fei was confident that he could eliminate him.

    "Are you the darned human?" Anubis seemed to be gauging Jiang Fei's capabilities.

    "Hehe, what do you think?" Jiang Fei chuckled. At the same time, he showed off the red-colored Title of Primordial Celestial Slayer above his head.

    "Although you killed Garland, that was only because you relied on the power of the Celestial's Kapla. Otherwise, there was no way you could have defeated Garland!" As Anubis noticed the red-colored Title above Jiang Fei's head, he did not immediately begin attacking him. Instead, he was trying to figure out Jiang Fei's prowess. After all, Anubis was merely an Intermediate Celestial. Compared to Garland, he was a hundred times weaker. Therefore, before ascertaining Jiang Fei's capabilities, he did not want to act rashly.

    "Is that so? Why don't you start attacking me then?" Jiang Fei chuckled as he moved closer to Anubis.

    "Ehh?!" Seeing how Jiang Fei had taken the initiative to move toward him, Anubis felt a little nervous. Although Therazane had mentioned that Jiang Fei was only able to kill Garland because of the Celestial's Kapla, and he could also sense that Jiang Fei was only at the Lower Celestial tier, Anubis still felt somewhat intimidated by Jiang Fei's Title of Primordial Celestial Slayer.

    "Aren't you here to exact revenge on behalf of your master?" Jiang Fei continued to chuckle out loud as he approached Anubis.

    "You..." Seeing how fearless Jiang Fei seemed, Anubis began to panic. He did not know where Jiang Fei had drawn his courage from. However, it was extremely unusual for a Lower Celestial to fearlessly challenge an Intermediate Celestial unless the former possessed some mysterious powers. All of a sudden, Anubis regretted his decision to come after Jiang Fei.

    "If you don't make a move, I will!" Jiang Fei snorted as he formed a symbol with his hands to summon his sword.

    "Release! Spread out!" The Soulcutter instantly appeared from behind Jiang Fei and split into 128 sharp blades.

    Sword Form: Sword Burst!

    More than a hundred blades were immediately fired at Anubis.

    "Damn it!" Anubis took a few steps back. He was a Celestial tier being and not a dumb monster in a dungeon. Therefore, he would not stand still and let Jiang Fei hit him.


    A wall of yellow sand rose from the ground in front of Anubis as a shield.

    Ding! Ding! Ding!

    Jiang Fei's blades were unable to pierce through the wall. Instead, the blades were deflected as if they had bumped into hard metal.

    Anubis was an Intermediate Celestial, so it was no surprise that his skills would only be stronger than Jiang Fei.

    "Young fellow, you're not as powerful as you claim to be!" Seeing how Jiang Fei's attack could not even pierce through his wall of sand, Anubis snorted. The information he had been given was right. The only reason Jiang Fei had been able to kill Garland was because of the Celestial's Kapla.

    "Really?" Jiang Fei chuckled when he saw how confident Anubis had become. Thereafter, he changed the symbol in his hand.

    Sword Form: Blade Dragon!

    In comparison, Sword Burst's damage was much more scattered and was not suitable for a solo battle. The main reason Jiang Fei had decided to use Sword Burst was to collect stacks for Ruthless Barrage before sniping and killing Anubis instantly with the Dragon's Bane.

    Unexpectedly, Jiang Fei's Sword Burst was unable to penetrate his opponent's wall of sand. As such, the stacks for Ruthless Barrage were not accumulated as his opponent was not actually struck. Therefore, Jiang Fei would not be able to kill his opponent instantly with the Dragon's Bane.


    The huge dragon formed from blades cried out loudly as it flew into the sky before diving toward Anubis.

    "Yellow Sand! Rise!" Anubis shouted and the entire sky turned yellow as if it were already dusk.


    Jiang Fei could hear the wind moving rapidly around him as he got engulfed by clouds of yellow sand. In fact, he had completely lost sight of the Blade Dragon which had become obstructed by the thick layer of sand.

    "Soulcutter, control the Blade Dragon!" Right then, Jiang Fei could no longer see where Anubis was positioned. All he could do was allow the Soulcutter to control the Blade Dragon by circling around Jiang Fei to prevent a sneak attack from his opponent.


    All of a sudden, Jiang Fei's Ruthless Barrage had been fully stacked.

    "Interesting!" Anubis chuckled softly. A moment ago, he had wanted to assault Jiang Fei stealthily. To his surprise, he was pulled out of the clouds of sand by the Blade Dragon which hovered around Jiang Fei.

    Although Anubis was struck by the Soulcutter, he was an Intermediate Celestial with Holy Items which protected him. Therefore, Jiang Fei was not able to deal a significant amount of damage as he did in the past.

    "Darn it! Where is this fellow?" By now, Jiang Fei had fully stacked his Ruthless Barrage and had a shocking 57,000,000 Attack Power. If he could fire at Anubis with the Dragon's Bane, he would definitely be able to kill him instantly. However, Anubis was hiding behind his protective Yellow Sand which made it impossible for Jiang Fei to locate his target.
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