1139 Dog-Eat-Dog

    Two days had gone by, and in the game, Jiang Fei was still unable to find any trace of an Ancient God. On top of that, he had no clue as to what kind of scheme these fellows were plotting in secret.

    However, after the two days, Jiang Fei's body finally recovered. Nina and Sylphy's recollections of the past had also come to them. Right then, they were trying to get used to their innate powers. Although they both possessed Level 5 capabilities, they had only just been resurrected and needed time to get used to these powers before being able to use them in battle.

    Having recovered their memories, the two ladies started treating Jiang Fei in a completely different manner. Even Nina who had an introverted personality started treating Jiang Fei in an even more gentle and loving manner.

    In Sylphy's case, this was even more apparent. After all, she had always possessed a daring personality. With her memory back, Sylphy even started addressing Jiang Fei as her husband which angered Si Tuying so much that she would not even speak to Jiang Fei for several days.

    Although everything around Jiang Fei had progressed quite smoothly, and Jiang Fei now had two more Level 5 experts on his side after Nina and Sylphy were resurrected, Bella was still in a state of coma in the Medical Bay. It appeared that there were some difficulties in her healing process.

    "0542, what's going on? Why hasn't Bella woken up yet?" Jiang Fei asked impatiently.

    "Captain, from the results of the scan, all indicators show that Bella is in a normal state..." 0542 answered.

    "Normal state? Why isn't she awake yet if that's the case? Could you have made a mistake in the scan?" Jiang Fei frowned. He was beginning to feel more doubtful about 0542's abilities.

    "Captain, the results are affirmative that Bella is in a normal state..." 0542 was still trying to explain. However, Jiang Fei would not listen to any of it.

    "This can't go on. I must get 0541 back as soon as possible. This 0542 is absolutely useless!" Jiang Fei thought to himself.

    As night fell, Jiang Fei returned to the game once again.

    "Captain, we haven't seen a single Ancient God for several days now. Should we head out for a hunt too?" Lady Casanova sent Jiang Fei a message.

    Ever since Jiang Fei killed Anubis, the Ancient Gods had disappeared completely. After hiding away for a few days, the players from other big guilds once again tread out of the Suppression Region to hunt after monsters.

    The Suppression Region had its limits. Even if Overlord monsters would occasionally make their way into the area, they were few and far in between. Clearly, the numbers were not sufficient for all of the players around. Therefore, the bigger and more powerful guilds had all gone out of the Suppression Region to hunt after even stronger beings in the Celestial Realm. Once in a while, they would even form alliances to fight against the groups of Overlord monsters.

    "Alright. I'll have a look around first. If nothing looks too dangerous, you can form groups with other players before heading out," Jiang Fei said after pondering for a moment.

    Although leaving the Suppression Region would mean facing the risk of being killed in a group, the other guilds would very soon surpass the players from Empyreal Dragon if the latter continued to stay within the safe environment. If that were to happen, the advantages Jiang Fei had worked so hard for his guild to possess would cease to matter.

    After summoning the Evol. Skygliding Dragon, Jiang Fei patrolled around the Suppression Region. Although there were quite a number of beings from the Celestial Realm gathered near the players, there were still no signs of an Ancient God.

    "You may form groups with players to hunt. If you find any Ancient God, return to the city immediately. Try to keep as many players alive as possible!" Jiang Fei sent a message to Lady Casanova and the rest.

    Although leaving the Suppression Region to hunt posed very high risks, the players were more than happy to do so. Moreover, the high-ranking officials in Empyreal Dragon were also under a lot of pressure for asking their players to stay within the Suppression Region.

    "Oh yeah! We can finally head out!"

    "Yeah! I feel so bored staying in the Suppression Region every day!"

    "Hurry up and gather round!"

    "Let's go! It's time to hunt!"


    Very soon, the players in Empyreal Dragon had formed over thirty groups under the leadership of the high-ranking officials as they charged out of the Suppression Region. In a grand scale, the Empyreal Dragon's army of players started marching away from the Suppression Region.

    As Jiang Fei gave additional benefits to players in Empyreal Dragon when he issued quests, these players were much better off in terms of their level and equipment as compared to players from other guilds. The players who did not join guilds were even less comparable.

    For the stronger players who had acquired the Heart of Nature, the creatures of the Celestial Realm which had strayed away from their herd were killed almost instantly. Very soon, players from Empyreal Dragon managed to cover a great distance.

    "I shall not wait around and do nothing. Let's go!" Jiang Fei patted the Evol. Skygliding Dragon's head as he steered it toward another direction.

    Jiang Fei had done so primarily because he wanted to look for traces of an Ancient God. Secondly, he wanted to lure away an Ancient God who might potentially appear. This would prevent the Ancient God from killing other players.

    As Jiang Fei continued to fly to the South, he could not find any suspicious targets apart from normal beings in the Celestial Realm.

    "This is strange. Ou Yezi had once told me not to travel in the air or underwater. However, I've been in the air for several days now but I still haven't seen anything powerful!" Jiang Fei mumbled to himself.

    "Never mind that I can't find any Ancient God. Where is that little girl Miluya?" In all honesty, Jiang Fei had started to miss Miluya after not seeing her for so long.

    Although Miluya had already grown into a young woman and was no longer a child, Jiang Fei did not have any romantic feelings for her. Instead, he merely treated her as an adorable little girl.

    After flying for a while longer, Jiang Fei suddenly heard a loud explosion.



    There were bouts of explosion somewhere far away in the sky. As Jiang Fei focused his gaze, he could vaguely see lights flashing in the distance. Clearly, there was a battle going on. In fact, both parties were equally strong. That explained why they could cast such large-scale Magic spells.

    "Let's go over to check it out!" Jiang Fei started feeling excited. As this was quite a distance away from where the other players were located, this could not possibly be a battle between players and creatures in the Celestial Realm. Moreover, for such strong explosions to occur in battle, both parties must at least have been at the Celestial tier or above.

    Jiang Fei travelled at top speed with the Evol. Skygliding Dragon as the explosions began to sound louder and louder in his ears.

    "Damn! Is this a group battle?" When Jiang Fei was finally able to observe the battle clearly, he was greatly shocked by what he saw.

    Right then, two groups of Ancient Gods were engaged in an intense battle against each other in a valley far away. As Jiang Fei did not dare to get too close, he could not tell who the Ancient Gods were. As it were, the two parties were very much in a heated battle.

    "Fight! Fight harder!" Jiang Fei thought. Seeing that the Ancient Gods were still around and had not been extracted by the Unknowns, Jiang Fei felt somewhat relieved. Moreover, these Ancient Gods were now fighting against each other in a dog-eat-dog manner, which explained why they were not even bothered with the humans who had invaded their world.
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