1137 Resurrection of The Two Women

    "Damn. Jiang Fei is indeed powerful. He can kill a Celestial tier being with such ease..."

    "Of course. It's Brother Jiang Fei!"


    Not far behind Jiang Fei, quite a number of players had observed the battle between him and Anubis whilst staying within the Suppression Region. They were in awe with the grand ultimate skills exhibited by both Jiang Fei and Anubis.

    "Hmm... I guess any Ancient God below the Intermediate Celestial tier won't be able to threaten me anymore!" Jiang Fei thought to himself after having killed Anubis.

    This was the first time Jiang Fei fought against an Ancient God after advancing to the Celestial tier. Therefore, it was a valuable reference for Jiang Fei as he now knew where he stood in terms of his capabilities.

    After ending his transformation, Jiang Fei walked over to Anubis' corpse. The dog-headed human looked almost like a huge wall in front of Jiang Fei as he was close to eight meters tall.


    A golden light flashed as an armor of the Holy grade appeared in Jiang Fei's hand.

    "Not bad!" Jiang Fei nodded. Although this Holy grade armor was inferior compared to his Radiant of the Umbral Daystone, it was still a rare and useful defensive item.

    Apart from the equipment, Jiang Fei found another item on Anubis' corpse.

    Heart of the Sahara (Heart of Nature, Intermediate Celestial)

    Fusion Effect: Enhances the strength of your Earth-based Magic by 50%. When your feet are on the ground, your Mana Recovery will be increased by 100%!

    Remark: Each player can only fuse with a single core. Fused cores can be removed, but they will be destroyed thereafter.

    "This is a pretty good item! I wonder if there are any Earth-based Magicians in the guild!" Jiang Fei kept the Heart of the Sahara away as he mumbled to himself. Previously, he had acquired a Heart of the Magician. However, compared to the Heart of the Sahara, the previous Heart of Nature was much more inferior.

    After returning to the Suppression Region, Jiang Fei handed over the Holy grade armor and the Heart of the Sahara to Seven Stars Warrior and Lady Casanova. After all, these items were of little value to Jiang Fei at the moment.

    Although Jiang Fei had killed the Ancient God that had showed up, none of the other players dared to leave the Suppression Region to hunt after monsters. They were afraid that another Ancient God would appear. After all, normal players were incapable of surviving an attack from a Celestial tier being.

    Despite the large amount of Experience points in the Celestial Realm, most of the players were already at a high level to begin with. It was difficult for them to even level up once a week. If they died one more time, they would lose far too much Experience points.

    Very soon, three days had passed. Without any sign of another Ancient God, it was almost as if they had forgotten about the humans' invasion or the fact that a member of the Celestial race had been killed.

    "This doesn't feel right!" Jiang Fei frowned once again. Originally, he felt somewhat relieved when Anubis appeared. However, the Celestial race was behaving too oddly right now.

    In the blink of an eye, two more days had passed. There was still no sign of the Ancient Gods. Jiang Fei had even gone out to patrol on his Evol. Skygliding Dragon. However, he was still not able to discover traces of any Ancient God.

    On that day, Jiang Fei received wonderful news from 0542 after he had logged out of the game.

    "Captain, the resurrection of Nina and Sylphy are about to be completed. We may now begin the final phase of soul injection!"

    "Great!" Jiang Fei's concerns in the game instantly disappeared.

    "Please select where you would like to resurrect them," 0542 said.

    "On the same island where I had made my advancement," Jiang Fei said after pondering for a moment. The island where he had made his last advancement was not too far away from the core island of Winter Islands. The energy waves from the Level 5 experts would not affect anyone here too greatly.

    After resting for ten days, Jiang Fei had almost fully recovered. However, he was not in his prime state yet.

    With Ariel by his side, Jiang Fei very soon arrived at the small island.


    After a bright light flashed, two Bio-pods were retrieved from the spatial ring.

    "Let's begin!" Jiang Fei said to 0542.

    "Yes, captain!" 0542 immediately started executing the plan after receiving Jiang Fei's order. As the two Bio-pods began to release energy at an insanely high rate, the tens of millions of Energy Crystals Jiang Fei had inserted in the Bio-pods began erupting.

    While the device above the Bio-pods began to spin rapidly, a strong energy flow began to surround the Bio-pods. The energy was so overwhelmingly powerful that even Jiang Fei, who was at pinnacle Level 4, could not take it and was forced to back away.

    The originally clear blue sky had also turned gloomy as dark clouds filled it. In no time at all, the entire island was covered by these dark clouds.

    "It's happening again!" Jiang Fei subconsciously took several steps back. The scene reminded him of the time Bella was resurrected. Now, he was going to resurrect two females at the same time. Therefore, the might of the combined energy was even more frightening than the last time.

    As the wild energy rumbled around the Bio-pods, they began vibrating continuously. Jiang Fei could vaguely see two bare bodies of women through the glass doors and the dark green nutrition fluid.

    As time went on, the dark clouds and the accompanying thunder began to descend upon the Bio-pods. As they got close enough, the device above the Bio-pods began absorbing the energy from the thunderbolts and transmitting them into the bodies of Nina and Sylphy.

    After a while, Jiang Fei finally could not bear the pressure of the energy any longer. Sensing this, Ariel stood in front of him to shield him.

    "Is someone else advancing to Level 5?"

    "Quite a number of people have done so recently!"

    "Ahh! This is only happening because the world is going through so much chaos!"

    "Yeah. I used to think the younger generations were merely fooling around. It looks like we won't be able to enjoy the peace we've had any longer."

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    The Level 5 experts who were not too far away from Winter Islands were able to sense the energy waves. Even the older fellows who had never shown their presence for decades began to make a move.

    After a few hours, the thunderclouds in the sky finally began to fade away. Jiang Fei knew that the soul injection process would soon end.

    "Captain, the soul injection process has been completed. I will now transfer some necessary information into their minds!" 0542 had initiated the final step of the resurrection.

    "Alright!" Jiang Fei nodded.

    The information transfer did not require a lot of time. After a few minutes, any useful information related to the real world and general knowledge had been fully transferred into the minds of Nina and Sylphy.

    "It has been completed. The Bio-pods will now be opened." 0542 informed Jiang Fei.

    "Let's take a step back!" Ariel pulled Jiang Fei away by several hundreds of meters in case the two women who were revived could not control their powers and accidentally hurt Jiang Fei.
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