1142 Divine Absorption

    After killing the two Intermediate Celestials, Jiang Fei quickly cleaned up after himself. After all, the battlefield of the other Ancient Gods was not too far away. Jiang Fei did not want to bring himself any trouble.

    The two Intermediate Celestials gave Jiang Fei two Heart of Natures. They also dropped two pieces of Holy equipment. Although they were not of much use to Jiang Fei, it was still pretty rewarding.

    After cleaning the battlefield up, Jiang Fei opened his attributes window. His Primordial Celestial Slayer title had become Anti Primordials.

    Anti Primordials: Primordial Celestials deal 30% less damage to you, and you deal 30% more damage to Ancient Gods! Obtained the skill Divine Absorption.

    Divine Absorption: Every time you kill an Ancient God, you will obtain some of his divine power, thus granting you a huge amount of Experience Points!

    Mark of Devoured Gods x12 (When the number of Marks of Devoured Gods reaches 30, the title will advance to Celestial's Adversary!)

    "F*ck! This is forcing me to kill more people!" After seeing this passive skill, Jiang Fei was shocked. He already needed an astronomical amount of Experience Points to level up. Apart from doing some high-rewarding Quests, there was almost no other way to do so. If he wanted to rely on killing monsters to gain Experience Points and level up, it would probably take him longer than three or four months to level up once.

    However, this Divine Absorption skill obviously opened a door for Jiang Fei. Although he did not know how much divine power he would get upon killing an Ancient God, he would definitely be able to level up way faster now.

    After that, Jiang Fei quietly summoned the Evol. Skygliding Dragon and ascended to the sky once again. He wanted to see how the battle between the other Ancient Gods in the distance was going.

    However, by the time Jiang Fei rushed back to the place not far from the hill, he discovered that the Ancient Gods had disappeared.

    "Damn! Where did they go?" Jiang Fei frowned. Then, he began to fly toward the hill.

    When Jiang Fei arrived at the hill, only three corpses were left behind. The other Ancient Gods were gone.

    "Which side were these guys on?" Jiang Fei frowned. As these NPCs had no labels above their heads, he could not tell if they were the helpers of the Unknowns or the NPCs that were unwilling to leave the game world.

    After dismounting the Evol. Skygliding Dragon, Jiang Fei went near the three corpses. He kicked them a few times. However, since they were all killed by other NPCs, they did not produce any drops.

    "Interesting..." Although there was nothing Jiang Fei could loot from these dead NPCs, he was still very happy. After all, these NPCs were already caught up in an internal conflict, to the point where they were killing each other. This was definitely good news for Jiang Fei.

    After patrolling around, Jiang Fei could confirm that the Ancient Gods were completely gone. So, he did not continue to waste time there.

    He now understood that these Ancient Gods had no time to bother the players because they were caught up in an internal strife. So, Jiang Fei did not continue to patrol. Instead of summoning the Evol. Skygliding Dragon, this time, he directly tore a Return Scroll and returned to the players' outpost.

    After a few days of development, the Suppression Region on the side of the outpost had gotten bigger and bigger. The range of activities of the players was also constantly increasing with the expansion of the safe area.

    "Warrior, how are things today?" Jiang Fei sent Seven Stars Warrior a message. At that moment, Seven Stars Warrior was leading an expedition somewhere out there.

    "Not bad. We raided two of the Giant Lava Beasts' nests and killed more than thirty Overlords!" Seven Star Wars was all smiles. Before this, they had to hold back all their anger as Jiang Fei told them not to leave the Suppression Region. Now that they were out and about, they brutally massacred all the Overlord monsters.

    Even though these monsters were Overlords, Empyreal Dragon was still at an advantage as there were many members. Seven Stars Warrior himself was already an Overlord and was said to be second only to Jiang Fei. Right then, he was already Level 93 and he was a Rare Class that dealt Sacred Attacks. He could easily solo an Overlord boss, so it was even easier for him when he had reinforcements.

    "Mmm, it's good that you guys are having fun. You can kill as much as you want these few days as those Ancient Gods have no time to deal with you at all," Jiang Fei said with a smile.

    "What happened?" Seven Stars Warrior asked curiously. For Empyreal Dragon's Elite team, Overlord monsters no longer posed any threat. They were just killing these monsters for the Experience and the drops. However, Ancient Gods were different. If they encountered an Ancient God boss, the entire team would be destroyed.

    "They're busy having an internal conflict..." Jiang Fei smiled and briefly told Seven Stars Warrior and the others about what he encountered. However, he did not tell them the cause of this internal conflict. After all, this involved matters in the real world. Although Seven Stars Warrior and the others were pretty good in the game, they were just ordinary people in the real world. If he told them what was happening, it would only shock and scare them. There were no benefits at all.

    "That's great! We can take advantage of this time and advance into Celestial tier!" Seven Stars Warrior was overjoyed. Players like him who were already Overlords were naturally the closest to becoming Celestials.

    Moreover, Seven Stars Warrior had a Hidden Profession and was also a melee-type Rare Class. He was good at fighting one-on-one, so he was very confident about facing the Celestial-tier challenge.

    "Yeah, all the best!" Jiang Fei nodded. He was not planning to join any of the guild activities. After all, if he killed those small monsters, it would probably take him an entire lifetime to level up. Now that he had the Divine Absorption skill, he could naturally take advantage of it and kill Ancient Gods to level up!

    Two days went by in a flash. Although Jiang Fei went out hunting for Ancient Gods in the past two days, all his efforts were in vain. It seemed like all the Ancient Gods had gone to hide away somewhere after the previous battle broke out.

    In these two days, Jiang Fei was also very dissatisfied in the real world because Bella still had not woken up. This made Jiang Fei doubt 0542's abilities even more.

    "0542, are you sure she's going to be fine?" Jiang Fei asked, frowning.

    "Captain, all of Bella's data has reached the normal target. I, too, don't know why she still hasn't woken up..." At this time, 0542 was in a really tough position. He had definitely carried out Bella's treatment properly, so he too was really unsure as to why Bella was still unconscious.

    Although 0542 was an assistance system, he was not omnipotent. The Core of Life was an extremely rare object, even for the people of planet Namek who did not dare to claim that they fully understood the Core of Life. Hence, even though 0542 had carried out Bella's treatment wholeheartedly, unexpected situations were inevitable.
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